Juan Archuleta VS Sergio Pettis Bellator 2021

Juan Archuleta new Bellator Bantamweight Champion after outpointing Patrick Mix at Bellator 246 looking to defend his Bellator Bantamweight title for the first time.

No better defending against Sergio Pettis. Pettis 2-0 with Bellator so far. Juan Archuleta vs Sergio Pettis would be one of the most anticipating Bantamweight fights in the MMA world of 2021. Archuleta showing he’s one of the best Bantamweights in the world with a win against Sergio Pettis.

Our next fight, we’re shooting for the first of the year. The the first card back (after the new year) against Sergio Pettis. That’s the fight I originally wanted for the belt,” Archuleta said.


“He’s a gamer,” Archuleta said. “He’s been in there with the best – the best 125ers in the world. That’s what he’s going to bring. He’s going to bring experience, he’s going to bring talent, and I see me beating him. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s a great matchup for myself. But it’s going to be a hell of a fight. It’s one of the fights that I wanted to have for the vacant title, anyway, but Bellator and myself thought Patchy had a little better momentum in the organization, and so that was the contender. And so now I’m going to be able to prove to myself and to Bellator that I’m the best.”

Sergio Pettis on Juan Archuleta

Sergio Pettis 2-0 with Bellator facing Juan Archuleta would be one of his toughest opponents UFC and Bellator. Defeating Archuleta shows Pettis all along was better fighting in the Bantamweight division. Found a new home in Bellator.

“This is a big opportunity for me against a tough opponent in Juan Archuleta,” Pettis told MMA Junkie Radio. “I think he’s only been defeated like two times or three times, so big name for me to go out there and add to my resume. Being 27 years old now, I think this is the perfect time for me to go out there and showcase my skills and show the world what I’ve been working on these past, I guess, almost 10 years now.”

Sergio Pettis in 2021 can make a name for himself instead of being Anthony Pettis little brother. Scott Coker wrapping the Bellator Bantamweight title around Pettis waist.

Pettis vs Archuleta

Sergio Pettis vs Juan Archuleta would be one very fascinating fight to watch. Both fighters are talented, Coached well as well. Pettis coached by Duke Roufus, Archuleta coached by Duane Ludwig.

The areas of weakness between them is very small. Pettis is more of a volume striker, Technically sound while Juan Archuleta is more powerful, Basically a Pitbull. All American Junior College Wrestler and wrestled at Purdue.

I have no clue whose gonna win this fight because of the high levelness. One error, Wrong move can lead to a knock out.

Both fighters MUST bring there A game or it will be a one sided dominant performance.

Hope Bellator markets this Bantamweight title fight like crazy because it will be a special fight to watch, Mark on your calendar for 2021.

Mandy Bohm Bellator Flyweight Champion in 2021

Mandy Bohm German Assassin, former TKO Flyweight Champion is 1-0 with Bellator. Showing a masterful performance in her Bellator debut at Bellator 247 defeating Griet Eeeckhout.

Smooth striking displayed in the three rounds, Added with her grappling ability.

Bohm only fought once in 2020 but potentially can fight three times in 2021. Fighting and winning the Bellator Flyweight Title. Mandy Bohm is one talented fighter and I don’t see no one defeating her.

Mandy Bohm is the next version of Joanna Jędrzejczyk. Bohm will reign over the Bellator Flyweight Division but 2021 is the beginning for something special.

Liz Carmouche vs Mandy Bohm can be booked for 2021 as this fight was cancelled in 2020 because of the coronavirus. Perfect opportunity to fight former two time UFC Women’s title challenger. Build her name off a former UFC fighter. Discussed as a future Bellator Flyweight Champion.

” I step into the Bellator cage when I say I’m ready I mean I’m ready I’m focused I’m count and I’m professional enough to um to everyone in the division it’s a game I’m not here to swim around or something like this I’m here to compete I’m here to fight the best girls in the division. That’s what I need to do I’m not just here.” Mandy Bohm

“It’s my journey, My wish to go to the top that is what I want go to the top, I know I have a lot of work, I have a lot to do but I do it everyday I never stop working and I’m sure I can I’m good but every day I’m getting better.” Mandy Bohm

Defeating Carmouche will lead to fighting Kate Jackson, Kana Watanabe or Vanessa Porto (Former Invicta FC Flyweight Champion). Fighting Vanessa Porto would be the best option for Bohm.

Carmouche vs Porto would be fun flyweight fight to watch, Porto 22-8 veteran and Amateur Boxing Champion in Brazil. Main Card Bellator fight or Co-Main Event fight. Defeating another former Flyweight Champion will help out a lot moving forward.

Mandy Bohm ends the year fighting the Bellator Flyweight Champion if it remains Juliana Velasquez or llima Lei Macfarlane wins the Bellator Flyweight title back.

Either way Bohm will make her dream a reality, Becoming a Flyweight World Champion. Will defeat Velasquez or Macfarlane. Coach John Kavanagh will have the PERFECT game plan for Bohm’s opponents. Leading to winning her title fight, Becoming the 2nd SBG Ireland Champion.

Ludovit Klein Opportunity Steal the Show Saturday

First ever Slovakian UFC fighter, Ludovit Klein is fighting former M1- Featherweight Champion Nate Landwehr. Klein fought in the best promotions in the world from ACA, Oktagon MMA and Cage Warriors defeating talented fighters from Europe. All of them with winning records. Trains with Ivan Buchinger, Martin Buday at Spartakus Fight Gym. Fighting on theContinue reading “Ludovit Klein Opportunity Steal the Show Saturday”

Austin Vanderford Challenges for the Bellator Middleweight Title in 2021

Austin Vanderford building his own reputation, Instead of being Mr. Vanzant. Vanderford fought on the Contender Series but didn’t get the UFC contract. Second best option was signing with Bellator.

Since signing with Bellator in 2019 currently has a 4-0 record, Fought Vinicius De Jesus former CES Welterweight Champion on November 5th 2020. Best win of Austin Vanderford’s career so far as CES is one of the best regional promotions in the world.

Right way to end 2020 and end 2021 as the Bellator Middleweight Title challenger.

“I want people to know that I deserve it and I’m ready to fight for the title. I’m ready whenever. But we’re just going to keep on the pace and do what Bellator wants me to do. They’ve done such a great job so far. I’ve had opponents fall out and they were quick in getting me someone.”


2021 with the right fights such as …. John Salter(8-1 Bellator record) NAIA Wrestling Champion at 147 pounds would be the perfect matchup for Vandferford. Challenging himself against a high level grappler, Second degree black belt. Gold medalist at the ADCC North American Championship in 2017.

Vanderford defeating a quality opponent like John Salter in the middle of 2021 will earn himself a contender fight against Anatoly Tokov or Costello Van Steenis. Both fights would be very interesting to watch.

Tokov currently has 29-2 record(5-0) record, #1 Bellator Middleweight. Waiting for the opportunity to fight Gegard Mousasi but Mousasi might be a participant in the Bellator Light Heavyweight Grand Prix.

Tokov vs Vanderford is the Bellator Middleweight contender fight for the winter of 2021. Anatoly Tokov the heavy handed first round knock out power vs Vanderford stellar grappler. Hopefully this fight happens because MMA fans will be excited to see Tokov vs Vanderford. High level Middleweight fight.

Win against Tokov will change his life forever, Defeating one of the best Middleweights non UFC. #1 Contender for the Bellator Middleweight Title. Anticipating the fight of his life against Gegard Mousasi in 2022.

Timofey Nastyukhin vs Christian Lee 2021

Timofey Nastyukhin SHOCKED the MMA world defeating Eddie Alvarez with a first round knock out, Eddie Alvarez debut. Nastyukhin 9-2 One Championship record. One of the best Lightweights in the world and currently #3 One Championship Lightweight.

Deserves to fight Christian Lee next and will be the toughest opponent that Christian Lee has ever faced. Lee dominated his last opponent Iuri Lapicus in the first round.

“Give me a title shot, please. I am ready,” Nastyukhin said.


Nastyukhin with his first round knockout power can be the biggest challenge for Christian Lee. Is Christian Lee able to withstand Timofey’s hands?

Will see in 2021 if Christian Lee is capable of defeating the STAR of One Championship Christian Lee.

“I think that would be a very exciting fight for the fans. I feel like he is a guy who gets written off because he has faced so many injuries in his career, but he is definitely a very dangerous opponent. I think after a few more fights, we could see him getting a title shot as well.”


Completely agree with Christian Lee, Lee vs Nastyukhin would be an exciting Lightweight fight not for One Championship but in all of MMA Lightweight title fights. Two very high level fighters challenging each other to see whose the better fighter.

Christian Lee vs Timofey Nastyukhin I feel personally will be a five round decision fight, Both fightersare super talented to give up mistakes and lose by a knock out. Expect this fight to be a trilogy.

Lee vs Nastyukhin can help One Championship tremendously in terms of viewers, Christian Lee defending his Lightweight title against Timofey Nastyukhin the fighter who ruined Eddie Alvarez debut.

Hope this fight happens in 2021, Hardcore fans deserve it. Don’t expect to see Christian Lee dominate Timofey Nastyukhin, He’ll surprise people showing the world he’s one of the best Lightweights in the world. All he needs is that One Championship Lightweight Title wrapped around his waist.

Shavkat Rakhmonov Ends 2021 as a Top 15 Welterweight

Shavkat Rakhmonov only 1-0(13-0) UFC Welterweight prospect, Impressively defeating Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira in the first round. Well aware who Shavkat was beforehand, M1 Welterweight Champion. Rakhmonov is the Kazakhstan assassin and he’s a UFC fighter to keep an eye on.

Guarantee will rise through the UFC Welterweight division in 2021, Defeating Welterweights to the caliber of Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira. Wants to fight Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone next.

“I really respect him a lot. Basically I was growing up watching his fights, but we’re next generations and I want to fight him because I know I can hang with him, and I know I can beat him. That’s why.”


” I did a Brazilian cowboy, and maybe American Cowboy’s next.” https://cagesidepress.com/2020/10/26/ufc-254-shavkat-rakhmonov-cowboy/

Cowboy Cerrone can be at the end of the year but fighting Welterweights like Lyman Good, Gunnar Nelson, Anthony Rocco Martin. Fight against Gunnar Nelson would be awesome fight to watch. Gunnar Nelson respected jiu-jitsu artist, Training partner with Conor McGregor would be a fun fight for him.

Anthony Rocco Martin, Solid All-Around fighter who fought Neil Magny tough but loss because Neil Magny is one of the best Welterweights in the world just very underrated. Rocco Martin fighting for the UFC since 2014, Really good fight for Shavkat Rakhmonov.

Continuing to impress the UFC viewers with his all around skills, That even gave me the respect to envision the potential for Shavkat. Becoming a 2021 top 15 UFC Welterweight journey to the top 15 is wins against Lyman Good, Anthony Rocco Martin in his first fight in 2021.

Second fight for Shavkat can be against former UFC Welterweight Champion, Robbie Lawler currently ranked #14, What an opportunity for Shavkat to build your name off a fighter like Robbie Lawler. Displaying his best skills from the striking, To Jiu Jitsu. The commentators, Analyst raving about Shavkat Rakhmonov.

Replacing Robbie Lawler’s rank as the #14 UFC Welterweight.

Ending the year facing Neil Magny, Belal Muhammad, Michael Chiesa any 6-13 ranked Welterweights. Potentially ending the year as the #6-13 UFC Welterweight.

2021 Shavkat Rankmonov can end the YEAR as top ten UFC Welterweight with the right matchups, Of course winning in impressive fashion. One of rising stars in the UFC.

Keep an eye on him for the next five years, Future UFC Welterweight Title Challenge. Top 20 MMA fighter in the world and the year 2021 gives Shavkat Rakhmonov the opportunity to showcase his skills in a full season.

TJ Dillashaw Wins Back Bantamweight Title in 2021

TJ Dillashaw one of my favorite fighters of all time, Two year suspension is almost over in January. Can’t wait for his return fight as he earns back the UFC Bantamweight Title in the talent stacked Bantamweight division.

Dillashaw getting many call outs, Several options as the Bantamweights are hungry for the opportunity to fight the former champion TJ Dillashaw.

However he’s hungrier than ever to fight, Prove the haters wrong because he made a wrongful decision. No one is perfect. Everyone deserves a second chance.

“I’m having a hard time trying to forgive myself for this,” he said in a video on Instagram (h/t TMZ). “Which I should have a hard time. But I got to man up to what I did. This is who I am. I’m a fighter … and I’m gonna have to fight my way through this one.”


Feel so much better putting a win under his belt fighting Jose Aldo, Rob Font, Cody Garbrandt in a return fight. Looking shredded, Training at the Treigning Lab with Aaron Pico and Juan Archuleta.

Time off was a blessing disguise to relax, Focus on himself. Now being refreshed will return with vengeance. Dillashaw like Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant has that KILLER mentality.

Killing the Bantamweight division, One contender fight than fights for the title against whoever the UFC Bantamweight champion may be.

“The motivation for me is to have that added pressure, to have something to push for,” Dillashaw said. “I guarantee you this: I’m getting my belt back. I’ll be a three-time bantamweight champion. That’s a guarantee, and it’s going to be faster than everyone thinks, too.”


Dillashaw right away wants for the title but makes more sense to fight once as a contender than fight Petr Yan or Aljamain Sterling for the UFC Bantamweight title.

“He wants to fight me because he knows that’s his way to the title,” Dillashaw said. “That title shot is mine. He wants to fight me because he wants to get to the title, and that’s great. He should try and do that. But I’m trying to get that title fight. If I have to fight someone else, it better be in the top five.”


“No, nothing’s changed for me,” Aldo told ESPN when asked if Dillashaw’s drug test changed his opinion of him. “I see him for his qualities. I see him as a champion and everything he did in the Octagon. He just made a mistake.”

“I think it will be a very good test for myself because he’s very good on his feet and I like his style standing up so it’s going to be a good test,” Aldo added.


Jose Aldo vs TJ Dillashaw set that fight up, What a GREAT return fight. Makes sense for TJ as well, Fighting a former UFC Featherweight Champion, Recently defeated Marlon Vera. Dillashaw was intrigued on fighting him when he heard Aldo dropped down to 135 pounds.

Petr Yan vs TJ Dillashaw or Dillashaw vs Sterling both great fights. Yan vs Dillashaw especially in the striking department but Dillashaw is the winner in all of these.

in 2021 Dillashaw will earn his place as the #1 Bantamweight in the world.

Arman Tsarukyan Earns a Contender Year in 2021

Arman Tsarukyan UFC Lightweight prospect, By far is one of my favorite MMA fighters in ANY promotion right now. One of the best UFC prospects with potential to become UFC Lightweight Champion in the next five years.

Before becoming UFC Lightweight Champion has to become a top ten Lightweight, New Years resolution for Arman Tsarukyan is being ranked in the top ten of the Lightweight division.

Starting 2021 facing off against another favorite prospect of mine Nasrat Haqparast at UFC 257, January 23 2021. Nasrat is part of the next generation of fighters from Tristar Gym. World class fighter. Haqparast vs Tsarukyan is gonna be an interesting fight to watch.

Win against the Tristar Gym prospect will start 2021 the right way. Showing off his skills at UFC 257 that blown me away in his fight with Khabib’s bestfriend Islam Makhachev. Even though he lost, Impressed me with his sprawls, grappling in his UFC debut.

Since Arman was successful against Islam fighting Nasrat Haqparast is going to be a cake walk maybe but will see at UFC 257.

Defeating Nasrat will lead to matchups against top 10- 15 matchups.

“I want to fight with [Al] Iaquinta,” was his initial reply. However, before explaining why, he switched up his answer, simply saying he wanted any ranked opponent. “I want to fight with top 15, top 10. I want to let everybody know who I am.”


Arman deserves a top 10-15 Lightweight, Helps with the recognition. Fighting “Raging” Al Iaquinta. Lasted five rounds with Khabib.

Arman Tsarukyan fight “Raging” Al Iaquinta is the perfect for Arman. Be interested to see if he has what it takes against a tough fighter with wins against Kevin Lee, Jorge Masvidal, Nassau Community College Wrestler. Main Card on a UFC Pay Per View, Showcasing Arman as a future UFC Lightweight Champion.

However because of how talented Arman he can defeat Al Iaquinta. Leading to more recognition and respect. Replacing Iaquinta as the #10 Lightweight.

End the year fighting the top 5-10 Lightweights, Hooker, Rafael Dos Anjos, Paul Felder. Depending how everything goes. All of those 5-10 matchups are all very exciting. Imagine fighting Rafael Dos Anjos, Sick that would be. Facing against “El Cucuy” Tony Ferguson, Old vs NEW.

Watch out for Arman Tsarukyan in 2021, Future UFC Lightweight Champion. 2021 is the breakout year for him. Finish the year as top eight Lightweight.

Special Year For Aaron Pico in 2021

Aaron Pico Finished 2020 on a three fight winning streak defeating Daniel Carey, Solo Hatley Jr and John De Jesus. Win against John De Jesus by far the BEST PERFORMANCE of his career.

Ended 2020 strong and NOW 2021 will be a SPECIAL year for Aaron Pico. Facing tougher competition, Top ten Bellator Featherweights and impressively defeating them. Earning a spot as a top ten Bellator Featherweight.

Mindset Aaron Pico has now ever since the gym move to JacksonWink changed everything for him. Greg Jackson #1 or #2 Best MMA Coach in the world says “Coaching Aaron Pico during fights is like playing a video game.”

Coaching the next George St Pierre as GSP was a former fighter at JacksonWink before moving to Tristar.

“I feel really good being out in Albuquerque. I really, really enjoy it,” Pico said. “I love Greg Jackson, ‘Six-Gun’, Coach Wink, they’ve done a really good job of breaking things down for me.


100 % FUTURE Bellator Featherweight Champion, Talent Pico has and coached by Greg Jackson only a matter of time before the Bellator Featherweight title is wrapped around his waist.

“My favorite fighter right now is Kamaru Usman, and I really, really watch a lot of stripes on him,” Pico said. “Yeah, he doesn’t get a lot of knockouts, but he wins. He’s winning, he’s coming out of the fight and he’s healthy, and that’s something I put in my head. Of course, I want to be exciting, but I want to win. This is the most important thing. I want to get the W and whatever it takes to do it, I will. I want to be smart. I don’t want to be touched and I want to go home, have no marks on me and be healthy.


Pico can be the Kamaru Usman of the Bellator Featherweight Division for years to come. All- Around skills but by far his BEST is the world class wrestling.

Rematch year in 2021 calling out Adam Borics & Henry Corrales in his interview with MMAJunkie Journalist, John Morgan.

Both exciting matchups for him, Both he can defeat with ease as Aaron Pico is a changed man. Wants to fight in February, Hopefully Henry Corrales or Adam Porics accepts the offer and fights Aaron Pico. Many of us want to see those two matches.

Defeating either of them in a successful one sided butt whooping can lead to even better matchups like Daniel Weichel, Daniel Straus, Darrion Caldwell in the Spring of 2021. Displaying his best skills even his striking that KO’d John De Jesus. Respected boxing even from the likes of Freddie Roach.

 “Aaron Pico is a good enough boxer to be Miguel Cotto’s sparring partner for two of his title fights. I’m not saying just his sparring partner, his number one sparring partner. That’s how good he is in boxing.”


Possibly joining the 2021 Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix if Scott Coker decides to create one again, This time Pico better accept a slot in the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix.

Either way fighting 2-3 times in 2021 against top of the food chain Bellator Featherweights will LEAD to fighting for a title in 2022.

Impressing all the MMA fans, Earning his respect back as the Lebron James of MMA, Gaining up to a million followers because of Aaron Pico name being discussed across sports media. Mentioned on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Ariel Helwani show, CBS Sports. Showcasing his highlight reel knockouts.

Aaron Pico is part of the next generation of Bellator fighters, One day becoming one of the best fighters in the world… But all of this can go away if he doesn’t continue winning in 2021.

Sabina Mazo Flyweight Title Contender Year 2021

Sabina Mazo ” Colombian Queen” Colombian Muay Thai assassin at 23 years old in the UFC Flyweight Division with a record of 9-1 will RISE through the UFC Women’s Flyweight rankings. End the year 2021 as a UFC women’s Bantamweight title contender.

Definitely has the talents to beat high level flyweights as she was a LFA Flyweight Champion under the tutelage of KINGS MMA coach Rafael Cordeiro. Cordeiro coaching another great striker like Sabina Mazo whose very young in her craft.

Learning from one of the greatest women’s fighters EVER… Cris Cyborg.

“Every camp has something different,” Mazo said. “Something that made a difference in this camp was that I had the opportunity to train and be very close to Cris Cyborg.”


2021 special year for Sabina Mazo, Earning a top 15 flyweight ranking facing off against #12th ranked Alexis Davis. Step up in competition but well equipped to defeat her on February 27th Reyes vs Prochazka.

“When they gave me the offer of the fight, I thought it was an ideal fight because she’s a fighter that has a lot of ground in this game,” Mazo said in Spanish on Hablemos MMA. “She’s had a name in MMA for quite some time, so for me it’s a name that can help me get to where I want to get to.


“She’s ranked 12 in the UFC women’s flyweight division, so it also aligns with what I want. It was an excellent offer.”

Displaying impressive striking performance against the VET will lead to tough fights against Joanne Calderwood, Jessica Eye or Roxanne Modaferri. Any of the three will have a difficult time fighting Sabina Mazo,

Nasty fighter in the clinch, Pieced apart JJ Aldrich she can piece apart the 6-8 women’s flyweights. Help training at a world class gym like Kings MMA, Addition to her skills and raw talent she can beat the top women’s flyweights in the world. Valentina Shevchenko I don’t know, She’s just a different animal but every one else highly possible!!

“Anyone that is going to be on the list to go to the top, I will take it and I won’t doubt it twice,” she said. “I believe in the work that I do. So I’ll take anyone on the list. “


With the hard work at Kings MMA, Impressing the matchmakers end the year 2021 fighting a top 5 women’s flyweight on a UFC Main CARD Pay Per View, Featuring prelim. Discussed as one of the UFC prospects to watch because of her rise in 2021, Training at Kings MMA and with Cris Cyborg.

Interested to see her fight Jessica Andrade, Cynthia Cavillo, Kaitlyn Chookagian and a flyweight contender fight. Seeing the progression Sabina’s made physically, mentally or skillfully in the the Flyweight title contender fight.

Magomed Magomedov 2021 Title Shot Year

EXCITED for Bellator when they signed Magomed Magomedov, ONLY fighter to defeat Petr Yan. Magomed one of the best Bantamweights non UFC/Bellator before signing with Bellator.

Now 1-0 with Bellator after a dominant wrestling performance against respected Brazilian Bantamweight prospect Mattheus Mattos.

2021 Magomed Magomedov can remain undefeated with Bellator and RISE through the Bellator Bantamweight division in 2021. Ending in 2021 Title Shot year.

Watch him beat Leandro Higo, Patchy Mix, Brett Johns, Josh Hill on his route to the top of the Bantamweight division. 100 % capable of defeating all the top Bantamweights on any given day.

2021 WILL be a full year to show what Magomed Magomedov is truly capable of.

Performance against Mattos is only a glimpse. Post fight Magomed stated “Shown 60 %.” Magomed in his fight against Mattos was dealing with injuries, Ring rust but even with that still dominated.

“I think maybe ring rust played a factor; I had some injuries in camp, but I really wanted to take the fight,” Magomedov said. “Also, it’s a new organization, my first fight here. I wanted to make sure that, you know, you have nerves and everything, so now that I’ve passed that, I think it went well.”


Earned his way to fighting tougher opponents after defeating Mattos, Love to see Magomed fight Josh Hill, Leandro Higo or Patrick Mix in his first fight of 2021.

Show the complete arsenal of his skills against a top Bellator Bantamweight, Even Magomed Magomedov himself said…

 “I wouldn’t mind having one more fight just to kind of open up more and really get going — and then I’m definitely ready for a title.”


For example fighting a world class Bantamweight like Patrick Mix former KOTC Bantamweight Champion in the MAIN CARD of a Bellator event, Putting on an All-Around winning display will earn himself a title shot. However Magomedov vs Mix would be a GREAT fight to watch.

Impressive him against Mix or top of the food chain Bellator Bantamweight will earn him a title shot or being a title contender.

Recognized as a rising Bellator Bantamweight, Rising star that all MMA fans start to recognize.

Continue to recognize as he can challenge the Bellator Bantamweight Champion if it’s Juan Archuleta or Sergio Pettis at the tail end of 2021.

This is only a vision of how Magomed Magomedov’s 2021 season can go, May not go exactly as planned but capable of ending the year as the Bellator Bantamweight Champion.

Nathaniel Wood 2021 Top Ten Year

Nathaniel Wood, UFC Bantamweight prospect 4-2 prospect. Rising England fighter even though “Lost” to Casey Kenney in a high pace fight that I really believed Nathaniel Wood won.

Impressed with his performance fighting Casey Kenney, Shown the development of his striking and overall skills that will help Brad Pickett protégé moving forward into the year 2021.

One of my favorite fighters to watch for a reason, Truly believe in Nathaniel Wood, Being one of the best Bantamweights in the WORLD at 29,30,31 years old.

I’m only a couple of fights away from fighting for that title,’ he said. https://metro.co.uk/2020/10/22/nathaniel-wood-planning-ufc-254-fireworks-i-want-a-nice-bonus-before-christmas-13462819/

“I don’t feel my last fight was a loss but it’s MMA and sh** happens,” Wood admitted. “All I can do is bring my A-game and do the best I can.” https://www.benchwarmers.ie/exclusive-ufc-bantamweight-nathaniel-wood-eyes-top-10-ranking-spot-in-2021/223587/

Nathaniel Wood in 2021 can return back to normal fighting top 20 Bantamweights, Learning from his mistakes in the Casey Kenney fight even tho he WON and the loss to Dodson.

Nathaniel Wood 2021 SHOULD be the best year of his MMA career, Top Ten UFC Bantamweight. 2021 earning his loss back with Casey Kenney in a split decision fight but this time winning in unanimous decision.

Top Ten year for Nathaniel Wood, Next Generation of England UFC Fighters.

Luke Trainer Bellator Light Heavyweight Prospect

Luke Trainer 4-0 Light Heavyweight prospect born and raised in England. The 24 year old signed with Bellator, 1-0 under the Bellator banner. Last fight was at Bellator Euro Series 8 on September 26th 2020.

“This kid is full of potential. He’s very technical, very skilful, and for me the main thing he has the right mindset and work ethic to not just achieve great things in Europe, but I believe this guy can push worldwide and become a household name,” he said. “Obviously there’s still a lot of work to do – he knows he’s got a lot of work to do – and he’s up for the challenge. So I honestly see exciting things for this guy.”


Brad Pickett is one of Luke’s coaches and Pickett has high hopes for the young lad, Truly believes in him. Says a lot when coming from Brad Pickett whose one of the UK pioneers.

Winning a one day tournament at EuroFightNight (John Kavanagh MMA promotion) to earn himself a Bellator contract shows how bad he wants to be a champion, Testing himself against the best of the best Light Heavyweights.

No way Bellator will match him up against Corey Anderson, Phil Davis but match ups against Bellator Light Heavyweight prospects Tyree Fortune, Alex Polizzi to name a few.

“I’m not about to call out Phil Davis, Ryan Bader, or Nemkov because I know I’m not ready for that I need a few more fights to show Bellator I’m good to go for the belt the belt is my goal to be world champion is my one and only goal.” Luke Trainer

This kid will rise in 2021 with a full season of Bellator. Fighting on the CBS Sports Network.

Only get better as he continues to train like a savage, Seeking the Bellator GOLD.

“I’m young in my career I feel like I’m only getting better I’m gonna get more and more dangerous.” Luke Trainer

“It’s killed or be killed I’m here to challenge myself I’m here to live my best life so I want to compete against the best in the world.” Luke Trainer

Luke Trainer one of the best Bellator Light Heavyweight prospects, Stay tuned for him in 2021-2024 as he rises to the top of the division!!

Michal Figlak Future CageWarriors Lightweight Champion

Michal Figlak Cage Warriors Lightweight prospect, Record of 4-0(Two Cage Warrior wins) last win against Anthony O’ Connor at Cage Warriors 117 December 10th 2020.

Showing his all around talents in both of his Cage Warrior wins. Raw talent with that grinding fighting style. Michal as he continues to train at Trojan Free Fighters, Yes that’s there gym name.

All of that consistent training, Not messing around in life he can become one of the best Lightweight prospects in the world. Accomplishing one of the highest achievements as a MMA prospect… Becoming Cage Warriors champion.

Instead of fighting on the prelims, Figlak can headline Cage Warriors events. Challenging for the Lightweight title, Becoming a Lightweight contender.

Take couple years before he rises to the top of the Cage Warriors Lightweight division but he’ll get there.

2021 WILL BE an EXCITING year for Michal Figlak, Fights against high level European Lightweight prospects. Showcasing his talents from his best skill Grappling to improving on his striking game.

Troy Worthen Earns Top 5 Bantamweight Ranking With a Win against Saadulaev

Troy Worthen 7-0 One Championship Bantamweight Prospect former All American Wrestler at University of Central Florida is fighting Yasup Saadulaev #4th One Championship Bantamweight at One Championship Collision Course on Friday.

Worthen with a win against Saadulaev earns himself a top 5 One Championship Bantamweight ranking.

 I think it will probably be a first or second-round TKO. I bring pressure, my striking gets to him, he starts taking bad shots, and then I end up clipping him in the exchanges and finishing the fight. I’ll say a first or second-round TKO.


Ending 2020 as a rising Bantamweight contender. Definitely will be the toughest fight of Troy Worthen’s career but training at powerhouse MMA gym Sanford MMA coached by Henri Hooft, Training with Burns, Michael Chandler, Aung La Nsang, Martin Nguyen, Logan Storley and many more talented fighters.

Learning from these great fighters, Former champions that will help Troy Worthen maximize his potential and become One Championship Bantamweight Champion.

First step in become Bantamweight Champion is defeating Yassup Saadulaev.

I’m very well prepared and I’m very confident my preparation and I believe I’m one of the best guys in the world and I’m looking to go prove that.” Troy Worthen

Fight to watch at One Championship: Collision Course is Troy Worthen vs Yasup Saadulaev. Exciting fight to stay tuned for but I believe Worthen gets the win Friday.

#1 MMA Free Agent on the Market 2020

Remember the name Rustam Kerimov? Who is he? Rustam Kerimov former ACA Bantamweight Champion 14-0 record at 28 years old. ONLY reason he’s the former champion is because his ACA contract expired and interested in testing free agency.

My opinion Rustam Kerimov is the #1 free agent on the market right now. Yes that’s my opinion, He’s a world class fighter in the prime of his career.

Displaying masterful performances against talented Bantamweights like Abdul-Rakhman Dudaev. Best performance of his career. First round finishes against respected Bantamweight Takeya Mizugaki.

Defeating Russian savages like Oleg Borisov, Tural Ragimov, Alexander Peduson. International fighters like Francisco Maciel and Takeya Mizugaki.

Now time to fight against the best of the best Bantamweights in the world from the UFC, Bellator or One Championship. Best offer possible. Major promotions are lucky to have him as he can become there promotions champion. Argued one day as one of the best Bantamweights in the world.

A + fighter, All around skills with volume striking, Strong right hand. Addition to his outstanding grappling that impressed me the most against Dudaev.

Love to see him face guys like Jimmie Riviera, Patchy Mix, John Lineker. Show the world he can compete against the BEST Bantamweights in the top promotions.

2021 curious to see where #1 Bantamweight free agent signs than prospers to the top of the Bantamweight division.

Yusuf Raisov Future UFC/Bellator fighter Guarantee!!

Yusuf Raisov NEXT GENERATION of Russian Fighters to sign with UFC or Bellator, High level Lightweight with technical striking adding to the grappling that ALL Russians are known for. Raisov is an all around talent, One of the best Russian Lightweights and top Lightweight non UFC/Bellator.

Says a lot for a 25 year old Russian Lightweight to be #1 Russian Lightweight, Competing against a bunch of savages.

Raisov fights for #1 Russian Promotion Absolute Championship Akhmat, Lots of success there as 90 % of his fights been with ACA. Now time to continue his success with either UFC or Bellator, No way Yusuf Raisov does not get signed by UFC or Bellator.

Bound to happen, Maybe with winning the ACA Lightweight title in 2021, Revenging his loss against Artem Reznikov than fight for the ACA Lightweight title against Abdul-Aziz Abdulvakhabov.

Win against Abdul Aziz, Raisov should get the offer from either UFC or Bellator. MMA fans will love the way he fights, Talented striker who throws his combinations well but needs to work on his takedown defense as he got dominated in the wrestling department in his loss to Artem Reznikov.

However Raisov is a savage and kept fighting, Relentless mindset even though he lost all three rounds because of the takedowns. Will get the respect from Dana White and Scott Coker because of his SAVAGE mentality. Equipped with his striking ability.

UFC/Bellator Lightweight contender. Success in either promotion, No doubt in my MIND.

Expect Big Things from Rafael Fiziev 2021

Rafael Fiziev the new version of the Matrix and the newest UFC Lightweight prospect riding high on a three fight winning streak to end 2020. 2021 be a special year for Rafael Fiziev, Becoming a UFC Lightweight contender.

Up there with Israel Adesanya, Conor McGregor, Allistair Overeem, Edson Barboza one of the best strikers in the UFC. Help him tremendously moving forward as he climbs up the Lightweight rankings.

Since watching the Marc Diakiese fight, Fiziev has become one of my favorite fighters to watch. Blown away by his striking ability.

Continue to gain more fans pulling off performances similar to his three fight winning streak.

Fighting top 15-top 20 Lightweights to start off 2021 against fighters Al Iaquinta, Gregor Gillespie, Alexander Hernandez, Bobby Green. Handful of fighters to choose from.

 “It doesn’t matter who and where, I just want to stay busy next year. I’m not like a really top guy now. If you give me someone to kill, I’m ready to kill him, I’m not like Figueiredo and I’m not like Superman. No. I just want to rest a little bit and then next year, maybe three months? Just give me three months and I’m ready again.


When the Matrix decides to return, Definitely be looking forward to him having a great fight. Earning another 50k in his bank account from a beautiful five punch combination that he learnt from Valentina Shevchenko, Petr Yan and Head Coach George Hickman.

Tiger Muay Thai high on Fiziev to become the next champion out of the world class Thailand gym.

Defining year 2021 WILL be, Fighting 2-3 times everything goes as planned can end 2021 as a top 5-8 Lightweight. All the potential in the world to accomplishment one of the hardest goals to ever pursue in becoming a UFC Lightweight Champion.

Remember 2021 for Rafael Fiziev as one of the UFC fighters to SHINE.

What’s Next for the Kyrgyzstan Assassin Rafael Fiziev ?

Rafael Fiziev rising Lightweight continues to rise as he a nasty punch combination against the respected Renato Moicano. Ending the fight in a first round finish. Shows how talented Rafael Fiziev is defeating Moicano,

Fiziev has UFC Lightweight Champion potential written all over him. We can see that in his next fight.

Whose next for the Kyrgyzstan assassin?

Fiziev called out Al Iaquinta on Twitter post fight against Moicano. Fighting on the same card as his Tiger Muay Thai teammate Petr Yan. Love this fight for Fiziev, Smart prizefighter business move to call out Al Iaquinta who has a name after lasting five rounds with Khabib.

 “it doesn’t matter who and where, I just want to stay busy next year.” “I’m not like a really top guy now. If you give me someone to kill, I’m ready to kill him.”

“I’m not like Figueiredo and I’m not like Superman. No. I just want to rest a little bit and then next year, maybe three months? Just give me three months and I’m ready again.”


However it’s better to call out fighters, Create your own fights to make Dana White, Mick Maynard, Sean Shelby life a lot easier.

FIGHTS against Al Iaquinta, Gregor Gillespie who hasn’t fought since Kevin Lee knockout, Alexander Hernandez all make sense. Start 2021 right way against a top 15 opponent!!

Romero Cotton Ends The Waiting Tonight Bellator 254

Romero Cotton NCAA Division 2 All American at Nebraska Kearney is making his fourth Bellator appearance, Long awaited return as Cotton fights Justin Sumter at Bellator 254.

Cotton continuing to progress as an all around fighter with a solid stand up game as he later on competes with the best of the best Bellator Middleweights. Solid fight for Cotton as Justin Sumter has a 7-3 record.

“He’s a competitor and has been in this game a long time – he was doing this back when I was in high school – he’s a savvy vet and he’s going to come out to fight, and I’m going to have to fight him.”


Romero Cotton end 2020 the right way with a finish and have 2021 be the rise of Romero Cotton. Former D2 All-American.

“It’s crazy. This dude’s been involved in my life for almost a year now. So it’s kind of like it’s like a title bout or some shit like that. It’s been like eight months of build up. But here we are, it’s a regular bout. I’m looking forward to getting in there and finally getting a hold of him.”


Impressive dominant win can lead to Cotton fighting tougher Middleweights with experience.

Next wrestling success story to come out of American Kickboxing Academy.

Looking forward to watching the D2-All American fight Sumter. First fight I watched live instead of a YouTube fight.

Bellator 254 #1 Fight Magomedov vs Mattos

Bellator 254 Main Event is Illima Lei Macfarlane vs Juliana Velasquez, Macfarlane defending her Bellator Flyweight title. Exciting fight to watch but the Co-Main Event is even more exciting with Magomed Magomedov vs Mattheus Mattos.

Bantamweight fight between two of the best Bantamweight prospects in the world, Making there Bellator debuts.

Magomed Magomedov former ACB Bantamweight Champion, Well known for defeating Petr Yan. 16-1 record at 28 years old. Combat Sambo World Champion at 90kg 2019. Finally get to watch one of the best Bantamweights in the world fighting for one of the best MMA promotions in the world.

“I have 16 victories against top opponents. I’ve never had easy fights, I’ve never had a gimmie fight. All the guys I’ve beaten are top guys,” added Magomedov, who went on to suggest that it’s the same situation for Yan. After all, the UFC champ’s only loss is to Magomedov.


Magomed can compete with the best of the best Bantamweights. Now can fight in the STACKED Bellator Bantamweight division.

Matteus Mattos 12-1-1 record at 28 years old, Former Ultimate Fighter contestant Brazil Season 4. Fought in the ACB promotion, Only loss to Petr Yan which is 100% understandable. Trains at the Pitbull Brothers gym, Training with Patricio Pitbull, Patricky Pitbull, Leandro Higo, Henry Cejudo and coached by Captain America himself Eric Albaraccin.

Learning from two of the best MMA fighters of all time in Cejudo and Patricio Pitbull will help him tremendously moving forward in his Bellator career. Mattos is a very talented fighter and Bellator is lucky to have him.

Mattos looking forward to challenging the only fighter to defeat Petr Yan. Great fight for a Bellator debut, Co main Event Slot.

I think is a good fight for me, I mean he’s a great fighter he’s a guy who’s he is the only one who beat’s Petr Yan.”

“I mean I can’t see this fight to the decisions I want to put pressure on him and and put my aggressive game style impressed and uh I won’t hurt him into his surrenders.” Matteus Mattos

Can’t wait for this fight, Hardcore fans will be tuning in to watch this high level exchange between two of the best Non UFC Bantamweights.

Anton Turkalj Next Alexander Gustafsson

Anton Turkalj the next Alexander Gustafsson, King of Sweden MMA is fighting for the #1 Midde East Promotion, Brave Combat Federation. Turkallj is 24 years old, Nominated as the Brave CF Breakout Fighter of the year.

Turkalj looking to be the Brave CF Light Heavyweight Champion, Won both of his Brave CF Light Heavyweight fights and calling out Brave CF Middleweight world champion Mohammad Fakhreddine for the BRAVE CF Vacant Light Heavyweight Title.

Brave CF Light Heavyweight Title Fight is between Fakhreddine vs Maalem but Anton Turkalj can fight for the title next.

Mean time Anton Turkalj fights Todd Stoute for the Brave CF Light Heavyweight #1 contender spot. Fun, Intriguing fight between two high level Light Heavyweight prospects.

Makes sense since Anton already called out Todd Stoute after his Brave CF 40 impressive win.

Start 2021 Stoute vs Turkalj than the winner faces the winner of Fakhreddine vs Maalem for the Brave CF Light Heavyweight Title.

2021 is a BIG YEAR for Anton Turkalj as the Swedes are rooting for him to be the next Alexander Gustafsson. Future Brave CF Light Heavyweight Champion and future UFC fighter.

Thanh Le Underrated Featherweight Champion

Thanh Le LFA Featherweight Champion became One Championship Featherweight Champion at One Championship: Inside the Matrix defeating former Featherweight Champion Martin Nguyen in a masterful performance that lead to a third round knock out.

Continuing his four fight winning streak and can start the discussion as one of the most underrated Featherweight champions and Featherweights in the world.

Martin Nguyen is no slouch defeating Christian Lee, Eduard Folayang and went to a split decision with Bibiano Fernandes.

Thanh Le 35 years old started being a professional fighter in 2012, Since he started fighting at 27 years old we can see Thanh Le reign the One Championship Featherweight division for the next couple years.

Get the respect he deserves as the Taekwondo style fighter is a killer, One of the best Featherweight strikers in the world.

Thanh Le with impressive title defense performances against Gary Tonon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master, Champion vs Champion against Christian Lee. Nguyen challenging for the title he once lost.

Fights against former UFC Featherweights who take advantage of free agency.

Several fights that can help build the recognition for Thanh Le before he hangs up the gloves.

Looking forward to the next three to four years of Thanh Le, Becoming one of the best Featherweights in the world.

Who signs Maycon Mendonca After Winning LFA Welterweight Title?

Maycon Mendonca LFA Welterweight Veteran since LFA 11, Headlined LFA 96 fighting Batsumberel Dagvadorj for the LFA Welterweight Title. Five round battle that ended up with a unanimous decision for Maycon Mendonca.

Mendonca won the striking exchanges, Watching technical striking at it’s finest from a very good Brazilian fighter whose the knew LFA Welterweight Champion. Dagvadorj won the grappling but Mendonca looked like the better fighter.

Since he won the LFA Welterweight Title, Time to sign with the TOP promotions from UFC, Bellator, One Championship, KSW, Rizin. Fighting the best of the best Welterweights. Mendoca prime of his career at 28 years old, Love to see him fight former LFA Welterweight Champion Jason Jackson in a Bellator fight. Roberto Soldic for the KSW Welterweight Title. James Nakashima in a One Championship fight.

I believe he can compete and defeat some talented Welterweights, Since he defeated tough Welterweights from Bobby Lee, Devin Smyth in his LFA career.

MMA fighters are prize fighters at the end of the day, Accept the best offer possible.

Me personally KSW is the place for him, Fun fight against Roberto Soldic for the KSW Welterweight Title. Fight against MMA veteran Marius Zaromskis. Quick rise to the KSW Welterweight Title but fighting in front of 20k-50k attendance.

Fighting some tough European fighters as KSW continues to grow there Welterweight division.

However Maycon Mendonca should do what’s best for him and sign who offers the MOST AMOUNT of MONEY.

Ilia Topuria 10-0 UFC Prospect

Ilia Topuria UFC Featherweight prospect with 10-0 record, Best performance last night by defeating former LFA Featherweight champion Damon Jackson in a first round knock out.

Topuria was very impressive, Even impressed Dana White with his knockout. Not awarded the 50k bonus but will get a solid check.

“So what I’m doing is, obviously those guys win $50,000. Congratulations. But I’m going to take care of (Topuria) and I’m going to take care of Hill, too. So those guys are going to get pretty decent checks,” White said.


Defeated Youssef Zalal, Factory X prospect in a three round decision win but showed in his second UFC Fight against Damon Jackson that he’ll be a problem for the rest of the Featherweight division for a long time.

“In my first fight, I didn’t have the chance to show the world my full potential because when you take a fight on eight days’ notice, it’s difficult to have a great performance,” said Topuria, being overly critical of a debut effort that saw him earn 29-28 scores across the board to defeat Zalal and halt the Factory X Muay Thai product’s three-fight winning streak inside the Octagon. https://www.ufc.com/news/ilia-topuria-world-know-his-name-vegas-16

First round knockout over Damon Jackson shows he’s a real problem and the Featherweights should pay attention to him.

“I’m the next champion in this weight division, and I think a lot of people know that.”


2021 is a big year for Ilia Topuria, Watch him rise through the UFC Featherweight division, Defeating some high level prospects and veterans to build your name.

100 % keep an eye on Ilia Topuria for 2021 and 2022, world class fighter to represent Georiga and become a Featherweight champion maybe.

One More Fight for One Championship Lightweight Title

Timofey Nastyukhin jumped on the scene with a first round KO against the “Underground King” Eddie Alvarez in the Quarterfinal of the One Championship Lightweight Grand Prix back on March 31st 2019.

Returned to the ring against Pieter Buist at One Championship Inside the Matrix 2 on November 6th 2020. Finally watching Timofey fight again, Hunting for the One Championship Lightweight Title.

“You can find positive things even during an injury. Now I am ready to get back. I am hungry and healthy, actually I have been ready to fight since January.”


The Russian Assassin trains with some of the best fighters in the world from Russia Top Team, Shamil Gamzatov and Sarvardzhon Khamidov. Tiger Muay Thai with Valentina Shevchenko, Petr Yan, Arman Tsarukyan, Damir Ismagulov, Rafael Fiziev and coached by one of the best MMA coaches in George Hickman.

Beginning of 2021 love to see Timofey Nastyukhin fight Iuri Lapicus former One Championship title challenger. Since Timofey is the #4th ranked One Championship Lightweight makes sense to fight Lapicus who just challenged Christian Lee for the Lightweight title.

No doubt with a win against Lapicus will LEAD him to fighting the prodigy Christian Lee.

Definitely the toughest fight for Christian Lee up to this point. Looking forward to watching Timofey fighting Christian Lee in one of the best Lightweight fights in 2021.

“Christian Lee is a prodigy of MMA. He is a rapidly developing athlete and a well-rounded fighter. It would be nice to meet him some day.”

“I love his fighting style. I’ve been watching Timofey ever since he started in ONE Championship,” he says.

“I think that would be a very exciting fight for the fans. I feel like he is a guy who gets written off because he has faced so many injuries in his career, but he is definitely a very dangerous opponent. I think after a few more fights, we could see him getting a title shot as well.”