Jeremiah Wells Prospect to Watch #4 CFFC 77

Jeremiah Wells, Former CES Welterweight Champion making his second Cage Fury Fighting Championship Appearance fighting Joey Perrotti in the CFFC 77 Main Event. Wells can become a CFFC Welterweight Champion by beating Perotti for the Vacant Welterweight Title. Wells by winning the CFFC Welterweight Title will be one of the best Welterweight Prospects.

Jeremiah Wells is 32 years old, Still not giving up on his dream for fighting for the UFC or Bellator. Wells with a win of Joey Perotti and winning the CFFC Welterweight Title will intrigue the UFC, Bellator or One Championship signing Jeremiah Wells.

Wells still has a lot of room to grow even at 32 years old, Never know enough being a MMA fighter. Wells in his last fight at CFFC 76 knocked out Mumia Abu Dey Ali. Continuing to look impressive.

Wells beating a fighter like Joey Perrotti will be the biggest win of his career, Hopefully at CFFC 77 Wells gets it done.

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