Patrick “Patchy”Mix should sign with the UFC or Bellator in 2019!!!

Patrick Mix is one of the best bantamweight prospects in the world and competes for King of the Cage, A regional promotion that’s been around since the early 2000’s. Patrick Mix competed against veteran fighters and world class prospects, Mix should go sign with UFC or Bellator!!

Patrick Mix

  • 10-0 record
  • 21 win streak including Amateurs
  • 25 years old
  • #1 ranked bantamweight fighter in New York,#5 ranked bantamweight fighter in the United States
  • King of the cage champion
  • Defended KOTC belt 4 times

Patrick Mix will probably fight for the Dana White Contender Series because Season 3 is about to start. Mix can get more noticed there with casual fans who don’t really know who Patrick Mix is. Patrick Mix has a spectacular Contender Series fight and gets a contract.

Patrick Mix other option is to get signed without appearing on the Contender Series because he’s one of the top 135 pound prospects. UFC scouts definitely know who Patrick Mix is.

Patrick Mix deserves to be signed with the UFC or Bellator. He’s a world class talent who has the potential to be a UFC champion.

If the UFC isn’t in the cards, Contender Series is quickly approaching. That said, there’s a good chance waiting on the show, which would put him at eight months of inactivity, isn’t ideal for Mix. If Mix signs on for another KOTC title defense, the Buffalo native should make sure a UFC contract is in the fold if he wins. 

Write it down. Highlight it. Circle it. At a minimum, remember his name: Patrick Mix.

Sign him, UFC.

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