Ode Osbourne “Jamaican Sensation” Picasso of MMA Dana White Contender Series is a UFC Champion and a UFC STAR

Ode ” Jamaican Sensation” Osbourne appeared on week 4 of the Dana White Contender Series. Osbourne was the most impressive fighter on the week 4 card. Ode will be fighting in the UFC Bantamweight Division. Ode stood out because of his impressive striking and being an all around martial artist. Personally for me I see Osbourne as a star and UFC champion!!

Ode Osbourne beat his toughest opponent, Armando Villarreal who had a record of 5-1 and had 3 Legacy Fight Alliance fights. Osbourne armbarred Villarreal in the first round. Ode Osbourne def. Armando Villarreal via verbal submission (armbar) – Round 1, 4:39 .

Ode Osbourne absolutely is talented and has potential to be a champion but a STAR as WELL!! Ode knows how to talk and sell his fights by calling himself the “Jamaican Sensation” and the “Picasso.” Star written all over him.

Ode Osbourne having an amazing story of being an immigrant from Jamaica, Dreamt of being something better than what he is now. Ode is living his dream right now of being a UFC fighter. Not only a UFC fighter but is a math teacher for 6th graders.

Ode is living his American Dream but his dream hasn’t even started. Journey truly begins with his UFC debut and climbing up the UFC Bantamweight Rankings. Being offered the UFC Bantamweight Title Shot. Becoming a UFC Star.

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