Six Year Old Writer

First blog I’ve posted I talked about being a six year old creative writer. Yes it’s true I’ve started writing that young and haven’t stopped ever since. I always wanted to be a writer just like other kids wanted to be Doctors, Police Officers, Actors, Basketball players and Teachers. Before playing video games was of any interest to me, Playing with my WWE Hulk Hogan action figure and He-Man as they defeat the bad guys such as the Green Goblin, Two face and Darth Vader. Simultaneously while playing with my toys I would tell stories or in other words narrate. Looking back now it’s completely boring and stupid. When I was 4 and 5 years old I’ve thought telling stories while Hulk Hogan and his crew was stopping Darth Vader from destroying the world was really weird. I was truly embarrassed. I’ve always wanted to tell stories but didn’t know how to start and the worst part of it all I had no clue how to write. During my youth there was a book series phenomenon The Harry Potter series, Everybody and their mother read those books, Including my mother would read that series. I never read the series when I was young but my mother read them to me. Speaking for myself I was amazed by J.K Rowlings creativity and the world she created, I’m pretty sure every reader was amazed. The Harry Potter series and J.K Rowling inspired to write because of her creativity which was limitless, There was no barriers to her creativity.

At six years old I became a self taught writer, Learning how to write in some way from the Harry Potter Series. Six years old started writing short stories that were couple pages but to me and probably other young writers I’ve thought two pages was like writing a 500 page novel. From the very beginning I loved everything about writing stories, Writing was love at first sight and haven’t stopped ever since. My favorite part of writing is coming up with a small idea and that idea develops into a novel, Till this day I’m still amazed. I can blog forever about my love for writing and self teaching myself, Screenwriting but that’s for another blog.

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