Ray Borg What’s Next after Beating Gabriel Silva?

Ray Borg returned to the octagon after dealing with so much suffering in his life such as Ray Borg’s child having brain surgery, Injured because of the Conor McGregor bus incident and missing weight. Ray Borg defeated Gabriel Silva in his debut, Dominating Silva with grappling. Borg journey to the Bantamweight Title starts now but what will be Ray Borg next fight?

Ray Borg suffering for the last couple years will be used as his motivation to climb to the top of the Bantamweight Division. Ray Borg in 2017 challenged Demetrious Johnson for the UFC Flyweight Title.

Ray Borg should fight a top 15-20 UFC Bantamweight since he was a title challenger in 2017.

Ray Borg vs Thomas Almeida

Ray Borg vs Thomas Almeida is a fight that makes sense. Thomas Almeida ranked #15 in UFC Bantamweight Division. Thomas Almeida couple years ago was a future UFC champion but has fallen off. However Almeida is still a world class young fighter at 27 years old.

Ray Borg vs Ricky Simon

Ricky Simon recently got knocked out in 46 seconds by Urijah Faber. Ricky Simon before losing to Faber, Had a 3 fight winning streak. Future UFC Bantamweight Champion without a doubt, Only 26 years old and Borg is 25 years old.

Either Thomas Almeida or Ricky Simon are the two perfect challengers for Ray Borg. Hope Ray Borg gets a top 15 opponent where he can climb to the top of the UFC Bantamweight Division. Wish Ray Borg nothing but the best in his MMA career.

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