Fabian Edwards Bellator Birmingham

Fabian Edwards, Leon Edwards little brother is a 6-0 Middleweight Fighter for Bellator. Fabian Edwards one of the best fighters for Bellator or one of the best prospects Bellator has is fighting Falco Neto Lopes. Fabian fighting in Birmingham, England on May 4th to show the mma world his fight talents and potential.

Fabian looking to get a hot streak going as he most likely fights Falco. Fabian is on the main card in Bellator Birmingham and in the recent future will be the main event star. Fabian right now isn’t a top ten Bellator Middleweights but by beating Falco and fighting some ranked Middleweights he’ll get his title shot.

Fabian Edwards

  • 6-0 record
  • 16 win streak
  • 26 years old
  • 4 first round submissions

Excited to see Fabian Edwards next fight as he has a bright future ahead of him in Bellator. Hope he reaches his potential because he can be something special and Bellator needs him!!

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