Juan Puerta titan fc flyweight Champion one Championship

Juan Puerta, One of the best Flyweight Prospects had 5 fights with one of the best regional mma promotions in Titan FC. Puerta 31 years old, Accomplished everything in the regional scene. Time for Puerta to fight for One Championship.

Puerta is 31 years old, Not a 25 year old save that Dana White desperately wants to sign. Puerta in the prime of his career would be perfect for One Championship, Respecting Mix Martial Arts. Fans in Asia love the smaller weight classes.

Puerta has competition in the Flyweight and Bantamweight division if he wants to move up in weight classes. Becoming a star in Asia and a One Championship Flyweight Champion!!

Puerta vs Demetrious Johnson

Puerta vs John Lineker

Puerta vs Bibiano Fernandes

Puerta vs Kevin Belingon

Puerta vs Adriano Moraes

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