Arman Tsarukyan Next Fight after UFC 240?

Arman Tsarukyan, 22 year old Lightweight Prospect in his second fight for the UFC had an impressive win against Olivier Aubin- Mercier. Arman has a bright future ahead of him. Grappling Mercier for three rounds shows how talented Arman is, He’ll continue to show his talents in his next fight but what is his next fight?

Arman Tsarukyan vs David Teymur

David Teymur top 20-top 25 Lightweight with a record of 8-2. Perfect fight for Arman. Teymur hasn’t fought since MAY, Definitely needs a fight soon.

Arman Tsarukyan vs Rustam Khabilov

Rustam Khabilov UFC veteran since 2012 with a UFC record of 10-2, #21 Lightweight. Rustam Khabilov hasn’t fought since February.

Arman Tsarukyan vs Drakkar Klose

Drakkar Klose #26 Lightweight will be fighting in August. Arman if he wants to wait three to four months, Fighting Drakkar Klose will be a fascinating fight to watch.

Interested to seeing who Arman’s next fight would be, UFC has a future Lightweight Champion on their hands from Armenia!!

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