LAnce Palmer ufc in 2020

Lance Palmer, Professional Fighters League 2019 Featherweight Champion, World Series of Fighting Featherweight Champion is the #1 Fighter on the PFL roster. Palmer age 32, 21-3 record with wins over world class fighters such as Andre Harrison, Max Coga, and Steven Siler time for Palmer to sign with the UFC.

Palmer today will fight Alex Gilpin for the PFL 2019 Featherweight Title and the 1 million dollar prize. After winning the title, Palmer, His family, Coaches and manager should decide if they want to leave the PFL and sign with the UFC.

Talent between the UFC and PFL is not even close but Palmer definitely can compete in the Featherweight division, Similar to Chad Mendes style of fighter. Palmer can beat top 15 Featherweights and depending on the matchup can win the UFC Featherweight Title. Love to see Palmer sign with the UFC.

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