5 ways Glory Kickboxing can get more popular

Glory Kickboxing is the premier Kickboxing Organization in the world with world class kickboxers…. Rico Verhoeven, Badr Hari, Cedric Doumbe, Marat Grigorian and many more kickboxers. Glory has great entertaining fights on every card. Crazy to me how Glory Kickboxing isn’t popular, Top ten Professional Organization with millions of views. How can Glory Kickboxing be more popular?

1. Billionaire needs to buy Glory Kickboxing

One of the MAIN problems is Glory lacks the funds to actually compete. Pierre Andurand the founder and owner of Glory has a net worth around 200 million dollars and to compete with UFC, Bellator, Premier Boxing Championship, DAZN Boxing Events. If Glory was bought by a billionaire, Glory would be a growing combat sports company.

2. Lack of Storytelling

Floyd Mayweather earned a billion dollars in PPV buys because of HBO 24/7. Telling stories before his upcoming fight with Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley. Getting to know the fighter in a personal level besides his talents inside the ring. Their’s content like Embedded for UFC, Love to see content storytelling for UFC. Telling stories about Cedric Doumbe fight career, Coming up as a kickboxer, Pierre Andurand life running Glory. Produce storytelling content on a daily basis they’d be in business.

3. Lack of Marketing

Ask somebody in New York City, Los Angeles if they know what Glory Kickboxing is. Odds of people saying “Yes I know.” Is extremely low!! That’s a problem. Problem I see with Glory is they don’t market well besides showing old fights, Fight highlights on social media and YouTube. Joe Valtellini had a podcast with Joe Rogan couple years ago, Rico had a podcast with Joe Rogan but that’s about it. Rico should be on the Luke Thomas show, Ariel Helwani show, Food Truck Diaries with Brendan Schaub. Lesser known Kickboxers should go on the best podcast, Radio show possible that would accept them.

4. Unknown Promoter

Dana White, Bob Arum, Eddie Hearn, Scott Coker are all promoters, We know who they are. Promote they’re upcoming fights, Face of their organization. We have no clue who the Glory promoter is. Is Marshall Zelaznik(CEO of Glory) the promoter for Glory. If Glory had a official promoter, Glory would be more interesting, New fans would arrive quickly.

5. Bad Production Quality

The Glory TV representation is tacky, Seems cheap and the Glory event production is the same as well. Doesn’t engage you, Excite you. Agressively spend more money, Expand their production budget and you’ll progressively get more television views on ESPN, YouTube, UFC Fight Pass and DAZN. In addition to ticket sales progressing.

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