Rafael Dos Anjos Last Fight on His UFC Contract Fights Santiago Ponzinibbio

Rafael Dos Anjos ONE more fight in his UFC contract before becoming a free agent. Rafael Dos Anjos still a household name, Still wants to fight for the UFC and maybe challenge for the Welterweight title.

Next fight that can move Rafael Dos Anjos is the Welterweight Rankings is by fighting Santiago Ponzinbbio. Santiago Ponzinibbio hasn’t fought in a year and change but now FULLY healthy can fight.

Calling out Rafael Dos Anjos in his return to the Octagon.

“Man, Ponzinibbio is crazy,” he continued, referring to Ponzinibbio’s claim that RDA recently turned down the fight. “(The UFC) hasn’t said anything. This guy hasn’t fought in a year and a half. F*ck, I fought (four) times since his last fight. I have no problem fighting him, but, brother, no one told me anything. He throws some crazy stuff online, it’s hard to understand. But I have no problem fighting Ponzinibbio.


Santiago Ponzinbbio before the injuries was talked about as the dark horse of the UFC welterweight division, Return fight against Rafael Dos Anjos and a impressive win against Rafael Dos Anjos would rank him in the TOP TEN Welterweight Rankings.

Rafael Dos Anjos with a impressive win against Santiago Ponzinbbio would bounce back his career as he’s being used as a bridge for the upcoming Welterweights.

I hope this fight happens makes sense for both sides. Rafael Dos Anjos vs Santiago Ponzinbbio schedule it for “Fight Island” debut on the main card slot.

Rafael Dos Anjos One Championship Perfect Partnership 2020

Former Lightweight Champion Top Ten Pound for Pound fighter Rafael Dos Anjos days of becoming a UFC Lightweight or Welterweight Champion are done but doesn’t mean he can be a World Champion for another organization and the organization I mean is One Championship.

Eddie Alvarez, Demetrious Johnson, Bibiano Fernandes, Giorgio Petrosyan, John Lineker signed with One Championship by taking advantage of Free Agency. Rafael Dos Anjos should sign with One Championship when his contract expires!!

Rafael Dos Anjos vs Eddie Alvarez rematch in Philadelphia and in Brazil. Three fight trilogy would be interesting. RDA vs Christian Lee the Prodigy, RDA vs Shinya Aoki the Legend. Fight in the stacked One Championship Lightweight Division.

Rafael Dos Anjos if he fights for One Championship would be One Championship Lightweight Champion or One Championship Welterweight Champion.