Bellator Future Star Costello Van Steenis vs John Salter

  • Costello Van Steenis is a Bellator Middleweight Fighter, Future Bellator Star at 26 years old!! On Bellator 223 beat Mike Shipman, Shipman no slouch had a record of 13-1 before losing to Costello Van Steenis. Costello is a top Bellator Middleweight and should get a title shot in 2019!! To get that title shot is by facing a top Bellator Middleweight, John Salter.
  • John Salter Top 30 Middleweight in the world will be a tough fight for Costello Van Steenis. Salter beat Brandon Halsey, Dustin Jacoby and Chidi Njokuani in his Bellator career!! Salter has a 6-1 Bellator Record. Perfect fight for Costello to be a Bellator Middleweight Title Contender!!

    “I’m not really in a rush on my path to the belt, because Gegard has the belt at middleweight,” he explained. “My mission right now is to fight everyone that wants to fight Gegard so when Gegard leaves the belt, I’ll be the next one in line. Maybe Gegard will go to light heavyweight, or welterweight. And if he does, I want to be the next guy in line to fight for the belt.”

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