Rashid Yusupov PFL 2019 #6 vs Viktor Nemkov

Rashid Yasupov, Light Heavyweight from Russia, One of the best Light Heavyweights the Professional Fighters League has is fighting Viktor Nemkov on the main card at PFL #6. Yasupov is a top Ten Light Heavyweight to not fight in the UFC. See Yasupov fighting Vinny Magalhães in the Professional Fighters League Light Heavyweight Final!! However must fight Viktor Nemkov to qualify for the Light Heavyweight tournament.

Rashid Yasupov, 28 years old. Former M1- Global Light Heavyweight Champion will be the PFL Light Heavyweight Finalist. One of the most talented fighters on the PFL stable.

Dagestan, Russian City of BEAST, Savages that are world class fighters such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, Zabit Magomedsharpipov and now… Rashid Yasupov. Trains at Gorets FT with Rashid Magomedov. Rashid Yasupov will be the next GREAT Dagestan MMA fighter to be a champion for a Top 4 MMA organization.

Rashid already defeated Viktor Nemkov at M1 Global. Nemkov lost his M1 Global Light Heavyweight title to a Russian Prospect. Yasupov will defeat Nemkov again and qualify entirely for the Light Heavyweight Tournament.

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