Mickey Gall UFC Newark Fresh New Start

Mickey Gall from beating the “Next” UFC star in Sage Northcutt with a 3-0 record to now a 5-2 record. Rollercoaster UFC career. Mickey Gall looking to be hot UFC prospect he was when entering the UFC. Start the rebirth against Salim Touahri at UFC Newark.

Mickey Gall fighting in his home state, NEW JERSEY. Trains as well at New Jersey, Gracie New Jersey Academy. Gall steps in on short notice when he takes on Touahri, seizing an opportunity to fight at home in New Jersey, a moment he wasn’t going to pass up.

“I don’t love anywhere the way I love Jersey,” Gall said. “I got my family here, my friends, my friends that are family. Jersey is my home, and I love it. I’m excited to represent and perform in front of these animals.”


Gall still only 27 years old with a lot of promise, No need to be hopeless. Gall with a win against Salim Touahri will regain his confidence. Ending 2019 with a two or three fight winning streak.

I know on any given day, I can beat any fighter in the world. I know I got the tricks. I got the power. I got the speed. I got the technique to beat any fighter on any day, but I got to make sure I’m the best me in that fifteen minutes and through my trials and tribulations, I’m learning it.


Gall looking for a fresh new start at UFC Newark fighting a tough welterweight opponent, Salim Touahri.

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