MMA Free AGency Future ?

Rory MacDonald made shocking news he was going to sign with the Professional Fighters League. Fghters now have options!! Options to make the most amount of money possible, Best oppurtunity to build their brand and compete against world class fighters. Love MMA Free Agency, Seeing the impact it has for fighters, What does the future hold?

Past Impact

Phil Davis was the first fighter to make the jump from UFC to Bellator, Changed the game for fighters!! Fighters since have followed such as Eddie Alvarez signing with One Championship, Justin Gaethje signs with UFC, Ryan Bader signs with Bellator, Ben Askren signs with One Championship, Demetrious Johnson traded to One Championship. Fighters now realizing what the impact Free Agency has for their careers, It will keep improving and creating impact!!

Future !!

NBA and MLB specifically, Free Agency is extremely popular. NBA is 365 days a year, Mostly because of Free Agency. NBA team signing a top ten free agent can really impact a team long term and that can happen for MMA promotions as well. Look at One Championship with Eddie Alvarez and Demetrious Johnson , One Championship is now exploding with a tv deal with TNT and Bleacher Report. Two MMA fighters created millions of new fans for One Championship. Imagine for example Jorge Masvidal, Henry Cejudo and Yair Rodriguez signed with Combate Americas!! Millions of new Combate Americas fans, ESPN and MMA Fighting headlines would be about Combate Americas.

Couple world class free agent fighters signing with another lesser known MMA promotion isn’t a fantasy it can happen again!!

One Championship and Bellator are competition for the UFC, Signing their best fighters available and other fighters for lesser known promotions. See more promotions take advantage of Free Agency, More competition, More options for fighters. Tier 2 promotions like Rizin take a risk and sign several world class fighters from UFC, Bellator, One Championship. Skyrocketing their brand, Sign a TV contract with Fox Sports.

Eddie Alvarez is earning millions of dollars, Fighting for One Championship. What’s the chance of that happening in the UFC? Very small. Fighters seeing Eddie’s contract and want to test the market as well. Will see a world class UFC Fighter in the next couple years with a contract in the 10 – 20 million dollar range. Consistently seeing million dollar contracts in the next couple years which is AMAZING!!

Excited to see when UFC and Bellator Fighters in their prime contracts expire and become free agents. Imagine when Darren Till, Paulo Costa, AJ McKee and Ed Ruth become free agents, It will be INSANE what their contracts will look like if they maximize their potential!!

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