All in watching Vera vs Yan Winter of 2023

Controversial loss at UFC 280 Sean O Malley defeating Petr Yan, Some fighters shocked with the judging decision while some others aren’t. Petr Yan showed why he’s a great fighter counter striking and dominating O’Malley with grappling.

Bantamweight Division #1 UFC Weight Class, Twenty fighters deep. Talent stacked division with so many dream matchups. Marlon Vera vs Petr Yan.

Marlon Vera becoming rising star defeating former Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz. Top 4 Bantamweight calling out Petr Yan over the summer. Vera saying Yan scared to fight him. Yan says the fight doesn’t make sense for him.

Controversy and conflict sells, Vera vs Yan perfect Co-Main Event on UFC PPV. Build up between them would be entertaining, Three round clash watching two of the best Bantamweight strikers face each other.

“There were talks about me fighting Chito Vera. I accepted the fightโ€ฆI wanted to fight in September, but he wanted to fight in August and he couldn’t wait a few weeks to fight me so it means he didn’t put his actions where his words were at. If he really wanted to fight me he would’ve waited for me.” Petr Yan

‘Petr Yan, that fat c***, declined the fight because he was eating pizza in Italy, and he said, โ€˜Oh, I donโ€™t have time to make the weight or I donโ€™t have time to prepare,โ€™โ€ Marlon Vera

โ€œIf he really wanted to fight me, heโ€™d wait for me. Three weeks is not a very long time. If you want to fight with the number one ranked [contender], it was a problem on his end.โ€ Petr Yan

Top 5 Bantamweight Clash between Marlon Vera vs Petr Yan is high level Mix Martial Arts, Sitting at edge of your couch watching two great Bantamweight striking back & forth. Dream matchup to watch Winter of 2023.

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