Love to see One Championship keep signing free agents

One Championship is real competition to the UFC. Biggest MMA organization in Asia, No point of UFC holding events in Asia anymore because One Championship conquered it. Selling out arena’s in China, Tokyo, Thailand. Different atmosphere compared to US fans, More respect and honor, Fighters loving what One Championship values are and that’s why they’ve been signing here.

Eddie Alvarez taking advantage of Free Agency, What it has to offer and One Championship offered the best. Eddie Alvarez signing with One Championship massively impacted them, Will attract more free agents and prospects to fight here.

Love to see One Championship become the New York Yankees of MMA promotions, Signing best available fighters. Expanding their stable of talent, Competing with the UFC Long Term.

Signing future champions all across the world, Pound for Pound top prospects that will fight ten years for One Championship. Becoming stars for One Championship. Be a dream of mine to see top fighters in the world, Become Free Agents and sign with One Championship. Instead of staying with the UFC. Max Holloway and TJ Dillashaw sign with One Championship.

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