Five Flyweight Prospects 2019 that can Rejuvenate the UFC Flyweight Division

Rumors have been going around that the UFC Flyweight division would be gone, Flyweights would have to find fights somewhere else. However because of Henry Cejudo being the Double Champ, Calling himself the “Greatest Combat Sport Athlete” has rejuvenated the Flyweight Division. Giving the Flyweight division momentum. With that momentum, UFC should sign exciting Flyweight Prospects that would REJUVENATE the Flyweight Division.

Malcom “X” Gordon

Malcom “X” Gordon, Top of the list for Flyweights to sign. Sign Gordon right now!! Gordon #1 Flyweight in Canada, TKO( Canada #1 Promotion) Flyweight Champion. Defended the Flyweight Title twice, Beat Yoni Sherbatov a ACB Flyweight and a Ultimate Fighter Contestant.

Why You Should See Gordon in Action

The majority of MMA fans watch the sports for finishes. That is exactly what Gordon brings to the table. Only two of his 15 professional bouts have gone to decision. He is a “live by the sword, die by the sword” type of fighter. “My style is kill, kill, kill. I didn’t get ‘glory or death’ tattooed across my back for nothing,” Gordon stated. “Literally every fight is finish or be finished so if you like exciting fights and your an MMA fan, you need to tune in. Jiu jitsu for life!”

Flyweight finishes and exciting fights is what the Flyweight division needs. Gordon perfect fighter to do that job!!

Gregory Fischer

Cage Titans Double Champ for the Flyweight and Bantamweight Title, Gregory Fischer be perfect. Top Ten United States Flyweight. 28 years old, Beat world class Flyweights with records of 6-1 and 5-1. Next step would be to fight for the UFC, Beating Top 15 Flyweights.

Herbeth “Indio” Sousa

Brazil well known for there MMA fighters like Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Shogun Rua and many more. Herbeth Sousa can be the Brazilian Flyweight that wins a UFC Flyweight Title. Sousa fighting for the TOP 3 Brazilian MMA organizations, Beating the top Brazil Flyweights and Bantamweights.

Mansur Khatuev

Russia is a hotbed for finding MMA talent, Signing Mansur Khatuev a 23 year old fighter would be a smart signing for the UFC. Investing in Khatuev to be a Flyweight Champion. #24 Flyweight in the world. Beat fighters with records of 10-2 and 12-2.

Azam Gaforov

Russia will always be a hotbed for finding killers! Azam is one of those killers. #3 Russia Flyweight at 25 years old. Akhmat Fight Club interim flyweight champion. Beating world class fighters at Akhmat Fight Club in last several fights, Shows how talented Azam really is.

Azam is the fighter with the shorter hair, 8-0 record

Hopefully the top 5 Flyweights listed will get signed and rejuvenate the Flyweight Division like never before. Making the UFC Flyweight Division, Most upcoming division in the UFC.

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