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Parnasse Finally Signs with UFC in 2021?

Salahdine Parnasse arguably one of the best Featherweights in the world is the KSW Featherweight Champion. KSW is the European Version of the UFC. Selling out 40,000 seated arenas. Jan Blachowicz, Karolina Kowalkiewicz, Mateusz Gamrot all fought for KSW in the past.

Parnasse is the next UFC fighter to sign with UFC and accomplish many things in the UFC. Parnasse was offered a UFC contract in the past but rejected the offer because of a low offer.

“We had longer negotiations. Of course, money was a full motivator, but we talked also about his further development.”


However in 2021 may be different with couple title defenses. Starting off the year fighting Daniel Torres 11-4 European Featherweight(KSW 4-1) at KSW 58 on 1-30-21. Looking forward to this Featherweight clash. Two of the best Featherweights facing each other in the KSW 58 Co- Main Event.

See if Daniel Torres is a challenge to the 23 year old French Prodigy Salahdine Parnasse or Parnasse dominates the fight. Impressive win will continue to build his worth.

Third title defense in the Spring of 2021 can be against KSW Fighter Max Coga. Former PFL Featherweight, GMC Featherweight Champion. 22-7 record. Fighter with lot experience. Second toughest fight in Parnasse’s career.

Another option is for KSW to sign a European Featherweight champion from Oktagon FC, GMC, Venator FC. Parnasse fighting a top ten European Featherweight prospect.

Last option is signing a former UFC fighters like Diego Brandao, Marcin Held, Steven Siler, Pat Healy. Ending 2021 fighting former UFC fighters, Winning in impressive fashion that leads to UFC having no choice to sign Parnasse to a life changing offer.

Salahdine Parnasse without a doubt will succeed in the UFC, Deserves to fight for the UFC. Fight for the UFC Featherweight Title one day, Become one of the pioneers of French MMA. Main Event in a UFC event in Paris.

Potential Parnasse has with the UFC to build his brand and be one of the best fighters in the world is endless. Many opportunities for Parnasse. I hope UFC does the right thing and offers Parnasse the right contract.

Parnasse vs Kabesa KSW 2020 Featherweight Title Fight

Salahdine Parnasse impressively defeated Ivan Buchinger in his last fight which was the toughest fight in his life. However it was a masterclass performance for the 22 year old KSW Featherweight. Parnasse needs tougher competition and a fight against Igeu Kabesa(Extreme Fighting Championship Featherweight Champion) would be a fight to make.

Salahdine Parnasse

Parnasse #1 European Prospect in all weight divisions is 22 years old. 14-0 record. Wins over Artur Sowinski, Marcin Wrzosek and Ivan Bucinger. Fighting for the Top European MMA Promotion KSW.

Parnasse is currently 5-0 in the organization and serves as KSW’s interim featherweight champion. I was fortunate enough to talk to the French phenom in May 2018 when he was just 2-0 in the organization- he hoped to one day become champion. Parnasse’s vision came true when he took an unanimous decision over veteran Ivan Buchinger in December 2019. Parnasse told MMA Sucka, “I feel good in this organization! It really is great and I see myself staying in this magnificent organization of KSW,” Parnasse stated.

Parnasse wants to stay and build his legacy with KSW, Fighting former UFC fighters or top Featherweight prospects such as Igeu Kabesa.

Igeu Kabesa

12-1 record EFC Featherweight Champion. Africa #1 Prospect. Electric knockout over Karlo Caput in his last fight. Spinning elbow knockout in the second round fighting Paulo Bananada. Igeu has a smooth striking game, Entertaining fight style for fans in South Africa.

Kabesa is 26 years old. Kabesa is a under the radar prospect and needs big fights on the biggest stage possible for people to acknowledge who he is. Fighting for the KSW Featherweight Title against the hottest European Prospect is a fight that makes sense for both sides.

Kabesa reminds me of TJ Dillashaw because his stand up movement. Addition to the success of being a free style wrestler, Decorated Free Style Wrestler winning national titles in Africa.

Parnasse vs Kabesa

KSW because of it’s popularity and expansion Parnasse vs Kabesa can headline a KSW event in London, Croatia, Berlin because of the two best Featherweight Prospects in the world. Parnasse defending his title against #1 Africa Prospect. Kabesa coming to Europe as the EFC Featherweight Champion.

Brandao vs Parnasse KSW Featherweight Title

Salahdine Parnasse #1 Featherweight Prospect in Europe at 22 years old defeate Ivan Buchinger former Cage Warriors, M1 Featherweight Champion. Successful European Featherweight Fighter. Without a doubt the most impressive win of his career. Parnasse needs bigger wins and fighting Diego Brandao for the KSW Featherweight Title will be a fight to make.

Parnasse needs bigger names to impress the UFC & Bellator scouts before they sign him!! Brandao former UFC Fighter, Fought everybody in the UFC.

Brandao vs Panrasse be a headlining KSW Event. Impressive win over Brandao will take him one step closer to getting signed by the UFC.

I’ll be excited to watch that fight on DAZN. Watching a masterpiece performance.

Future France UFC Champion Salahdine Parnasse 2021, 2022 or 2023

Salahdine Parnasse #1 Featherweight Prospect in Europe is from France as France MMA is now legalized which pushes the sport of MMA forward. Parnasee coming from France will put France MMA on the map as he continues reign in Europe by defending the KSW Featherweight Title. In the future Parnasse will become the first UFC Champion from France!

Parnasse KSW Career

Parnasse jumped on the scene fighting Lukasz Rajewski at KSW 41 back in 2017. Started the launch of Parnasse KSW career. Defeating Artur Sowinski, Marcin Wrzosek, Roman Szymanski and the MOST IMPRESSIVE win against Ivan Buchinger. 22 year old kid defeating all these tough European Fighters is really impressive for Parnasse.

Watch the fight against Ivan Buchinger and you truly see how talented Parnasse is. Striking improved and Fighters IQ. The win over Ivan Buchinger, Former M1- Featherweight Champion and Cage Warriors Featherweight put Parnasse on the PROSPECT map.

No way after defeating Buchinger the UFC, Dana White and his key team doesn’t know who Parnasse is.

Salahdine Parnasse KSW Future

Salahdine Parnasse since fighting for KSW fights twice a year and 2020 will see Parnasse fight twice. Defending his Featherweight Title and moving up to fight for the KSW Lightweight Title.

Dream Fight for Hardcore MMA fans Salahdine Parnasse vs Mateusz Gamrot former KSW Featherweight Champion. Parnasse vs Norman Parke for the KSW Lightweight Title in 2020.

Wins those two fights and will see Parnasse sign with the UFC!

Parnassse & UFC

MMA being legalized in France is a brand new market for the UFC to hold events in. Major stepping stone for MMA. Several years ago Australia was a new market to the UFC than came Israel Adesanya. Feel the same way with Salahdine Parnasse. Parnasse can become the Israel Adesanya of France MMA.

No brainer signing for UFC to sign Salahdine Parnasse who can become a star having a 15 year run with the UFC. Parnasse in the future can headline UFC PPV in Paris or a Paris ESPN + Event.