Bellator 2019 and the Future Should Build the Bottom of Their Roster

Bellator since Scott Coker became the promoter of Bellator has made a lot of progress, Signing Rory MacDonald, Ryan Bader, Gegard Mousasi which increased Bellator popularity. Bellator signed some world main event fighters but lack in signing world prelim fighters. In other words Bellator doesn’t fill up the bottom of their roster and they SHOULD!!!!!!

One of the main differences between Bellator and the UFC is the rosters. UFC cards are always stacked top to bottom and that’s where Bellator goes wrong. Bellator prelim cards have fighters with records of 3-1, 4-1, 7-4 and they’re not good fighters. In order to compete with UFC, Bellator immediately needs to build their bottom roster.!

The talent today has never been better, All over the world you can DISCOVER fighters who can fill up your prelim cards that can become Bellator Champions. No excuses anymore!! Bellator can sign fighters from the Professional Fighters which is basically a feeder league for the UFC, The PFL fighters can headline the prelim cards.

Bellator right now can sign fighters in the prime of their careers but fight in Promotions only hardcore MMA fans know about. Sign Fighters from the POLISH promotion KSW, Middle East Promotion Brave CF, M1 Global (Russian Promotion).

Other option is signing prospects from the Legacy Fighting Alliance, Cage Warriors, Titan FC, King of the Cage, BAMMA, Cage Fury Fighting Championship, Extreme Fighting Championship and many more world class regional promotions. Rather than the UFC signing them!!

Bellator is owned by Viacom, Mass Media Conglomerate. Multi Billion Dollar company. Bellator can offer contracts world class fighters from regional promotions and top ten promotions. Competing with the UFC when it comes to bidding wars!! Offering better pay to prospects and champion fighters will attract them way lot more.

Bellator should do everything in their power to fill up their roster to compete with the UFC. They can accomplish that goal by signing champions from other promotions besides the UFC, Sign top prospects from Cage Warriors and Legacy Fighting Alliance. Money isn’t an issue for Bellator they just need to go out and do it!!!!!

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