Ngannou vs Dos Santos Added to UFC (239)

Two Heavyweight sluggers, Francis Ngannou and Junior Dos Santos are booked in the main event. Francis recently knocked out Cain Velasquez in the first round and Junior just fought Derrick Lewis. Both fighters looking to contend for the heavyweight title. No way this fight is going the distance.

Francis is back to the Francis of old before fighting Stipe Miocic.

“I have carried my fear from the last fight to this one,” he said after losing to Lewis. It was a blunt self-assessment with an edge so serrated, it sounded like a confession. Fear? Few admit fear in the fight game unless it’s in the abstract. Never in regards to a specific fight, let alone a key moment. It was candid, vulnerable, memorable. As it result, it stuck to Ngannou, even though during the same statement, he vowed, “I won’t let everyone down again.” Francis Ngannou

UFC 239 is a stacked card already and this fight is making it even better. Heavyweight contender fight that will be a first round knockout in thirty seconds or a second round KO.

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