Breaking News UFC Sign Brazilian Prospect, Alex da Silva Coelho.

Alex da Silva one of the best prospects in Brazil, Fought for Aspera FC in Brazil and Brave CF which is the top MMA promotion in the Middle East. Alex da Silva Coelho is fighting Alexander Yakovlev in St. Petersburg on April 20th. Alex da Silva without a doubt will get the win because he’s so skilled.

Alex da Silva Coelho

  • 23 Years old
  • 13 knockouts
  • 10 first round KO’s
  • 20-1 Record

Read the 13 first round KO’s, Eyes widen knowing he’s going to be a very exciting fighter. Alex bringing some excitement to the UFC prelims when he fights because he finishes his opponents. Alex da Silva Coelho is the next great prospect to come out of Brazil, Who has the potential to be a UFC Lightweight champion. Alex da Silva Coelho is the lightweight version of Johnny Walker.

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