Best Fight to Watch at PFL 9 ?

Everyone is excited for UFC 278 because of the Main Event and Co Main Event, However tune in to Professional Fighters League 9th event for 2022.

PFL 9 in London has mixture of European prospects and the stars of PFL roster. Beginner watching PFL pay attention to the Co-Main Event…

Chris Wade vs Brendan Loughnane Co Main Event

Best fight on the card my opinion picture being a technical pure mix martial arts battle. Competing in the PFL Featherweight ONE MILLION DOLLAR Tournament.

Both fighters are hungry for that money prize and earning the label PFL Featherweight Champion. Looking forward to watching this great PFL Fight.

CHRIS WADE- Former UFC fighter(5-2 UFC Record) found his home signing with PFL. Fighting for PFL since 2018 competing in the yearly PFL Featherweight tournament coming up short in 2021 losing to Movlid Khaybulaev in the PFL Final.

Disappointed by his loss is improving, Big time win against two time PFL Champion Lance Palmer and first round KO against tough SOB Kyle Bochniak. Losing only a lesson with the right mindset.

“Last year, we had a great semifinal. We had a clean semifinal, and I want to take it up a notch from there and just have an absolutely dominant semifinal, finish this fight, put him away in England, in front of his people, and to just march through this tournament on a mission.” Chris Wade interview with John Morgan (MMA Underground)

Confident in dominating Loughnane front of his hometown crowd will boost his confidence to the next level. On the other hand Brendan is one talented fighter only losing to Movlid Khaybulaev by split decision while Ward loss unanimously.

Wade will use his speed, Grappling advantage, Strength to defeat the lesser grappler Loughnane.

“I’m coming into my own. Everybody matures in this sport at a different rate. Some hit the scene and their first year is their best year, and some people are slow in that development. For me, I was more of a wrestler just trying to get in there and be tough, like in my days in the UFC.”

Brendan Loughnane– Showcased his Talents on the Dana White Contender Series 2019, Dana White definitely regrets not signing with the resurgence of England MMA.

Loughnane 5-1 record with PFL losing in the PFL 2021 final. PFL has no regrets signing.

List of wins include Sheymon Moraes, Ultimate Fighter contestant Tyler Diamond.

Solid All-Around fighter, Technical fighter than a fan friendly aggressive fighter. Takes him time for three rounds instead of the kill.

-Counter strikes right time, Stays in range for he can strike but not leave wide openings for striker. In range able to throw down and fight inside the pocket.

Problem with Loughnane is the wrestling defense is his weakness. Definitely improved since he started and made Movlid work for every takedown.

“(I’ve fought) a lot of wrestlers: Pat Healy, Tyler Diamond, Movlid Khaybulaev,” Loughnane told MMA Junkie Radio. “So I’m used to this, and guys have just been trying to take me down from the start of my career, from 16 years old. I’m used to this style. And hey, I might take him down. Look at my last two fights – you never know. Eight takedowns in two fights – wow. That’s more than my whole career put together.” Brendan Loughnane

Agree with Brendan he did a great job against Movlid Khaybulaev, Wrestling a man whose been wrestling since he was born.

Fight intensing up with the back and forth Trash Talking. Meeting face to face for PFL interviews

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