“Cuban Hitman” Jorge Masvidal Star of the Night

Jorge Masvidal star of the night is reborn beating Darren Till and Leon Edwards. The upset of the year so far, Whoever bet Masvidal to win made lots of money!

  • Jorge Masvidal def. Darren Till via knockout (punches) – Round 2, 3:05

Masvidal looking better than ever. First round was getting punched a lot, Losing the first round. Till knocked down Masvidal in the first round but Masvidal is tough as nails with a strong chin at 34 years old. Second round Masvidal was reborn in the second round, Fighting like he was a Welterweight champion.

Masvidal won his next fight backstage against Leon Edwards, Nobody disrespects Jorge Masvidal!

Backstage fight

Masvidal later spoke with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto to explain his side of the story. According to him, Edwards had already been trying to start things up on social media, until it all spilled over into his interview.
“So I’m doing my interview, and this hooligan comes by and he’s saying some stuff. ‘July, you’ll get your ass kicked!’ or ‘July!’ and I go, ‘Maybe’, because maybe, I want to kick your ass in April,” he explained. “Maybe I don’t want to wait until July. Maybe I don’t even want to fight you in a prized ring because you’re not worth the training camp, I’ll just fight you here. Because you’re a scrub.
“As I’m walking up to him, I got my hands behind my back to signal I’m not coming here for problems. But he put his hands up, it’s on video, and he walks towards me. Well, where I’m from, if you do that, you’re gonna punch me in the face. And that’s not gonna happen, Leon.”


Masvidal was top of the MMA headlines for Saturday night and it’s well deserved. Masvidal was the main event Saturday and possibly be the main event again fighting Leon Edwards. Masvidal vs Edwards can be the main event for a ESPN plus card or be the prelim main event for a PPV. UFC definitely can promote this fight, Get a lot of views. Makes sense to have Masvidal vs Edwards!

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