Bubba Jenkins Rising Star for Brave CF Headlines Brave CF 24

Bubba Jenkins former Bellator fighter and a Division One All- American for Arizona State is making his Brave CF Featherweight Title Defense against Lucas Martins. Bubba last fight was his Brave CF debut, Beat Elias Boudegzdame the Brave CF Featherweight Champion. Excited for Bubba Jenkins next fight against Lucas Martins is a exciting fight to watch, Looking forward to watch Jenkins world class fighting talents.

Jenkins has signed a multi-fight deal with Brave CF and is looking to become more than just the face of that promotion.

“I’m trying to be an international face. I plan to capitalize on the spotlight. I’ll be able to coach and speak wrestling for years to come. Going overseas and conquering really gives me an opportunity to be a face not only in America but elsewhere.”


Bubba Jenkins definitely can be the STAR of Brave CF, Sending Jenkins to London to be the main event for Brave CF 24. Brave CF believes in Jenkins a lot.

Martins (20-4), who competed in three different weight classes in the UFC, became the Brave interim lightweight champion with a victory over Luan Santiago in April 2018, but lost the belt after injuring his knee in the first round against Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady in November. The Brazilian was riding a four-fight winning streak as a featherweight before moving up to 155 pounds.


Bubba Jenkins using his Arizona State All- American Wrestling to control the fight, The pace and dominate Lucas Martins. Jenkins with a win over Martins will increase his stardom with Brave CF and internationally, Recognizing Jenkins as one of the top 50 Featherweights in the world.

The VIP list for BRAVE Combat Federation’s invite-only, exclusive event on July 25th, keeps growing. A few more big names have been added to BRAVE 24: London, a once-in-a-lifetime experience set to empower the sport of mixed martial arts by connecting it to the highest level of businessmen, politicians, celebrities and influencers from around the world.

Former MMA fighter and Light Heavyweight contender Jimi Manuwa will be in attendance to witness a turning point for the sport in Europe, as he will watch the highest level of mixed martial arts from around the world from a VIP standpoint.

Also appearing in the luxurious fight night is former fighter turned commentator Dan Hardy


Bubba Jenkins has successful people from all around the world watching a rising star fight for rising MMA promotion… Brave Combat Federation. Jenkins having the perfect challenger

The champ has launched an extraordinary attack on his future foe, calling him a villain and referring to himself as “the hero the people need”. He has also compared himself to a king and claimed Lucas could “climb the mountain” all he wanted, and he would still be the champion.

 “People watch movies, and they look for the hero, they look for the villain, not understanding that some of these heroes were placed in that position just by straight-up destiny and that some of these villains chose to be that. This villain chose to come after me, knowing that I am the hero of my division, knowing that I am the king. I sit at the top seat, the highest seat only holds one, so he can continue being the villain, climbing the mountain after me. And I’ll continue to reign”, exclaimed Jenkins.

With regards to having a prediction for the fight, the American world champion has guaranteed that Martins won’t make it to the bell, and claimed he would be finished either in round two or round four.

“If he doesn’t do what he is supposed to do, he doesn’t make it to round two. But if he comes for war, wanting more, he counts the lights, and snores in four”, says Jenkins.


Jenkins believes he’ll dominate Martins, Even tho Martins was a Brave CF Lightweight Champion. Jenkins is the King of the Brave Combat Federation and the Brave CF Featherweight Champion. Jenkins will help grow BRAVE CF and will become a star on Brave CF 24.

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