Merab Dvalishvili Big opportunity

Merab Dvalishvili dominant performance against Gustavo Lopez continued his four fight winning streak, Now looking to make his winning streak to five by defeating former UFC Flyweight Title challenger John Dodson.

Big opportunity for Merab to show his best against Dodson on the UFC 252 Main Card. Impressive performance can lead to fighting top ten UFC Bantamweights.

“I’ve got to win first, but we are closely ranked. We should fight, why not? Sean O’Malley, he never fought top 15 guys, so now I think is the time,” suggested Dvalishvili. “Hopefully this fight can happen, but I have to win first, and I wish him the best of luck in his fight. Marlon Vera is not an easy fighter.”

Possible we see Merab fight Sean O ‘Malley next but he needs to defeat John Dodson next which is no easy task to anyone. However a dominant win, Sean O’ Malley will be interested in fighting Merab.

Basically a make or break fight for Merab to show what he’s truly made of.

“He has much more experience than me,” Dvalishvili said. “He’s been in the UFC (for a) long time, he has the win against T.J. Dillashaw, he has wins against Pedro Munhoz and he’s an ‘Ultimate Fighter’ champion. He’s hard fight for everyone. He’s the biggest test for me.”

Betting lines predict Merab to win the fight and they’re right because I believe so as well because he’s a Georgian savage, Trains at Serra Longo with Aljamain Sterling, Al Iaquinta, Chris Weidman.

From the training, To his talents and grit Merab will get the win tonight. Big opportunity, Life changing fight.

Beneil Dariush vs Paul Felder UFC 254

Beneil Dariush five five winning streak is one of the most underrated UFC winning streaks going. Last win was a impressive win against Scott Holtzman. Spinning back fist first round knock out. Should’ve been rewarded performance of the night but he missed weight.

However Dariush can be rewarded a fight against Paul Felder. Dariush well deserving a top ten fight, Fight against Paul Felder is a fight that can help him moving forward as Felder has a name from being a savage and a talented UFC commentator.

In this five fight winning streak has defeated Drew Dober who we found out now is no slouch at all and Drakkar Klose who always bring his best.

All though Dariush needs top ten UFC Lightweight and match up against Paul Felder to me personally is the PERFECT fight.

Dariush vs Felder can be a Main Card Fight on the UFC 254 PPV Khabib vs Gaethje. Help Dariush name go on notice on the biggest Pay Per View of 2020.

Defeating a savage like Paul Felder will catapult Dariush’s career moving forward with more recognition. However he rather stay silent and let his wins do the talking.

“The problem with recognition is that it comes with a lot of drama,” he said. “I like being under the radar. I like fighting high-level competition and being under the radar. I don’t need much (in terms of publicity and recognition). I just want to continue to work my way up to the title and become a champion.

I’ll do the talking for him and call out Paul Felder. Fans would love to see this fight happen and be a great match up for Dariush. Congratulations to Dariush finding success in the UFC, Congrats to Rafael Cordeiro and Kings MMA for improving Dariush game.

Youssef Zalal UFC Featherweight prospect to keep an Eye On

Youssef Zalal Newest UFC Featherweight prospect outclasses Peter Barrett Friday Night with a dominant win, Four fight winning streak. All of three wins Zalal has been impressive, Similar fighting style not gonna lie to Dominick Cruz.

End the year on a five fight winning streak defeating a tough UFC Featherweight prospect, Showing his striking skills. Maybe a sweet knockout in the first round on a UFC Pay Per View in October. Talked about as one of the rising UFC Featherweight prospects.

Youssef Zalal not edging as a top 20-25 UFC Featherweight in 2020 but readers keep an eye on this kid. He has the right team around him by training at Factory X Muay Thai. Coached by coach of the year candidate Marc Montoya.

2021 Zalal will continue to rise through the UFC Featherweight rankings or the UFC Bantamweight rankings since he discussed moving down to Bantamweight. Either way he’s a UFC prospect to keep on these next couple years.

New & Improved Jonathan Martinez

Man oh man Johnathan Martinez impressed the hell out of me last night with his dominant striking performance against UFC veteran Frankie Saenz.

Martinez 2-2 UFC record before the win against Saenz, Not the most eye brow raising record but the win against Saenz will get more fans interested to watch his next fight.

Jonathan Martinez since changing camps from Different Breed MMA to Elevation Fight Team see the improvements in his striking game. Strength and Conditioning program at Elevation Fight Team.

Still young at 26 years old with a 12-3 record, Couple years before becoming a top 15 Bantamweight but definitely has the capabilities to be ranked if he stays focused.

2020 Jonathan Martinez

Love to see Jonathan Martinez fight two more times before 2020 is over against tough Bantamweight veterans, Test fights to see what needs to be worked on as he continues to improve at Elevation Fight Team.

Ending 2020 as a top 25 UFC Bantamweight, Starting 2021 as one of the UFC Bantamweight prospects to keep an eye on.

Congratulations on Elevation Fight Team for fixing his mistakes, Growing him as a fighter he truly impressed me last night, Looking forward to the rest of 2020 and his UFC future.

Not Diaz but Belal Muhammad Fights Luque

Vicente Luque called out Nate Diaz in his post fight interview but that fight will never happen. Next opportunity call out Belal Muhammad because that fight makes sense.

Belal Muhammad on a three fight winning streak, Edging close to the top 15. Great opportunity for Belal Muhammad to fight a top welterweight while showing Luque can show he’s a future title contender.

Belal Muhammad in his three fight winning streak improved his game radically, Watch his fight against Lyman Good and spot his heavy hands. Absorbing heavy hand shots from Lyman Good.

Options like Robbie Lawler, Rafael Dos Anjos have no clue where they’re at so Belal Muhammad is the best option. Win over Belal will help Luque’s career moving forward.

Watch Kid Kvenbo Johnny Munoz Jr Tonight

Johnny Munoz Jr former King of the Cage Bantamweight with a 10-0 record is making his UFC debut against former TKO Bantamweight Champion. Interesting fight between two of the best Bantamweight prospects in North America.

However I believe Munoz Jr is the better prospect and will get the impressive win tonight.

Kid Kvenbo finishes fights early in the 1st or 2nd round with his stellar jiu jitsu game which is his best attribute.

Since he’s a talented submission specialist will get the submission win tonight, Show Sean Shelby they made the right choice as a replacement for Ray Borg.

Johnny Munoz Jr rising Bantamweight prospect always been looking forward for the UFC to sign because of his success as a KOTC Bantamweight, One of the best feeder league promotions in the world.

Congratulations to Kid Kvenbo for signing with the UFC, Hope it works out for him and rises in 2020.

Vicente Luque Breakout Performance Against Randy Brown?

Vicente Luque rising UFC Welterweight growing and prospering since his learning loss to Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. Dominant win against Niko Price and see another win tonight against tough welterweight in Randy Brown.

Will wee see a impressive performance from Luque? I believe yes!! More of a breakout performance.

He may not be ranked, but he is dangerous. It’s a challenge for me – I like challenges. My focus is to put on a dominant performance and continue climbing up the rankings.”

Randy Brown is no slouch, Former Ring of Combat Welterweight Champion. Signed on from Dana White Lookin for a Fight. Win over Randy Brown tonight will boost Luque notoriety and respect from the rest of the UFC Welterweight Division.

Luque been fighting with the UFC since 2015 but finally things are coming along, Learning from the success from training partners Kamaru Usman, Gilbert Burns. Luque can be the third title contender from the successful Sanford MMA Gym.

Win against Randy Brown, Sean Shelby matchup Luque against Rafael Dos Anjos, Robbie Lawler or Anthony Pettis former UFC Champions.

2020 the year of Nathaniel Wood

Nathaniel Wood England’s next generation of talent was on a hot start before losing to John Dodson. Nathaniel now can start his second hot streak, Be the year to show what he’s truly made of.

Defeated John Castaneda but his original fight was against Khabib’s cousin Umar Nurmagomedov but Umar withdrew from that fight. However Nathaniel Wood still interested in fighting Umar Nurmagomedov .

“But if the UFC want me to fight Umar next, so be it. If not, I’m sure he is going to do very well in the UFC so hopefully we can rebook it in the future.”

Wood vs Nurmagomedov was a fight to be excited for Nathaniel Wood. Fighting one of the best Russian prospects, One of the best Bantamweight prospects in the world. Defeating a talented Bantamweight like Umar Nurmagomedov would boost Nathaniel Wood’s moral and give him top ten matchups.

“I just want to get in there and do what I do best, but I do want to prove to the UFC that I do belong in there with the top 15, the top 10,” Wood said.  I hope that they haven’t lost faith in me after my last fight and as I say to myself, I just lost by making a mistake, but I’ll be back and I’ll be back stronger.”

End the year fighting John Dodson in a rematch. Revenging his loss as Wood admits to making mistakes and looking pass Dodson. However it’s a different story.

“John Dodson hat’s off to him, he beat me that night, but I’ve come away now and I’ve improved as a fighter,” Wood said. “I’ve looked at the holes in my game and I’ve worked on them and now I’m not going to be rushing. I’m not going to be going in there trying to finish the fight desperately. I’m going to pick my shots, pick him apart and look for the finish when it comes.”

Masterful performance defeating John Dodson end the year as a top 15 UFC Bantamweight. Rising Bantamweight star, Discussed as a future UFC Bantamweight Champion.

2020 the Year for Nathaniel Wood.

Aspinall vs Sergey Spivak

Tom Aspinall made quick work of Jake Collier in 45 seconds, Took advantage of the extra time and called out Sergey Spivak which is rare to see from UFC newcomers.

Love to see UFC fighters ask for there next fight and hopefully Aspinall receives the match up against a tough heavyweight in Sergey Spivak.

Be a interesting fight to watch as well for Tom Aspinall against Spivak who has wins over Tai Tuivasa and Tony Lopez. Former WWFC Heavyweight Champion.

Aspinall vs Spivak can be scheduled in August if Aspinall is hungry to fight again, Show why he’s one of the rising Heavyweight prospects.

Hopefully this fight happens as Aspinall can bring some new life to the Heavyweight division.

Khamzat Chimaev Chechen UFC Welterweight Champion

Khamzat Chimaev 2-0 with the UFC. Two wins in 11 days is rising Welterweight prospect to keep an eye on. Superb grappling similar to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Potential to be UFC Welterweight Champion in the next 3-4 years if everything goes as planned.

“People can say what they want, for me it doesn’t matter. I’m Khamzat Chimaev. I’m going to be champion, I’m going to be number one pound-for-pound and everyone’s going to talk about me.”

Chimaev definitely doesn’t lack the confidence as it’s a key to becoming a UFC Welterweight Champion. Doesn’t lack training at a top gym as well.

Chimaev trains at All Star Training Center with Alexander Gustafsson, Illir Latifi, David Teymur, Daniel Teymur.

“Very good, he’s a future world champ for sure,” said Gustafsson, who trains out of Allstars Gym in Stockholm with Chimaev. “He loves this, this is his life. He’s gonna go all the way. He’s my main sparring partner right now. He pushes me all day.

Praised by Alexander Gustafsson means a lot, Means a lot from one of the best fighters in the world who sparred with the best of the best.

Work ethic, The talent and the mental toughness Khamzat Chimaev has all the makings to become the first born UFC Champion from Chechnya.

In 2020 love to see Khamzat Chimaev fight two more times against tougher Welterweights just to test him.

Tom Aspinall UFC Prospect to Watch

Tom Aspinall England Heavyweight prospect making his UFC debut tonight against Jake Collier, Matchup in Aspinall’s favor as I see a first round knockout to begin his UFC career.

Tom Aspinall

  1. 7-2 record
  2. 27 years old
  3. Team Kaobon Liverpool
  4. Six First Round Knockouts
  5. Trains with Darren Till
  6. Sparring Partner of Tyson Fury

Tom Aspinall high praised by Darren Till as he says “Aspinall is one of the best Heavyweights in the world.”

“He is such a fast guy for a heavyweight, you’ll hear everyone who trains with him or sees him saying it. He is so fast for a heavyweight and he dances around like nothing I’ve seen before.

Tom Aspinall 27 year old Heavyweight prospect with high level boxing from sparring with Tyson Fury and Darren Till will have a long successful career in the UFC. Don’t think it will be a three fight UFC career but a UFC Heavyweight Title run.

 I want to have a run at the title and win the title. I don’t want to just go in and then get knocked out and leave straight away and get back to square one. I’m trying to learn from other people’s mistakes, especially UK guys. A lot of UK guys go in, win one, lose two and that’s it; they’re gone and you never hear from them again. I didn’t want to be that guy.”

Aspinall all around heavyweight with high level boxing, quickness for a Heavyweight, Brown Belt in BJJ, 3 Time British BJJ Champion, Success in Cage Warriors gives me the reason for prospect to watch. Heavyweight prospect to keep an eye on in 2020.

Rhys McKee Prospect to Watch UFC Fight Night

Rhys Mckee short notice fight against Khamzat Chimaev who dominated John Phillips in his UFC debut. Everyone is high on Chimaev but Rhys McKee is my prospect to watch because he’s the former BAMMA Lightweight Champion, Fights for Cage Warriors.

McKee is a savage and a talented fighter, Will see McKee defeat Chimaev and rise in 2020.

“I never would have signed that contract unless I was coming home with anything less than a win. Again, I’m really not here to get a nice new tracksuit. I’m here to take the win.”

Fight against Perry Goodwin, Goodwin would take down McKee but because of McKee sneaky jiu-jitsu would do a Guillotine choke on the ground. Believe McKee will challenge Chimaev wrestling.

Impressive win against Chimaev in his UFC debut on the main card slot is a great way to begin your UFC career instead of a boring dragging fight.

All the makings to become a star, Taking advantage of the new eyes on him.

“And I believe he will become a big star of the UFC. The UFC ones will love him.”

Spotlight won’t be big for Rhys McKee as he’s confident in his all around skills that will defeat Chimaev tonight.

Ricky Bandejas Defeats Pettis Bellator 242

Ricky Bandejas Bellator Bantamweight has the biggest fight of his life against Sergio Pettis. Headlining Bellator 242 tonight. Sergio Pettis is a world class fighter went to a decision against Henry Cejudo, Defeated Joseph Benavidez.

Pettis favorite against Ricky Bandejas but I believe Bandejas surprises the odd makers with a knockout against Sergio Pettis. Bandejas is confident in himself as well.

“I’m excited,” Bandejas said. “He’s been in there with the best and mixed up with the best guys at bantamweight and at 125, so I get to test myself against him. It’s going to be exciting.”

Looking to continue to his two fight winning streak as he transferred gyms over to American Top Team. Finally seeing the success come along, The hard work training at powerhouse gym American Top Team.

“The biggest misconception is I don’t want people thinking I left because I lost twice in a row. This is something I was always thinking about and I think this is going to help. I just needed some change, you know, I was stuck in a rut and that’s it. I’ve come here (to ATT) and I can start fresh. Let’s hope I can rattle off a kill streak.”

Training with some of the best fighters in the world at American Top Team will help Bandejas tremendously against Sergio Pettis. Knockout or a decision win in the biggest fight of his life.

Kelvin Gastelum Drops Down to Welterweight?

Kelvin Gastelum riding high… Now riding low after a three fight losing streak. Sucks to see for Kelvin because he’s such a talented fighter with all the potential to become a UFC Middleweight or UFC Welterweight Champion which to me is the better option.

Gastelum Down to Welterweight

Kelvin Gastelum needs a change, Not change gyms but a drop down in weight. Fighting in the Middleweight division is too hard for him. Fighting against Till, Adesanya, Romero. Drop down to welterweight he’ll fit perfect there.

Be faster, Little bit stronger than some of the welterweights. His punches will be more effective. Kelvin fighting at 185 pounds at five foot nine is too small.

Kelvin Gastelum moving down to welterweight we can see challenge for a UFC Welterweight Title. Imagine the fights against Tyron Woodley, Colby Covington, Leon Edwards, Kamaru Usman. Return to welterweight in his next fight.

Watch the Kelvin Gastelum of old who defeated Jacare Souza and knocked out Michael Bisping.

However to drop down to welterweight NEEDS to have a strict diet, Lay off the junk food most of the time. Love to see Kelvin build some muscle, Lose some baby fat. Be in the best shape of his life entering his athletic prime.

Kelvin Gastelum can stand and bang with Israel Adesanya for five rounds than he CAN fight the best welterweights in the world.

“I know people at home are going through worse things than I ever was, going through their own personal battles. Here I am on the other side. I worked through my own personal demons. I’m OK.”

Battling some personal demons after the Till loss and I’m sure is dealing with problems again but I hope he stays strong mentally because he’s that talented. Please move down a weight class and fight in the welterweight division.

Rafael Fiziev Next Fight Options ?

Rafael Fiziev impressively defeated Marc Diakiese, Outstriked him in the three rounds. Blown away by his performance and really looking forward to his next fight. Who should Fiziev fight next?

Lando Vanatta

What a sick fight this would be in my opinion, Vanatta vs Fiziev. Vanatta is a very TOUGH Lightweight, Remembered for his fight against Tony Ferguson. Lando will be a intriguing challenge to Fiziev. Fiziev vs Vanatta has fight of the night potential.

Bobby Green

Bobby Green biggest win of his career was his last against UFC Legend Clay Guida. Now Bobby Green can fight a UFC prospect. Bobby Green 25-10 record with a lot of experience can test Fiziev’s IQ see where he’s at currently. Love this fight as well.

Khama Worthy

Coming off two significant wins off AKA prospect Luis Pena and Devonte Smith. Worthy is a rising Lightweight at 33 years old. He’s a talented fighter, Be the biggest challenge for Rafael Fiziev. Worthy vs Fiziev be a stand up fight for three rounds, See the new tools in the tool shed for Rafael Fiziev.

Overall I’m looking forward to Rafael Fiziev next fight and the future for this man, Truly blown away with his kicks. Potential to become a UFC Lightweight Champion.

Rhys McKee Wins against Chimaev

Rhys Mckee Northern Ireland top prospect Cage Warriors Welterweight and former BAMMA Lightweight Champion signed with the UFC. Dream has become a reality, UFC debut is against Khamzat Chimaev. Grapple heavy fighter.

Khamzat Chimaev is the favorite in this fight as he dominated John Phillips in his UFC debut. Even though Chimaev is a talented wrestler I believe that Rhys Mckee will get the win on July 25th.

See a third round finish for Rhys Mckee by a numerous amount of punches. McKee nickname is the skeleton because of his skinny frame but don’t judge a book by it’s cover, He’s a Northern Ireland savage.

Last win was against Hakon Fross in Cage Warriors was a impressive performance, First round knock out but the fight before that against Perry Andre Goodwin. Three round spectacle where you seen no quit in the Skeletor. Really watched his heart and desire in that fight.

Fight was a grinder, Bloody fight but Rhys Mckee was mentally stronger to get the win.

Since Rhys Mckee has been in some wars, Title fights for the best feeder league promotion in Europe I believe Rhys Mckee shocks people and defeats Khamzat Chimaev.

Amir Albazi vs Tim Elliot Next Weekend?

Amir Albazi UFC newest Flyweight prospect defeated Malcom Gordon TKO Flyweight Champion, Looking pretty damn good with a first round triangle choke against a really talented flyweight prospect.

Looking forward to watching Amir Albazi second appearance in the UFC and maybe… Returns to the Octagon in August because of the first round finish and less damage we can see Albazi fight.

Since Albazi is top 20 Flyweight, Interested in Albazi fighting Tim Elliot a crafty flyweight veteran who challenged Mighty Mouse for the flyweight title. Elliot #13 Flyweight, TOUGH SOB will be intriguing to watch for Albazi.

Watching Albazi fight Tim Elliot is the perfect fight for Albazi against a world class flyweight who always gives his best in the Octagon.

Arman Tsarukyan VS Drew Dober October ?

Arman Tsarukyan shows another incredible performance by defeating tough Lightweight Davi Ramos. Watched improvements in his striking besides his already stellar grappling.

Already looking forward to his next fight and a suggestion I have for him is Drew Dober. Arman called out Al Iaquinta but that’s next after Dober.

“Next fight, I want to fight with top 15, top 10 guys – maybe (Al) Iaquinta because he is a very strong guy and he fought with Khabib Nurmagomedov. I want to fight with him because it’s a good fight for me.”

Deserves only top 15 opponents after challenging Islam Makhachev in his UFC debut.

Fighting Drew Dober, Justin Gaethje’s training partner will be the perfect fight at the perfect time for Arman Tsarukyan. Test fight to see where he’s at in couple months against a very talented rising Lightweight… Drew Dober.

Win over Drew Dober will tremendously help Arman’s career, Get more fans interested in who this 23 year old is. Help in the long run when scheduled for fights.

UFC July 18th & July 19th Signings

Nathan Maness

Nathan Maness Canada’s Top Bantamweight prospect, Former TKO Bantamweight Champion at 29 years old. Perfect age to enter the UFC in the prime of his career.

UFC debut is against former flyweight title challenger Ray Borg. Maness is capable of defeating UFC Bantamweights, Defeating Canada Bantamweight prospects.

Rhys Mckee

Rhys McKee former BAMMA Lightweight Champion, Cage Warriors prospect at 24 years old is one word… SAVAGE. Big wins for Cage Warriors against Jefferson George and Hakon Foss.

First fight is against Khamzat Chimaev on July 25th. Chimaev dominated his last opponent John Phillips but not against McKee he’s a talented welterweight prospect.

Ilia Topuria

Ilia Topuria, Labeled him as a future Brave CF Featherweight Champion but that achievement is no longer as he’s now signed with the UFC. Topuria has a record of 8-0 at 23 years old.

OVERALL looking to watching all three of these prospects. All over the world MMA is growing talent wise and it will continue. Exciting prospects to keep an eye on at Fight Island.

Deiveson Figueiredo vs Brandon Moreno Next Flyweight Title Fight

Deiveson Figueiredo the NEW UFC Flyweight Champion defeated Joseph Benavidez again in the first round by submission. Deiveson showing his hands and crafty submission game last night.

Flyweight Division according to Dana White isn’t over and the Flyweight division ill continue. Since that’s the news what’s next for Deiveson?

I have the answer for you, Defend his flyweight title for the first time against #3 ranked flyweight Brandon Moreno.

Brandon Moreno riding high on a three fight winning streak with wins over future flyweight champion Kai Kara France and top ten flyweight Jussier Formiga.

The win against Kai Kara France impressed me the most personally because Kai has all the capabilities to become a UFC Flyweight Champion, Moreno as well can be a UFC Flyweight Champion if he defeats Deiveson.

“Mick [Maynard], please, watch the fight again and tell me why I don’t deserve to fight for the title next,” Moreno shouted in the empty arena with UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard keeping a close eye on the action. “I have the pen in the locker room. I can give you the pen if you want.”

Moreno than ready to fight for a title shot, Waiting for the opportunity to make his dream into a reality.

Figueiredo vs Moreno UFC Flyweight Title Fight can happen in the fall of 2020. Hopefully this fight happens!

Malcom Gordon vs Amir Albazi Fight of the Night Potential

UFC signed two of the TOP Flyweight prospects in the world Malcom Gordon TKO Flyweight Champion and Amir Albazi TOP European Flyweight. Both of them are high level flyweights and guess what they’re fighting tonight.

Malcom Gordon vs Amir Albazi Fight of the Night potential that’s going under the radar because both are making they’re UFC debuts.

Malcom Gordon

Malcom Gordon TKO former Flyweight Champion has a 12-3 record defeating Russian flyweight Yoni Sherbatov, which is best win so far in his career. Top flyweight prospect in Canada, North America.

Amir Albazi

Amir Albazi is the top European Flyweight prospect who trains at London Shootfighters. Two wins in Bellator by defeating Jamie Powell and Iuri Bejanari.

Took his talents to Brave CF, Challenging but lost to former UFC Flyweight Jose Torres in his Brave CF debut. After losing to Jose Torres defeated flyweight prospect Ryan Curtis.

Arman Tsarukyan UFC Fight Night Fighter To Watch

Arman Tsarukyan 23 year old UFC Lightweight Prospect is making his third appearance fighting Davi Ramos on the prelims of Benavidez vs Figueiredo.

Many prospects on the card tonight but Arman Tsarukyan is a Lightweight prospect to pay very close attention to because in his UFC debut fought Islam Makhachev, Challenging his grappling to the best of his ability.

Arman impressed the hell out of me even tho he lost to Islam. Since his loss he’s continued to improve all around training at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand.

Tonight myself and the viewers will be watching a future UFC Lightweight Champion in the next five years because of how talented this kid is.

Kattar One More Fight Away, What’s next?

Calvin Kattar one more fight away from challenging for the UFC Featherweight title. Next fight for Calvin Kattar after defeating Dan Ige is fighting the winner of Yair Rodriguez and Kattar’s former opponent Zabit Magomedsharipov.

Fighting either Yair or Zabit will be intriguing fights to watch.

Kattar definitely improved since his loss to Zabit, Be a challenge to Zabit in the second fight as he stopped Dan Ige takedowns, Improved on his boxing. Kattar will be the underdog in his fight with Zabit but I won’t be surprised if Kattar defeats Zabit.

Kattar vs Yair would be a hell of a fight in the fall of 2020. Back and forth action watching the best striking in the featherweight division. Impressive win over taekwondo black belt Yair Rodriguez.

Either win will place Kattar next in line to challenge the UFC Featherweight champion.

Post fight Calvin Kattar called out Alexander Volkanovski which is a smart business decision with the spotlight on him but I doubt Kattar gets Volkanovski next.

Instead to build his name more, Fighting on a UFC PPV Main Card in the fall against Yair or Zabit will the best thing for him moving forward.

Maybe with a brutal knockout he’ll get a increase in fans that will help build the future featherweight title fight in 2021.

UFC Flyweight Division 2020 & 2021 reborn

UFC Flyweight Division probably one of the least popular divisions even when Demetrious Johnson was conquering but I have a feeling for the rest of 2020 and 2021 will see the flyweight division be reborn because of a group of young flyweights and latest free agent signings.

UFC Young Flyweights

Flyweight division has some talented young fighters who have potential to become UFC Flyweight Champions in the next couple years and lift up the flyweight division.

Brandon Moreno #3 Flyweight is 26 years old impressed the hell out of me when fighting Kai Kara France. Even at flyweight Brandon Moreno have some heavy hands and can be a problem in the future. Moreno in 2020 challenge the winner of Benavidez vs Figueiredo.

Askar Askarov #7th Flyweight at 27 years old 11-0 record, Former ACB Flyweight Champion. Only three fights with the UFC but Askarov has a promising career.

Kai Kara France 21-8 record top ten Flyweight at 27 years old trains at GYM of the YEAR City Kickboxing, Learning from two UFC champions, Top Lightweight and being coached by Eugene Bareman. In his last fight seen a new and improved Tyson Nam, This fall will see Kai Kara France return fighting on the prelims of Adesanya vs Costa card. Potential UFC Flyweight Champion.

Brandon Royval former LFA Flyweight Champion, Factory X prospect has one win of tough SOB Tim Elliot. Watch out for Royval rise in the next couple years.

UFC Flyweight Signings

Manel Kape one of the hottest free agent signings was the Rizin Bantamweight Champion, Three fight winning streak coming into the UFC. Found himself lately with Rizin. Excited to see his future career with the UFC. Kape will RISE quickly in 2020 and contend for a flyweight title in 2021, He’s a talented fighter.

Malcom Gordon TKO Flyweight Champion signed with Brave Combat Federation to win the inaugural Brave CF Flyweight Tournament. However plans changed and now is in the UFC.

Amir Albazi Brave CF Flyweight, European prospect, Bellator fighter signed with UFC at 26 years old as it was bound to happen eventually! Albazi in the next couple years will be a problem. Trains at London Shoot Fighters.

Corey Anderson VS Jiri Prochazka

Former Rizin Light Heavyweight Champion Jiri Prochazka KNOCKED OUT Volkan Oezdemir in the second round, UFC 251 Fighter to watch for a reason and now 1-0 with UFC.

Barely any damage in the fight, Dana White loves turning specific fighters around quickly and we can see Jiri Prochazka return this summer.

Since Volkan Oezdemir #7th Light Heavyweight, Jiri Prochazka should fight top TEN Light Heavyweights only.

Next opponent can be possibly Corey Anderson whose last fight was against Jan Blachowicz. Corey Anderson continue to have a chip on his shoulder as UFC builds up Jiri Prochazka as one of the best Light Heavyweights in the world.

Easily the toughest fight of Jiri Prochazka’s MMA career, Be able to defend Corey’s Anderson’s wrestling. If Jiri is capable of stuffing take downs than we ourselves a fight.

Jiří Procházka UFC 251 Fighter To Watch!!

Jiri Prochazka UFC hottest free agent signing is making UFC debut tonight. Exciting news as a MMA fan that Jiri got signed by the UFC because Jiri before UFC was one of the best Light Heavyweights in the world.

Rizin Light Heavyweight Champion, Defeating Muhammad Lawal, Fabio Maldonado, C.B Dollaway, Satoshi Ishii, Vadim Nemkov in his Rizin career. Wins against former UFC fighters and Bellator prospect Vadim Nemkov.

Success as a Rizin Light Heavyweight is my reason for him being UFC 251 Fighter to watch, Watch and see Jiri knock out or defeat Volkan Oezdemir.

Jiri Prochazka tonight fighting on the featuring prelim of UFC 251, Most viewers besides the hardcore’s have no clue who he is but a 1st or 2nd round knockout can impress the casuals.

Looking forward to his debut tonight and his UFC future.

UFC Signs Top Australian Prospect This summer ?

Australia and New Zealand rapidly growing with MMA talent from Israel Adesanya, Robert Whittaker, Dan Hooker, Alexander Volkanovski, George Sotiropoulos.

Now there’s Theo Christakos #1 top Australia/New Zealand prospect is the Australia FC Welterweight Champion and former Brace Welterweight Champion.

Since Dana White and Sean Shelby is desperate for talent, Some fighters having trouble flying I’m sure Theo Christakos will do anything he can to become a UFC fighter.

This summer Theo Christakos can sign with the UFC making his dream become a reality. Debut on the prelims, Built up as the next great fighter for Australia.

UFC Signs Khamzat Chimaev

July 9th UFC signs Brave CF prospect Khamzat Chimaev 26 year old grappling dominant fighter 6-0 record.

Chimaev trains at the Allstar Training Center in Stockholm, Sweden. Training partners such as David Teymur and Daniel Teymur. Doesn’t spar with but learns from Alexander Gustafsson and Ilir Latiffi.

Rising Sweden prospect Khamzat Chimaev rewarded Swedish breakout fighter of the year because of his success for Brave CF. Now continue that success in the UFC by fighting SBG Ireland Fighter John Phillips.

Phillips will have his hands full as Chimaev is a great grappling who lifts his opponents and takes them down across the ring.

Chimaev (6-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC) is one of Europe’s top welterweight prospects. Moving up to middleweight for his promotional debut, Chimaev will look to keep his six-fight finishing streak alive. Chimaev was supposed to challenge for the Brave CF title in April in Stockholm, Sweden, but the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Chimaev fighting on the prelims of Ige vs Kattar. Looking forward to Khamzat Chimaev UFC debut and his future.

Mateusz Gamrot Signs With UFC End of 2020

Mateusz Gamrot KSW Featherweight Champion and former KSW Lightweight Champion, Hottest Featherweight & Lightweight NOT in the UFC. However by end of 2020 Mateusz Gamrot can sign with the UFC, One of the hottest UFC free agent signings in a while.

KSW 53 Gamrot is challenging Norman Parke KSW Lightweight Champion on July 11th.

Gamrot defeats Parke for a second time at KSW 53 maybe Gamrot talks with his management team about resigning from KSW and negotiating a contract with UFC.

Accomplished everything for KSW, Time to move on for bigger and better things.

“Respects to KSW,” Jedrzejczyk said. “To be honest, they taught a Polish fan to watch MMA, so they have a great respect and gratitude from me.”

“UFC matchmakers and Dana White track these events, because they want to catch some talents and bring them to UFC.

“There are plenty of great fighters in KSW. In example, Mateusz Gamrot, great polish talent, who is currently training with me in American Top Team.”

Joanna Jedrzejczyk endorsing Mateusz Gamrot to sign with the UFC says a lot about his talents and being fully capable to compete against the best Lightweights and Featherweights in the world.

In the prime of his career at 29 years old 15-0 record, KSW former Featherweight and KSW Lightweight Champion be a sin to the MMA world if he doesn’t get signed by the UFC before it’s too late.

2020 the year for Mateusz Gamrot to sign with UFC.

Belal Muhammad vs Ponzinibbio September

Belal Muhammad riding high on a three fight winning streak, Latest win against Lyman Good in a three round war. Things are coming into fruition for Belal whose been fighting for the UFC since 2016.

Motivated and visions himself challenging for the title similar to Gilbert Burns whose on his own hot streak right after struggling for some time.

“Nowadays with ranked fighters they use some excuses because they want to hold on to their number. That’s their goal. I want to fight for the title one day and guys like Gilbert Burns, those are the guys who motivate me,” Muhammad said. “It’s all about momentum and it’s about the run you put together. You don’t need to have the longest winning streak to have a title shot, it is about being active and being ready to go anytime.”

Being active and being ready to go anytime is a smart decision for rising Welterweight Belal Muhammad, Seeking tough match ups like Santiago Ponzinnibbio

“I think the next one should be Ponzinibbio,” Muhammad said. “He hasn’t fought in a while. He’s sitting there calling out Rafael dos Anjos whose lost four of his last five and he’s a (lightweight). I feel like me and him should be fighting.

Ask and you shall receive, Belal Muhammad that be the right fight for him and Santiago Ponzinnibbio. Smart business move for him, Calling out fighters instead of sitting on your hands waiting.

Ponzinnibbio vs Muhammad can be a main card fight on a September Fight Night, Main Card Slot for UFC 254.

Defeating a top Welterweight like Santiago Ponzinnibbio who before the injuries was on his way to challenging for the title will be a SIGNIFICANT win his Belal’s career moving forward.