Future Impact for MMA Free Agency 2019 and Beyond!

Ryan Bader, Rory MacDonald signing with Bellator, Eddie Alvarez signing with One Championship, Justin Gaethje and Marlon Moraes signing with the UFC in the last five years. Becoming free agents and taking advantage of there free agency opportunity. In the last five years we’ve really seen the impact free agency has for the fighters and the MMA promotions. What is the future impact for MMA free agency?

Eddie Alvarez signing with One Championship was the best decision in his life by setting himself up financially for the rest of his life, Creating generational wealth for kids and grandchildren. Eddie believes every fighter should test the market for free agency!

Ryan Bader signing with Bellator was a brilliant decision, Bader a multi millionaire and a double champ for Bellator. Bader best win in his career was for Bellator, Knocking out Fedor Emelianenko under a minute. Bader signing worked out for Bader and Bellator.

Rory MacDonald arguably best Welterweight on the planet signing over to Bellator, Increases the popularity for Bellator. People start to watch Bellator because Rory signed with Bellator. Free Agency doesn’t only help the fighters but the promotions as well.

Perfect example is Kyoji Horiguchi UFC free agenct signing with Rizin, Kyoji Horiguchi the star for Rizin( Former promotion known as Pride) would become the Bellator Bantamweight Champion after beating Darrion Caldwell for the second time on Bellator 222. Rizin signing Kyoji Horiguchi was the best move for them, Other MMA promotions should follow Rizin.

UFC isn’t the only promotion in town anymore, There’s Bellator, One Championship, Professional Fighters League, Rizin, Brave FC(Top Middle East Promotion) and KSW(Polish Promotion). These promotions will be looking to sign UFC free agents to compete with the UFC and Bellator, Willing to go through bidding wars to sign them. KSW signing a crop of UFC/Bellator free agents to increase their popularity.

Free Agency now with several promotions will make fighters RICH because of bidding wars. Bidding wars can make MMA free agency interesting just like NBA free agency. Seeing where the UFC Welterweight Champion now free agent will sign. MMA Free Agency for the future can create interest, Trending Free Agent signing news where a UFC champion signs with a lesser known promotion. MMA Free Agency can create a lot of buzz which best for MMA.

Overall MMA Free Agency is here to stay because it impacts the fighters tremendously, Achieving their goal of becoming wealthy. Not only doesn’t help the fighters but the promotions by signing former UFC Champions to their promotion will make their promotion grow! Free Agency will create a never ending buzz of free agency news! MMA Free Agency will have a impact that last forever.

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