One FC, Fighters They Should Sign?

One FC killing it lately signing Eddie Alvarez, Trading for Demetrious Johnson, Signing Sage Northcutt and Vitor Belfort. One FC signed Alvarez for eight figure deal, Showing future MMA free agents the impact free agency has for fighters. Paying veteran fighters from UFC and Bellator eight figures will attract a lot of world class fighters. ONE FC being another player in the MMA promotions that can compete with UFC and Bellator in so many ways. What fighters will be perfect for ONE FC or will be the next to sign with Bellator?

“Look without getting into details, the package in general is going to be an eight-figure deal. Eight figure fight deal. A guaranteed eight-figure fight deal in total. They made me true partner, which I am happy about, and they fully committed to me and we’re fully committing back,” explained Eddie Alvarez on SB Nation

Alexander Gustaffson

Gustaffson one of the best light heavyweight fighters in the world should sign with ONE FC. Alexander has to compete with Jon Jones and deal with crazy Jon Jones who always gets in trouble. Gustaffson loss to Jones twice and lost to Cormier once. I don’t believe Gustaffson will ever be a UFC champion.

  • 18-5 record
  • Beat Glover Teixeria and Shogun Rua

Rafael Dos Anjos

Rafael Dos Anjos in 2014 and 2015 you can argue was one the best fighter on the planet. Dos Anjos was a killer couple years ago. Dos Anjos was the UFC LIGHTWEIGHT Champion, However he’s fallen off since than. Dos Anjos in a two fight losing streak. Dos Anjos in a division with young hungry lions in Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. Dos Anjos will never be a UFC champion again, He should request a release from Dana and head to ONE FC. Dos Anjos make a couple of millions of dollars.

  • Beat Pettis, Cerrone, Nate Diaz and Benson Henderson.
  • UFC Lightweight Champion

Edson Barboza

Edson Barboza is another killer, Will never be a UFC champion because the lightweight division is stacked. Besides Muay Thai fighters he’s one of the best kickers in MMA. Barboza signing with ONE FC will make him a millionaire and a ONE FC champion.

Benson Henderson

Benson Henderson fights for Bellator in the lightweight division. Benson signed a deal with Bellator leaving UFC. Henderson under Bellator he’s never one a title. Benson has a 3-3 record fighting for Bellator which I thought he would dominate there but that’s not the case. Maybe under One FC, New change of scenery he becomes the Henderson of old!! Make some money Benson and win a ONE FC lightweight title!

  • Three time defending UFC lightweight Champion
  • Beat Frankie Edgar twice!, Beat Nate Diaz, and Gilbert Melendez
  • Competed for the Bellator Welterweight and Lightweight title

Yoel Romero

Yoel Romero is just a freak of athlete, Think Romero was a roman gladiator sculpture. Yoel one of the best freestylers in the world. Yoel is 41 years old, Don’t know how many years he has left but use the time with ONE FC. Get paid Yoel. I just love his story immigrating from Cuba to the United States. Romero winning the UFC middleweight title. One FC has the perfect weight cut program where Romero instead of fighting in the middleweight division, Fights in the Light Heavyweight division is the best weight for him.

  • Beat Machida, Weidman, Souza, and Rockhold
  • Won Gold Medal 10 times as a Freestyle Wrestler
  • 16-3 record

Overall One FC is another promotion that can make an impact in the MMA world. One FC signing former UFC and Bellator champions has them compete with UFC and Bellator. Signing the fighters I just listed can have ONE FC be the second best promotion in the world. ONE FC already has talented fighters like Bibiano Fernandes, Kevin Belingnon, Martin Nguyen, Aung La Nsang, Brandon Vera, Signing these fighters can make world class title fights and attract new ONE FC fans.

Aaron Pico the Lebron James of MMA

Aaron Pico, The Blue Chip Prospect. Pico is the top prospect for MMA, Without a doubt. Lebron was the cover of Sports Illustrated and other sport magazines for St.Mary’s High School. Aaron Pico will be the cover of Sports Magazines soon for Bellator. Titles of the articles ” Future of MMA.”

“I’ve been around a lot of great prospects,” Cook says. “I was with B.J. Penn during his first pro fights. Cain Velasquez, Cormier. These guys have something in them. They’re going to win, even with no experience. “But I’ve never had someone at this high of a level who is so young.” Coker, who has promoted fights for more than 20 years, put it this way: “From everything I’ve seen and heard, Aaron Pico may be the greatest prospect in the history of MMA.” Brett Okamato on Aaron Pico interviewing Bellator Promoter Scott Coker

Pico is one of those prodigies you hear about like Mozart. Pico started wrestling at 4 years old and eventually had to compete against bigger kids and older kids because the kids his age were no competition.

  • High school Freshman Record 42-0 at St.John Bosco
  • Pico claimed the 132-pound championship at the Iron Man Tournament, the Ohio-based event that is considered by many the nation’s toughest tournament.
  • Cadet World Championship Gold Medal Winner in 2013
  • Junior World Champion Silver Medal Winner in 2014 and Bronze Medal Winner 2015
  • Pico qualified for the Olympic trials in 2016 at 19 years of age

“To be honest, I could make the team right now,” Pico said with confidence. “At 65 kilos, 143 [pounds], I would 100-percent make that team and represent the United States at the World level or the Olympics. The way MMA has progressed me, wrestling made me tough, but this game and what I know now, it would be exciting to go back on the mat. Article from FloCombat

Pico wasn’t only a world class wrestler but started boxing at age 9. Pico is an all around MMA fighter.

  • 2009 National Junior Golden Gloves Champion
  • 2008 National PAL Champ- Tournament Outstanding Boxing Award
  • 2008 California PAL Champ

Aaron’s Boxing Coach is Freddie Roach. Roach was the coach for Manny Pacquiao. Roach says” Pico can be a world champion boxer.” Roach speaks highly on Pico, Doesn’t just coach every boxer.

TJ Dillashaw trains with Pico. Dillashaw talks about how talented he is. Pico will be a future Bellator Champion.

Aaron Pico has the makings to be a Bellator Featherweight Champion at 23 or 24 years old. Pico is a world class wrestler who can probably win a gold medal at the Olympics if he chose too. Pico can be like Khabib and dominate mostly every fighter. However he lives and dies by the sword and wants to go to a striking war. Pico lost to Henry Corrales in the first round.

If Pico was patient when fighting and was more careful, The sky’s the limit for this kid.Pico defending the belt, Seven times for Bellator and making millions of dollars. Pico has the potential to be a star for MMA, Bringing a whole new fanbase to MMA as Pico represents the future MMA fighters of Tomorrow. Pico having endorsements with Nike, Gucci because he wears suits all the time, Coca Cola, Endorsements with supplement companies, Organic food endorsements. In other words Pico can make 50 million dollars in endorsements a year when it’s all set and done! The future is fascinating for him!! I can only what free agency will look like when Pico becomes a free agent!

MMA Prospects to Watch in 2019!! Future Champions !!!

Mix Martial Arts Talent has gone so far, Talent all over the world. I always researching future MMA champions around the world. My feature image is Conor McGregor because he was the double champ for Cage Warriors, Conor was one of the top prospects in the world before fighting in the UFC. Who will be the next Conor McGregor from my prospect list?

Andres Quintana

Andres Quintana is the pound for pound United States prospect.

  • Quintana record 18-2, 8 win streak, 27 years old
  • Fights for Combates Americas
  • Two fight knockout streak in the first round
  • #1 US Featherweight

Soren Bak

Soren Bak is Top Ten UK & Ireland Pound for Pound Fighter, Featherweight

  • 13-1 record, 5 Win Streak
  • 26 years old
  • Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion and Cage Warriors Lightweight Champion

Salahdine Parnasse

Salahdine Parnasse #4 Pound for Pound Featherweight in European Western

  • 12-0 record
  • 21 years old
  • Fighting for the KSW interim featherweight champion

Daniel Marcos

Daniel “Soncora” Marcos #11 Pound for Pound Latin America Fighter

  • 10-0 record at Bantamweight
  • 26 years old
  • 300 Sparta Bantamweight champion

Arman Tsarukyan

Arman Tsarukyan #8 Pound for Pound Russian Fighter

  • Arman 13-1 record
  • FEMP Lightweight Champion/ Kunlun Fight
  • 22 years old
  • Freestyle Wrestler

Stephen Loman

Stephen Loman #8 Asia Southeast Pound for Pound fighter

  • 13-2 record
  • Brave CF Bantamweight Champion
  • Top 100 bantamweight
  • 27 Years Old
  • 7 win streak
Last Fight Title Fight

Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady

Abdul- Kareem Al- Selwady #4 Middle East fighter

  • 10-1 record
  • Brave CF Lightweight Champion
  • 6 win streak
  • 23 year old

Issac Hardman

Issac Hardman #8 Australia & New Zealand fighter

  • 9-0 record
  • 23 years old
  • #4 Australian Lightweight Fighter

“Cuban Hitman” Jorge Masvidal Star of the Night

Jorge Masvidal star of the night is reborn beating Darren Till and Leon Edwards. The upset of the year so far, Whoever bet Masvidal to win made lots of money!

  • Jorge Masvidal def. Darren Till via knockout (punches) – Round 2, 3:05

Masvidal looking better than ever. First round was getting punched a lot, Losing the first round. Till knocked down Masvidal in the first round but Masvidal is tough as nails with a strong chin at 34 years old. Second round Masvidal was reborn in the second round, Fighting like he was a Welterweight champion.

Masvidal won his next fight backstage against Leon Edwards, Nobody disrespects Jorge Masvidal!

Backstage fight

Masvidal later spoke with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto to explain his side of the story. According to him, Edwards had already been trying to start things up on social media, until it all spilled over into his interview.
“So I’m doing my interview, and this hooligan comes by and he’s saying some stuff. ‘July, you’ll get your ass kicked!’ or ‘July!’ and I go, ‘Maybe’, because maybe, I want to kick your ass in April,” he explained. “Maybe I don’t want to wait until July. Maybe I don’t even want to fight you in a prized ring because you’re not worth the training camp, I’ll just fight you here. Because you’re a scrub.
“As I’m walking up to him, I got my hands behind my back to signal I’m not coming here for problems. But he put his hands up, it’s on video, and he walks towards me. Well, where I’m from, if you do that, you’re gonna punch me in the face. And that’s not gonna happen, Leon.”

Masvidal was top of the MMA headlines for Saturday night and it’s well deserved. Masvidal was the main event Saturday and possibly be the main event again fighting Leon Edwards. Masvidal vs Edwards can be the main event for a ESPN plus card or be the prelim main event for a PPV. UFC definitely can promote this fight, Get a lot of views. Makes sense to have Masvidal vs Edwards!

UFC should Sign Roberto Soldic and Mateusz Gamrot!!!

KSW is one of the best promotions in the world. KSW is the top Polish promotion and has two world class fighters. Two of the best fighters KSW has is Roberto Soldic, Soldic is the KSW welterweight champion.

  • #1 Polish Middleweight, #1 UK/Ireland Middleweight
  • 14-3 record,24 years old
  • MMA list Soldic as the TOP European Prospect to watch

Mateusz Gamrot is the second fighter. Gamrot is the featherweight and lightweight champion. Gamrot is selling out 20,000 to 30,000 seated arenas.

  • #1 Polish featherweight and lightweight
  • #1 Eastern European featherweight
  • Top 60 featherweights in the world

“With more than 56,600 tickets sold for the highly-anticipated stadium show, KSW 39 has officially beaten the UFC’s attendance record set in 2015.” Bloody Elbow

Stipe Miocic, Whose he fighting?

Stipe got knocked out by Daniel Cormier under a minute. That was the last time we seen Stipe fight. Will he ever step foot inside the octagon again? Thought Cormier would give Miocic a rematch but it never happened because it wasn’t a money fight.

Fight matchups

  • Miocic vs Ngannou
  • Miocic vs Lewis
  • Miocic vs Blaydes

Joe Rogan Stipe Miocic click the link!!

He deserves a rematch if I don’t get to fight Brock. I’ve always stood by that. But you can’t just go, ‘Well, you owe it to me.’ I don’t want to sit here and talk bad about Stipe because I like Stipe. I think he’s a good guy. He’s a fantastic father. He’s a pillar of the community. He’s a great fighter. I think he’s great. But you can’t sit there and say, ‘He owes me.’” MMA Daniel Cormier

Miocic is going to have to wait for Cormier to retire. Miocic returns and has his title run, Becomes the UFC champion by beating Lewis, Ngannou or the new youth!!

“In a perfect world, which we know this isn’t a perfect world, I think you see Brock, I think you see Stipe and hopefully Jon Jones,” White said. “Those are his three and he’ll go out with a bang man, then he’ll probably retire.”Dana White MMA Junkie

Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix, Whose the champ???

  • Douglas Lima vs Michael “Venom” Page Lima wins by unanimous decision

Douglas Lima one of the best welterweights in the world. He’s an all-around fighter beating Lorenz Larkin, Paul Daley and Andrey Koreshkov. Michael Page is just a world class stand up striker. Lima is going to take his time and not strike with him.

Douglas Lima is a killer,” Coker said in a promotional video leading up to Saturday’s Bellator NYC pay-per-view affair at Madison Square Garden in New York. “I’ll say here, he is the best welterweight in the world right now.” MMA JUNKIE

  • Rory MacDonald vs Jon Fitch, Rory 2nd round or 3rd KO!!

Rory might be the best welterweight in the world. Rory is the 170 champion, He had one of the greatest fights against Robbie Lawler, Beat Woodley, Beat Demian Maia. Jon Fitch is a legend, Been fighting since the early 2000’s and Fitch had a title fight with GSP.

“I love that Rory MacDonald’s over there. He’s the champ. If he’s not the best welterweight in the world, it’s him and Tyron (Woodley). He’s most certainly one of the best. (Gegard) Mousasi is one go the best 185ers in the world, if not the best. They have legit claim to world-class fighters now in at least two weight classes.” Lowkick MMA

  • Rory MacDonald vs Neiman Gracie, Rory wins in the 3rd round.
  • Neiman is going to give Rory a really tough fight. Rory needs to keep Gracie standing up because Neiman is a world class submission specialist. Gracie don’t get me wrong is a world class fighter , Coming into his own when he beat Ed Ruth. Upset win.
    • Final fight Rory Vs Lima. Rory wins in SPLIT DECISION.

    The title fight will be one of the best title fights in 2019. Putting Bellator on the map with millions of views.

  • What Now for the UFC Featherweight Division Title?

    Max Holloway moving up to the lightweight division to fight Dustin Poirier. Max Holloway will stay in the lightweight division. What’s the future of the division look like now ?

    Jose Aldo is reborn, Two Fight win streak. Aldo probably has one more title run in him.

    Aldo revealed on Wednesday afternoon that he intends to fight the last three bouts on his current contract with the UFC in 2019 and is hopeful all three fights are staged in Brazil before hanging up his gloves for good (via MMA Fighting): “

    Aldo is fighting Alexander Volkanovski, Volkanovski is on a 16 fight win streak! He just beat Chad Mendes.

    “While Aldo initially revealed that he hadn’t heard of the Australian fighter, which didn’t seem to bother Volkanovski all that much, Aldo’s head coach, Andre Pederneiras, is now singing a different tune. “We want him to fight Alexander Volkanovski, the guy who knocked out Chad Mendes, the guy who is the best ranked,” Pederneiras told Confraria da Porrada . “In fact, it is the following: we have a dream to dispute the title, which is difficult. So we have the dream of our last fight to get there.” MMA Mania and Sb Nation

    Brian Ortega is a future featherweight champion either this year or in 2020. Ortega had a really tough fight with Max Holloway but that’s a learning experience, Ortega is extremely talented and a all around fighter.

    Ortega hasn’t fought since that fight and I believe he will face rising star Zabit Magomedsharipov.

    “He’s not a top 10 guy, he’s a top five guy,” Henry told FOX Sports. “He could be champ today. I’ve seen a natural in baseball, football, boxing, but never MMA. Just too many disciplines. He’s the first natural MMA fighter I’ve ever seen. He can do it all.” Fox Sports

    Zabit is a human highlight video and it will be a interesting fight to watch. Zabit is an all around fighters and just beat world class fighter Jeremy Stephens!!

    Last win for Ortega was Frankie Edgar who he knocked out in the first round!!!Edgar the legend hasn’t fought since beating Cub Swanson in April of 2018. Edgar was supposed to fight Chan Sung Jung in November but Edgar torn his biceps. Edgar hopefully this year gets a title shot, Maybe fights Aldo if he beats Volkanovski.

    Article about Edgar click !!!

    Division Rankings

    1. Jose Aldo
    2. Brian Ortega
    3. Frankie Edgar
    4. Alexander Volkanovski
    5. Renato Moicano
    6. Zabit Magomedsharipov

    Fantasy MMA Matchups

    Kyoji Horiguchi the Rizin bantamweight champion fought Darrion Caldwell, The Bellator bantamweight champion in Japan. It was very interesting to see a dream fight like that. Maybe there’s other dream fights to come?

    Illima- Lei Macfarlane Bellator Flyweight Champ vs Valentina Schevchenko UFC Flyweight champ

    Lance Palmer PFL featherweight champion vs Patricio Pitbull Bellator featherweight champion

    Tony Ferguson Former Lightweight champ vs Michael Chandler Bellator Lightweight champion

    Douglas Lima Top 5 welterweight in the world vs Tyron Woodley one of the best welterweight champion

    Gegard Mousasi Bellator middleweight champ #4 MW vs Robert Whitaker UFC MW champ

    Ryan Bader Bellator LHW and Heavyweight champion vs Daniel Cormier Heavyweight champion

    Magomed Magomedkerimov PFL welterweight champ vs Andrey Koreshkov Former Bellator welterweight champ

    Phillipe Lin’s PFL HW champ vs Brandon Vera One FC HW Champ

    Aung La Sang One FC MW & LHW champ vs Phil Davis Former Bellator LHW champ

    ONE FC Killing It!!

    One FC, Taking over Asia just like Pride did. One FC rapidly growing in the last couple years, Having there own app where you can watch fights for free. One FC definitely one of the best promotions and probably can be second best promotion in the world. One FC beating Bellator to be #2.

    One FC is killing it with signing Eddie Alvarez, Demetrious Johnson, Sage Northcutt and Vitor Belfort. One FC offering a lot of money to these fighters and make them partners. One FC can attract a lot of free agents that way.

    “Look without getting into details, the package in general is going to be an eight-figure deal. Eight figure fight deal. A guaranteed eight-figure fight deal in total. They made me true partner, which I am happy about, and they fully committed to me and we’re fully committing back,” explained Eddie Alvarez

    Demetrious Johnson One Esports Brand Ambassador (Link Below)

    One FC has a three year deal with TNT. One FC signing a TV deal gives them brand exposure in the West, Attracting new fans.

    Overall ONE FC future looks bright, These next 5 years are going to be fascinating. There making a lot of noise by signing world class talent and signing a TV deal with TNT.

    Exciting Time for MMA Promotions

    UFC hands down is the best MMA promotion in the world. The UFC has competition however with Bellator, One Fc and the Professional Fighters League. It’s a new era for MMA and it’s amazing for fans and fighters. Fans have a lot more options now.

    Before when UFC bought Pride, Strikeforce, WEC and WFA there was no competition left. UFC buying the fighters contracts, Having the best roster in the world. Now the promotions I’ve listed all have talented rosters, Not as deep like UFC but still talented.

    Promos top fighters

    • Bellator- Rory McDonald, Michael Chandler, Ryan Bader, Gegard Mousasi, Douglas Lima, Darrion Caldwell
    • One FC- Bibiano Fernandes, Aung La Sang, Brandon Vera, Eduard Folayang, Martin Nguyen, Kevin Belingon
    • PFL- Lance Palmer, Jake Shields, Andre Harrison, Ray Cooper III, Vinny Magalhães and Phillipe Lins

    Now there’s completion with talented rosters. Now as well get to watch these promotions on television or digitally. ESPN has a five year deal with the UFC and has a Two year deal with the PFL. ONE FC has a three year deal with TNT and Bleacher Report. Bellator has Paramount Network and has a 5 year, 100 million dollar deal with DAZN. All of these new deals is just amazing for MMA.

    Darren Till Potential Star

    Darren Till one of the Top welterweight fighters right now. Darren Till is 26 years old, He’s a young lad who didn’t even though his potential, Not only that but his star potential as well.

    Sweet Caroline Darren Till!!! Click !!!

    Crowd in Liverpool roaring when Till was fighting, Stephen Wonderboy Thompson. Crowd singing “Sweet Caroline.” I remember watching this fight and was amazed. Michael Bisping passed the torch to Till and be the King of England!!!!!

    Joe Rogan on Darren Till

    “Total class act move by @darrentill2 I love the guy for his fighting skills and love him even more for what he said here. BRAVO!!”

    “It just hurts because I got there, I was nearly there to do what I set out to do, get that belt and be the greatest,” Till told reporters during his post-fight media scrum (transcript via MMA Fighting). “I am still gonna be the greatest, I know that. I just spoke to Woodley backstage and he’s lost. Jon Jones has lost. Georges St-Pierre has lost.”


    Wish Rico Verhoeven took MMA seriously!!

    Rico Verhoeven” King of Kickboxing” is the best Heavyweight Kickboxer we have today. Defended the Glory Heavyweight title…8 Times.

    From the picture you, Rico’s a physical specimen. A specimen who dominates his opponents. Rico can’t do much more in the kickboxing world. Rico should switch to being a MMA fighter. Rico transferring to MMA, Rico will probably be the best standup boxer. Rico going to a world class MMA gym, Rico can definitely work on his gripping defense and ground game. If Rico is decent in those aspects of fighting the UFC or Bellator Heavyweight division is in trouble.

    UFC 235/Best Card So Far 2019

    Main Card (PPV 10 p.m. ET)

    • Jon Jones vs. Anthony Smith – Light heavyweight title fight
    • Tyron Woodley vs. Kamaru Usman – Welterweight title fight
    • Ben Askren vs. Robbie Lawler
    • Tecia Torres vs. Weili Zhang
    • Cody Garbrandt vs. Pedro Munhoz

    Prelims (ESPN 8 p.m. ET)

    • Zabit Magomedsharipov vs. Jeremy Stephens
    • Johnny Walker vs. Misha Cirkunov
    • Alejandro Perez vs Cody Stamman
    • Diego Sanchez vs. Mickey Gall

    Prelims (UFC Fight Pass, 6:30 p.m. ET)

    • Edmen Shahbazyan vs. Charles Byrd
    • Gina Mazany vs. Macy Chiasson
    • Marlon Vera vs. Frankie Saenz
    • Polyana Viana vs. Hannah Cifers

    Ben Askren trash talk YouTube

    Finally the arrival of Ben Askren, I can’t wait for Askren to fight Robbie Lawler. All because of Joe Rogan, Askren is in the UFC. Askren without a doubt, Askren is one of the best wrestlers in the UFC and will dominate his opponents. The welterweight division is in trouble because of Askren. I believe Ben will be a star soon, Ben has the marketing checklist to make him a star. Another star in the making is Zabit Magomedsharipov who will be a future UFC featherweight champion. Zabit is facing Jeremy Stephens. A test for Zabit which will be a fascinating to watch. Lastly Johnny Walked a light heavyweight future star whose fighting Misha Cirkunov. Walker gives some new blood to the light heavyweight division.

    Zabit Magomedsharipov Joe Rogan

    Zabit fight

    Johnny walker knockout

    I’m so excited for UFC 235, Counting down the days till it arrives. A lot of fights to watch and the debut of Ben Askren. Lastly if you watch UFC 235 don’t illegally stream it, Pay 65 dollars because your basically stealing money from Jon Jones, Anthony Smith, Woodley and Usman… But that’s for another blog.

    GSP, The Greatest MMA fighter retires

    It was truly an honor to watch GSP fight. Watching a true artist perform at the highest level. If you want to create the perfect MMA fighter, You’ll create GSP. GSP is an all- around fighter where other fighters are great at one style. The title of the blog is “GSP, The Greatest MMA fighter Retires.” George St Pierre is the greatest MMA fighter of all time, He beat the best such as BJ Penn, Matt Hughes and Nick Diaz. He never dodged any fighters or took any steroids. Ariel Helwani the top MMA journalist states “George St Pierre is the greatest of all time.”

    GSP is a two division weight champion, He can back after a four year layoff and won the Middleweight title by beating Michael Bisping. I ordered the PPV for the GSP return and was amazed by how incredible GSP looked. That showed GSP is the greatest. I wish that wasn’t the final fight of his career, I wish he fought Khabib in his next fight but it will never happen. Overall even without the Khabib fight, His record and who he fought speaks for itself. GSP is the perfect fighter and the fighter to represent the sport. Once again it was truly an honor to watch GSP’s career.

    MMA Dream Matchups

    Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson is a fight fans want to see. Hopefully the 5th time we see this happen because both men are at the top of there game. Tony Ferguson is an all around fighter with a 11 fight win streak, Tony Ferguson will give Khabib the most trouble. I’d love to see this fight happen and see if Khabib actually has competition. Khabib is just a mauler, 27-0 record. Brendan Schaub is a regular guest and he knows people at AKA which is one of the best MMA gyms in the world, Khabib wrestled Ed Ruth a Penn State All American wrestler and Khabib destroyed Ed Ruth which is crazy!! Khabib is one of my favorite fighters to watch. I hope this fight happens it will be a ppv success for the UFC.

    George ST. Pierre vs Khabib

    GSP one of the greatest fighters of all time, All around fighter. He is the perfect example of what a fighter should be, Doesn’t trash talk just goes inside the octagon and beats every opponent he faces. There’s nothing bad about this man. GSP is getting up there in age and only has a fight or two left in him. GSP wants to fight the best right now and make the most money ever in his MMA career. The man he should fight is Khabib because Khabib needs a challenge, That would be a interesting matchup for him. Khabib is a huge star, Dana can definitely promote the hell out of this fight! Please Dana make this fight happen.

    Cain Velasquez vs Stipe Miocic

    Cain Velasquez has returned to relinquish his throne as the best Heavyweight of all time. Cain is a Mexican Silverback lol but it’s true he’s very talented fighter and a two time Heavyweight Champion. He beat Junior Dos Santos twice and Beat Antonio Silva twice. Stipe Miocic took over the Heavyweight reign being a three time defending Heavyweight champion. Stipe and Cain Velasquez would be a fight for the ages two gladiators stepping in the cage

    MMA Prospects

    I’ve talked about this before but the talent now in 2019 is incredible, I keep researching and finding future UFC or Bellator mma champions on the internet. The website I use is Tapology.Com which is one of the best MMA websites in the world, Shows pound for pound rankings, Regional MMA events and mma prospects. If your a MMA fan I recommend you taking a look at it. In the last couple of days found several mma prospects who have the potential to be UFC or Bellator champions.

    Troy Lamson is 27 years old with a 12-2 record and a six fight win streak. Troy is the 8th ranked Active U.S Pro Welterweight fighter on the regional scene. Troy was a New League Fights Champion in the lightweight division. Troy has look and the personality to be a star while being in the prime of his career. Will see Troy coming to the Dana White Contender Series to showcase his talents. Troy has that pitbull mentality where he never gives up, He keeps attacking and is more of a stand up fighter. You can watch his fights on YouTube.

    Raufeon Stots, 30 years old with a 11-1 record. He’s a Bantamweight fighter in the prime of his career. He currently fights for the Legacy Fighting Alliance which is one of the best regional MMA promotions in the United States, Probably #1. Stots should be in Bellator or UFC already, He’s a very good fighter and shocked he isn’t. Stots is the 4th ranked U.S Pro Bantamweight Fighter. When Stots gets a LFA title shot and wins the LFA title than Stots will get a call from Dana White. I believe Stots will go to the UFC or Bellator soon, He’s a beast I recommend you all to go watch his fights.

    Ylies Djiroun 16-4 record, 11 fight win streak. Ylies is 26 years old. Ylies is fighting in the European scene and one of the best prospects in Europe. On Tapology I see a lot of first round knockouts, His fights never really go the distance as Ylies just smashes fighters. Ylies is #1 ranked France Lightweight fighter. Give Ylies a couple more fights as he gets an offer to fight for Cage Warriors and show the UFC scouts his talents. Cage Warriors is probably the best European or England MMA promotion. If Ylies fights for Cage Warriors couple times and wins the lightweight title, Dana will give the kid a call.

    Andre’s Quintana 18-2 record with a 8 fight win streak and is 27 years old. Andres is the 1st ranked, U.S West featherweight. Andres competes in the MMA promotion, Combates Americas. Combates Americas is one of the best smaller promotions in the business, Combates has a lot of young talent and Quintana has one of them. You can watch a couple of his fights on YouTube. The kid is a beast and WILL be a future MMA champion. He’s probably the best prospect I’ve found lately and can beat UFC fighters right now. Andres is more of a stand up fighter.

    Abdul- Kareem Al- Sewady with a 10-1 record, 6 win streak. Abdul is 23 years old and is the 2nd ranked Middle East Lightweight Fighter for Brave. Brave is the best MMA promotion in the Middle East and Brave threw world class fighters at Abdul, Abdul beat them all which is impressive for a 23 year old. Abdul is a tank, Watching his fights on YouTube very impressed and he still needs some work. Abdul probably should go a world class MMA gym to advance his skills. Abdul has the potential to be a UFC champion.

    MMA prospects and Free Agents!

    The talent of mma fighters is incredible, All around the world there is future UFC or Bellator champions. Definitely prospects out there that can beat top 15 ranked fighters in there weight class. MLB, NBA and NFL free agency is very popular now, Players have the power now to decide where they want to go and actually make money, MMA is now in the same boat. Rory MacDonald probably the best welterweight in the world went from UFC to Bellator, Eddie Alvarez a lightweight fighter and champion went from Bellator to UFC and now ONE FC. Eddie signed a multi million dollar with ONE FC which is a Singapore MMA promotion. Overall MMA free agency is very beneficial for MMA fighters who made it to the UFC or Bellator, Definitely can change MMA forever. It would be cool one day just like NBA and MLB free agency talks are always talked about, IMAGINE MMA being the same way. Thankfully to the internet you can look up prospects and because of my MMA obsession… I always look them up. I have my opinions on who’s the best prospects.

    Mateusz Gamrot is a 15-0, 28 year old featherweight from Poland. Gamrot is one of the best featherweights from Europe. Gamrot was a feather and lightweight champion for Polish promotion, KSW. I’ve watched Gamrot recent fights on YouTube, He’s a beast! Gamrot is not getting any older, Hopefully the UFC or Bellator signs him .

    Salahdine Parnasse is a 12-0 featherweight fighter, Parnasse is a 21 year old kid whose one of the best European fighters for his weight class. Parnasse is very talented, He has room to grow but his potential is limitless. I watched his latest fights on YouTube, He’s very smooth with his punches but he needs to be more creative. When Parnasse fights world class fighters, The fighters will telegraph it. Salahdine as well fights for KSW.

    Patrick Mix is a 25 year old bantamweight. Mix has a record of 9-0 and is the King of the Cage bantamweight champion. Mix needs to update his skills to compete against world class talent, Probably work with Jackson Wink more to enhance his striking and defense. Mix has potential to compete for a title if he continues to be hungry, Probably will see Mix fight in the Dana White Contender Series.

    Leonardo Limberger is a 24 year old featherweight fighter with a record of 12-1. Leonardo is from Brazil, Brazil has one of the best crop of talents in the world. If you have UFC fight pass you can watch Limberger fight on Shooto Brazil. Leonardo is really talented, I’d love to see him fight against top prospects as well in the Dana White Contender Series. Leonardo jiu jitsu is amazing, UFC or Bellator fighters will have a real problem.

    Marc- Andre Barriault is a 11-1 light heavyweight fighter, Marc is 28 years old. It will be a matter of time till Marc gets signed from either the UFC or Bellator. Marc is one of the best light heavyweight prospects with a hard hitting right hand and has good stamina for a light heavyweight. UFC light heavyweight division needs all the help it can get and Marc will definitely do it! Marc is the light heavyweight champion for TKO which is the best Canada promotion.

    I talked about MMA free agency before and how it impacts the sport of MMA forever. I wish UFC and Bellator contract weren’t disclosed so I know when there contracts end but… I’ll give my dream free agent moves.

    Apr 22, 2017; Nashville, TN, USA; Cub Swanson (red gloves) before fighting Artem Lobov (blue gloves) during UFC Fight Night at Bridgestone Arena. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

    Cub Swanson is a lightweight fighter #7 ranked and he’s 34 years old. I think Cub has one last title run for him, Cub’s been in a lot of wars and I don’t think he will ever be a UFC champion. However he’s a beast and a legend of the sport, I have so much respect for him. If I was Cub before he retires I’d head to ONE FC. ONE FC is the UFC of Asia and there really making a push to be competitive. Cub would become a millionaire without a doubt and be financially set. Cub also will get a title shot and be one of the faces for ONE FC. Swanson can build up his personal brand in Asia.

    Douglas Lima is one of the best Welterweights in the world. Lima is 31 years old with a 30-7 record, Lima is in the prime of his career. Lima at one point was the Bellator champion, Lima beat two UFC fighters Ben Saunders and Lorenz Larkin. Lima is one of my favorite mma fighters and Joe Rogan raves about him. Douglas Lima should go to the UFC and compete against the top 5 welterweights.

    Lance Palmer is a featherweight fighter, 30 years old with a record of 17-3. Lance Palmer doesn’t fight for UFC or Bellator… He fights for the Professional Fighters League. The PFL is one of the top 5 MMA organizations in the world. Lance is not the most exciting fighter in the world, He just gets the job done. Lance comes from a wrestling background as he wrestled for Ohio State and was a 4 time All- American. Lance recently won the PFL million dollar featherweight tournament. Lance should go to Bellator and compete against their top featherweights.

    Edson Barboza is one of the best lightweights in the world, #6 ranked lightweight for the UFC. Edson has a record of 20-6, Edson will never win a UFC lightweight title because the top 5 lightweights are BEAST. However Edson is a really talented striker, Edson has one of the best kicks in MMA. Watch his highlights. Edson should go to Bellator and get title fights. Edson can fight Michael Chandler for a main event fight.

    RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – OCTOBER 25: (L-R) Jose Aldo of Brazil punches Chad Mendes in their featherweight championship bout during the UFC 179 event at Maracanazinho on October 25, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

    Jose Aldo is a legend, One of the best featherweight fighters in the world. Aldo used to be the baddest man on the planet, #1 pound for pound fighter in the world. Aldo had fall on some bad times but in my opinion he’s still talented and he can beat top 5 fighters. Hopefully Aldo bounces back and has a title run in him because I have tons of respect for him. Let’s say Aldo starts beating everybody and gets a title shot, Aldo wins the featherweight title. Aldo test free agency and signs with…. ONE FC.

    Hopefully MMA free agency changes everything. It would be cool to see if free agency increases the brand of smaller promotions, Top 30 fighters signing on to small promotions but that’s for another blog!!

    Future of MMA!!

    Future of MMA is in a fantastic position right now moving forward because of the growth of the UFC, The UFC is becoming one of the most popular professional sport organizations in the world. The fighters are way better today than in the past, It’s not even close! I’m excited for what the next wave of talent holds, Hundreds of teenagers have the potential to become champions and change the game of fighting. Change the game of fighting just like George St Pierre and Jon Jones gave coaches a hard time. Fired up for what ESPN and UFC does together, Subscribed to ESPN plus which is only five dollars a month! UFC having a contract with ESPN will dramatically grow the UFC brand, Other MMA promotions follow in line. Always talk about UFC being the BEST MMA promotion in the world but in 2nd place is Bellator. Bellator is actually getting a lot better, I recommend watching it on the Paramount network which used to be Spike TV. Bellator has the best Welterweight in the world Rory MacDonald, Gegard Mousasi whose one of the best middleweights in the world, Ryan Bader a DOUBLE CHAMP. Ryan Bader won the Bellator light heavyweight and heavyweight title, Perhaps top 5 heavyweight fighter in the world. My dream is for Bellator to compete with the UFC, It would be the best thing for everybody.

    Rory MacDonald

    Back in the early 2000’s there was a MMA promotion in Japan called Pride. Pride has the best heavyweight division in the world and their roster was absolutely talented. At a time Pride was better than the UFC because the talent was incredible and Pride had a crazy fan base. Pride would sell out stadiums that hold 60,000 to 90,000 people. Pride had some of the best fights of the 2000’s. Arguably having the best fighter of the 2000’s which is Fedor Emelianenko, Fedor is my favorite fighter of all time. Overall Pride was an incredible promotion in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Hopefully Bellator becomes the NEW pride and finds new talent. It would be amazing for Bellator and UFC neck and neck with each other. Bellator and UFC also competing for signing prospects and signing free agents, But that’s for another blog.

    Fedor on the right

    Six Year Old Writer

    First blog I’ve posted I talked about being a six year old creative writer. Yes it’s true I’ve started writing that young and haven’t stopped ever since. I always wanted to be a writer just like other kids wanted to be Doctors, Police Officers, Actors, Basketball players and Teachers. Before playing video games was of any interest to me, Playing with my WWE Hulk Hogan action figure and He-Man as they defeat the bad guys such as the Green Goblin, Two face and Darth Vader. Simultaneously while playing with my toys I would tell stories or in other words narrate. Looking back now it’s completely boring and stupid. When I was 4 and 5 years old I’ve thought telling stories while Hulk Hogan and his crew was stopping Darth Vader from destroying the world was really weird. I was truly embarrassed. I’ve always wanted to tell stories but didn’t know how to start and the worst part of it all I had no clue how to write. During my youth there was a book series phenomenon The Harry Potter series, Everybody and their mother read those books, Including my mother would read that series. I never read the series when I was young but my mother read them to me. Speaking for myself I was amazed by J.K Rowlings creativity and the world she created, I’m pretty sure every reader was amazed. The Harry Potter series and J.K Rowling inspired to write because of her creativity which was limitless, There was no barriers to her creativity.

    At six years old I became a self taught writer, Learning how to write in some way from the Harry Potter Series. Six years old started writing short stories that were couple pages but to me and probably other young writers I’ve thought two pages was like writing a 500 page novel. From the very beginning I loved everything about writing stories, Writing was love at first sight and haven’t stopped ever since. My favorite part of writing is coming up with a small idea and that idea develops into a novel, Till this day I’m still amazed. I can blog forever about my love for writing and self teaching myself, Screenwriting but that’s for another blog.


    Hi my name is William Meyer, 21 year old living in the city that never sleeps. I’ll guide you through my blogging journey from 2019 till I’m a 100 years old. Transcending you with my writing, Telling stories on a daily basis. Why blogging? The reason why I want to start a blog is because I’ve been a creative writer since I was six years old, From writing short stories to now trying to have a career in screenwriting. Second reason is I have a lot of interest such as sports, movies, historical periods such as WW2, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome. Realized instead of keeping all my interest to myself I’d rather share my passion for them to others. I’ve thought about this several times in the past but I never had strong motivation to go out and start one, However I started one and will do my absolute best!! Whoever is reading this introduction blog has any aspirations but there afraid to attempt because of failure, stepping out of your comfort zone or the other thousand reasons you have your better off doing it because what’s the worse that can happen you fail. On the other hand you learn from your failures like everybody else does in life or that’s how you supposed to do it. Speaking for myself I was scared of changing, Trying something new and it was my own ego saying “I’m too good of a writer to start blogging.”. Nonetheless I spoke the truth to myself and decided to establish a blog, I Learned blogging is just storytelling and storytelling it was I have been doing since I was really young. When I’ve realized that I was all in to be a blogger. I truly believe I was born to be a storyteller and a writer from the day I was born, But that’s another story.

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    LAnce Palmer ufc in 2020

    Lance Palmer, Professional Fighters League 2019 Featherweight Champion, World Series of Fighting Featherweight Champion is the #1 Fighter on the PFL roster. Palmer age 32, 21-3 record with wins over world class fighters such as Andre Harrison, Max Coga, and Steven Siler time for Palmer to sign with the UFC.

    Palmer today will fight Alex Gilpin for the PFL 2019 Featherweight Title and the 1 million dollar prize. After winning the title, Palmer, His family, Coaches and manager should decide if they want to leave the PFL and sign with the UFC.

    Talent between the UFC and PFL is not even close but Palmer definitely can compete in the Featherweight division, Similar to Chad Mendes style of fighter. Palmer can beat top 15 Featherweights and depending on the matchup can win the UFC Featherweight Title. Love to see Palmer sign with the UFC.

    What’s Next for Patrick Mix after rizin 20

    Patrick Mix Bellator Bantamweight prospect defeated Yuki Motoya in Rizin 20. Patrick Mix 3-0 Bellator record is a rising Bantamweight Bellator Fighter with the potential being a Bellator Bantamweight Champion. Before becoming a champion needs some fights to get him the title shot he’s been wishing, What’s next for Patrick Mix?

    Patrick Mix believes he should be in the top 1 or top 2 in the Bellator Bantamweight Rankings. Represented Bellator by beating Rizin Bantamweight fighter Yuki Motoya.

    Patrick Mix vs James Gallagher

    Patrick Mix called out James Gallagher after his Bellator Debut at Bellator 222. Defeating a world class Bantamweight Ricky Bandejas. Both fighters are rising stars for Bellator, Perfect fight for both of them. Headline a Bellator Event in 2020.

    Patrick Mix vs Sergio Pettis

    Sergio Pettis signed with Bellator in a multi fight contract, Pettis will be fighting Alfred Kashakyan at Bellator 238. After fighting Kashakyan, Fight between Patrick Mix and Sergio Pettis would be interesting to watch. Pettis a top ten UFC Flyweight.

    Patrick Mix vs Manel Kape

    Manel Kape is the Rizin Bantamweight Champion, Winning the title at Rizin 20. Kape is a talented Bantamweight fighter. Rizin and Bellator I assume will continue to cross promote, Fight between Mix and Kape would be interesting to watch. Fighting for the Rizin Bantamweight Title.

    Patrick Mix vs Kyoji Horiguchi

    Kyoji Horiguchi is one of the best Bantamweight fighters in the world, Impressive wins over Darrion Caldwell, Ben Nguyen, and Manel Kape. Love to see how talented Mix is against one of the best Bantamweight’s on the planet!!

    Roberto Soldic Euro Prospect UFC, Bellator, PFL or One Championship 2020

    Roberto “Robocop” Soldic might be one of the best Welterweights to not fight in the UFC or Bellator. Soldic fights for KSW, Top European promotion. He’s the KSW Welterweight champion at 24 years old. Defending the belt three times, Time to shop around the free agent market.

    Used to be sign with the UFC and nobody else because of the lack of options but as of late there’s a Bellator ran by Scott Coker, Professional Fighters League and One Championship which I believe is the 2nd best promotion. Soldic can sign with any of the 4 promotions and become a Welterweight Champion and European Star.

    “I believe in a very short time I could be in the top 10 [of the UFC]. I believe that because I’ve had really good spars with top-level guys. They had some trouble with me and they respected me afterwards. I’m sure I could compete there.”

    Soldic most impressive win of his career is a win over Driscus Du Plessis. A world class MMA fighter, Eventually will fight for the UFC, Bellator, or One Championship.

    “For me, KSW is good; I really like KSW,” Soldic said. “I think I’ll stay here for a long time, so I don’t really think about the UFC, I just think about KSW. They take care of me and they give me support. I’m champion here, I enjoy it here and we’ll see what the future brings.”

    Soldic enjoys fighting for KSW, Doesn’t see himself leaving and just be a star for KSW but when offers start coming and the oppurtunity to win bigger welterweight title, Believe he’ll the take offer from the UFC, Bellator, One Championship or PFL.