Next King of the One Bantamweight division

Troy Worthen 7-0 Former University of Central Florida College Wrestler is fighting for One Championship. 3-0 with One Championship last win was impressive after defeating Mark Albelrado.

Worthen is in the prime of his career at 27 years old, One Championship rising STAR known as “Pretty Boy.” Trains at Evolve MMA, Gym owned by Chatri Sityodtong.

Chatri and the One Championship executives are extremely high on Troy Worthen but it’s well deserved. Fighter from United States with a D-1 Wrestling background and has the look to be a star.

2020 Troy Worthen will see him fight One Championship veterans who can test his wrestling and brown belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

“I’m not the type of person that’s going to keep asking for the same thing, but I think Yusup Saadulaev would be a perfect fight for me.”

“He’s 5-0 in the division in his last five fights, and he’s a grappler, which I haven’t yet faced at that level yet. I think it could answer a lot of questions on how I would perform against Bibiano,” Worthen said.

Ask and you’ll shall receive Worthen vs Dagestan fighter Yusup Saadulaev be a great test for Troy as he continues to rise with One Championship.

Win over Sadulaev deserves top Bantamweight fights against Kevin Belingon or Leandro Issa.

Worthen vs Lineker than Fernandes

Troy Worthen gets through Belingon or Issa a sick fight would be against John Lineker in 2021. Imagine that fight. Main card fight in one of the biggest events for One Championship.

Definitely watch Lineker vs Worthen. “If” Worthen defeats Lineker he’ll be one of the best Bantamweights in the world.

Lineker if he isn’t the One Championship Bantamweight Champion and Bibiano Fernandes is the CHAMPION and didn’t retire. Worthen vs Bibiano Fernandes should be his next fight.

Worthen vs Bibiano Fernandes be one of the biggest Bantamweight Fights of 2021 or 2022. Worthen working on his striking after every training camp he can defeat Bibiano. Becoming the One Championship Bantamweight Champion.

King of the Division

Passing the torch of the Bantamweight Division we can see Troy Worthen at age 29 begin his reign. Second fights against John Lineker, Title defense against Bibiano Fernandes, Kevin Belingnon.

Worthen because of his superb wrestling can have the One Championship Bantamweight Title for a long time. Defending his title several times.

Fighting former UFC Bantamweights in his dominance of the division.

Troy Worthen in his One Championship career being TOP 5 Bantamweight in the world.

Rizin & Brazil Prospects

Rizin Fight Federation last couple years is growing with Bellator/Rizin events. Kyoji Horiguchi being the STAR of Rizin. Love to see Rizin become the modern day Pride. Rizin signing fighters from Brazil that are new version of Wanderlei, Shogun, Ricardo Arona and Anderson Silva.

Rizin should learn from the days of Pride and sign the TOP Brazilian prospects.

Signing future Rizin Bantamweight Championships like Carlos Augusto da Silva, Gustavo Erak, Herbeth Sousa.

Brazilian Bantamweight Prospects fighting Kyoji Horiguchi, Kai Asakura, Takeya Mizugaki.

Sign Brazilian Lightweights like Luan Santiago which should on the top of their list. Luan Santiago vs Tofiq Musaev, Luan Santiago vs Patricio Pitbull, Luan Santiago vs Daron Cruickshank.

All of them would be incredible fights.

Rizin signing 20 Brazilian Prospects that have potential to become Rizin champions, Best Lightweights, Light Heavyweights, Bantamweights not fighting for the UFC.

Nobuyuki Sakakibara mission NEEDS to be signing the Pound for Pound Prospects from Brazil.

Rizin Should Sign Jose Torres BRAVE CF Bantamweight

Rizin Fighting Federation Bantamweight Division is one of their few weight classes with Kyoji Horiguchi, Kai Asakura, Takya Mizugaki, Justin Scoggins and Victor Henry. Since Manel Kape signed with UFC, Congrats to him and his family. Rizin should sign Jose Torres when his contract expires.

Jose Torres BRAVE CF

Jose Torres is a 27 year old Bantamweight, Former UFC Flyweight who only fought twice with the UFC. Post UFC signed with the Brave Combat Federation #1 Middle East Promotion. Top TEN MMA Promotion in the world.

Torres at Brave CF 23 defeated Amir Albazi, London Shootfighters Prospect, Former Bellator fighter. Impressive win for Torres as Amir is one of the best young Bantamweights in the world.

Jose Torrres is one of the upcoming stars for Brave CF as it’s well deserved.

Brave CF 29 Torres would’ve fought for the Brave CF Flyweight Title but the fight was postponed because Torres father would pass away.

Brave CF 35 Torres vs Mattheus Niccolau was part of GROUP A for the Inaugural Brave CF Flyweight Tournament. However that was canceled as well because of the annoying virus.

Two exciting fights that Jose Torres has to make up in 2020 when the Virus is officially over!!

Torres defeats Niccolau, Than Malcom Gordon or Flavio De Queroz.

“I actually think Matteus Nicolaus is a much tougher fight than Marcel Adur,” Torres said. “We saw his fights against John Moraga, and we saw his fights against Louis Smolka. Both guys are good. John Moraga is a veteran and Louis Smolka, I believe he had a six-fight run in the UFC before he was released and re-signed.

Torres vs Gordon for the BRAVE CF Flyweight Title be one of the biggest flyweight fights of the year. Torres wins that I believe his multi fight deal expires.

Rizin & Jose Torres

Jose Torres contract expires with Brave CF in 2021 he should take his talents to Rizin and fight in the Rizin Bantamweight Tournament. Opportunity to fight Kyoji Horiguchi for the Rizin Bantamweight Title, Fight Bellator Bantamweights and earn LOT MORE MONEY.

Makes the best business sense to fight for Rizin.

Norbert Novenyi 19 year old Bellator Middleweight Prospect

Norbert Novenyi Jr is 19 years old Bellator Middleweight Prospect has a 4-0 record. Norbert trains at London Shootfighters with Michael Page, Mike Shipman.

Novenyi biggest win so far is SBG Ireland Prospect Will Fleury who had a 6-1 record. Norbert at 19 years old has the potential to a Bellator Middleweight Champion.

Similar fighting style to Lyoto Machda and Stephen Thompson.

Norbert in 2020 won’t be ranked in the TOP TEN of the Bellator Middleweight division but will see Norbert fight on the Bellator Title Fight events with Lima, Mousasi, Bader.

What I’d like to see happen in 2020 for Norbert to fight Bellator fighters with records of 5-1, 8-4. Impressive wins over regional fighters from TOP GYMS be the perfect fights for Norbert Novenyi Jr.

2021, 2022 will see Norbert Novenyi fight top Bellator Middleweights. Build up the profile of him.

Showing the MMA world that Norbert Novenyi Jr is one of the best prospects and Bellator future champion.

First One Championship Title Winner from Africa

Bokang Masunyane fighter from South Africa was a successful fighter for Extreme Fighting Championship, Fought on Pancrase and now signed with One Championship.

Bokang One Championship debut fought Ryuto Sawada. Dominated Ryuto with his world class wrestling!!

Since I didn’t mention before Bokang won the Bronze Medal at the Commonwealth Games. Explains everything when he took down Ryuto several times in the three rounds.


Bokang has a bright future with One Championship in 2020, Fighting Strawweight veterans who can test his wrestling ability.

Since he defeated Ryuto Sawada a One Championship Top Strawweight he can fight the TOP 5 Strawweights and by the end of the year can challenge for the title.

Becoming the future for the One Championship Strawweight division.

Arjan Bhullar Beats Brandon Vera for the One Championship Heavyweight Title

Arjan Bhullar contract expired with the UFC. Ending with the UFC a record of 3-1. Defeating Juan Adams and Luis Henrique. Bhullar took advantage of free agency and signed with One Championship.

Bhullar 1-0 with One Championship by defeating former Cage Warriors Heavyweight Champion Mauro Cerilli. Upcoming fight for Arjan Bhullar is against Brandon Vera. Toughest fight in his career so far.

“I have a lot of respect for Brandon Vera as a fighter and as the champion,” Bhullar said.

“He’s been the champion over at ONE in the heavyweight division forever, and he’s done a great job for himself, for his family, for the fans, for the Philippines, and for the Filipino people. That’s everything I want to do in my career.”

Capturing the gold is part of Bhullar’s 2020 masterplan.

Bhullar in his second fight with One Championship can become the Heavyweight Champion. Bhullar having the world class wrestling advantage.

2009 Arjan Bhullar was the Canada Wrestler of the Year!!! 2008 and 2009 was the NAIA Wrestling Champion for his weight class.

Gold Medal Winner at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Member of the Canada National Team.

Bhullar trains with Daniel Cormier, Tai Tuivasa at American Kickboxing Academy.

Bhullar vs Vera will be a exciting fight that I’m excited to watch in the Spring of 2020. Passing to the torch moment for Arjan Bhullar become the One Championship Heavyweight Champion.

Mansour Barnaoui ROAD FC vs Cleiton Silva BRAVE CF

Mansour Barnaoui vs Cleiton Silva be a HARDCORE HARDCORE Dream Fight for the ages. Mansour the Road FC Lightweight Champion. Cleiton Silva the Brave Combat Federation Lightweight Champion.

Looking forward to seeing more MMA Cross Promotions, Dream Fights for hardcore fans.

Barnaoui has a 19-4 record at 27 years old is the ROAD FC Lightweight Champion, 6-0 record winning the one million dollar prize. 5 out of 6 wins came from rear-naked choke. Back in 2013 was the BAMMA Lightweight Champion.

Mansour’s losses are to Ivan Buchinger, Islam Makhachev, Ivan Buchinger and Mateusz Gamrot.

Cleiton Silva has a 15-2 record, 34 years old. Silva is a underrated Lightweight Champion. Since fighting for the Brave Combat Federation has a 3-0 record defeating former Brave CF Lightweight Champion Luan Santiago.

Both Lightweights are two of the best not in the UFC!!! Brave CF vs Road FC should definitely do a dream fight where each fighter defends their Lightweight Title.

Anatomy of a Fighter Wishlist

Anatomy of a Fighter creates the best MMA Content in the world. Storytelling content learning about the fighter outside of the cage instead of the fight itself.

Will Harris is an important man in the MMA world and looking for the upcoming content in the years to come. Some fighters wish Will Harris follows for a week.

Aung La Nsang

One Championship Light Heavyweight Champion and Middleweight Champion is a god in his home of Myanmar/Burma. Beloved by his people for winning titles and defeating the best Fighters from Asia.

Defeating Brandon Vera, In the biggest fight in One Championship History.

Anatomy of a Fighter Aung La Nsang can be a two hour documentary.

Love to watch content of Aung La Nsang spending time with Myanmar, The Manny Pacquiao of Myanmar. Training at Hard Knocks 365. I know Will Harris has a vision on Anatomy of a Fighter for Aung La Nsang.

Douglas Lima

Douglas Lima Top 5 Welterweight in the world, Bellator Welterweight Champion by defeating Rory MacDonald and is challenging Gegard Mousasi. Lima acquired 1 million dollars from the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix. Wonder what Lima did what the money, How Lima is as a fighter.

Douglas Lima Anatomy of a Fighter will be very interesting.

Roberto Soldic

KSW Welterweight Champion is one of the top welterweights in the world. Soldic one day will fight for the UFC. Be interesting to see Will Harris document Roberto Soldic life in Croatia, Is Soldic a star in Croatia and Poland.

What’s his personality like. Who he is as a person.

Kyoji Horiguchi

Kyoji Horiguchi life changed forever since signing with Rizin. Kyoji Horiguchi TOP 5 Bantamweight in the world. I could only imagine how Kyoji is treated in Japan!!

Way Rizin is treated by the Rizin Executives. Showing the life of Kyoji Horiguchi.

Bibiano Fernandes

Shame to know that Bibiano Fernandes never signed with the UFC. Bibiano the One Championship Bantamweight Champion. Eight title defenses, Trains with Demetrious Johnson.

Love to see his life story, Do a documentary based on the life of Bibiano Fernandes. Winning the Dream Bantamweight Title and Dream Featherweight Title. Bibiano signing with One Championship than becoming one of the best fighters in the world.

John Lineker vs Adriano Moraes One Championship

John Lineker shockingly released from the UFC and One Championship quickly signed him. Lineker 1-0 with One Championship defeating Muin Gafurov. Lineker fighting in the Bantamweight Division chasing Bibiano Fernandes for the title.

During his journey to the title can fight Adriano Moraes, Moraes moving up to the One Championship Bantamweight Division.

John Lineker vs Adriano Moraes would be hell of a fight that can headline a One Championship Main Event.

One Championship signed Lineker for a reason, Creating spectacle fights with him.

Lineker one of the best Bantamweights in the world against one of the best Flyweights in the world if Adriano Moraes wants to move up one weight class.

One of the biggest Bantamweight Fights in 2020.

Roberto Soldic vs Nordine Taleb

Roberto Soldic #1 Welterweight Prospect in the World. If your a hardcore fan like myself you know who he is already. Soldic be known to regular fans, Increased interest by UFC or Bellator needs tougher fights. Nordine Taleb can be one of those options.

Nordine Taleb ex UFC Fighter had a 11-3 record with the UFC but sadly parted ways with the UFC and signed with ARES FC( MMA Promotion in Africa).

Since Taleb isn’t fighting for UFC anymore, I’m sure ARES FC Promoter and executives will allow Talel to travel to Europe and fight Top Europe Welterweights.

ARES FC partners up with KSW that be great for exposure.

Soldic vs Nordine Taleb for the KSW Welterweight Title. Incredible test for Roberto Soldic!!

LFA Welterweight Title Fight

Legacy Fighting Alliance Welterweight Title is vacant, LFA Welterweight Title must not be in hold. Matt Dixon vs Mike Graves would be the perfect LFA Welterweight Fight headliner to watch on UFC Fight Pass.

Matt Dixon

9-0 Welterweight was the XFN Welterweight Champion, Now fighting for LFA. 1-0 with LFA by defeating Justin Patterson.

Matt Dixon is one of the top 5 Welterweight Prospects, Destined for the UFC. Fight on the Dana White Contender Series or a short notice fight with the UFC.

Matt Dixon is 24 years old, All around Fighter with grappling ability, Knockout Power. Potential to be a UFC Welterweight Champion in several years.

Mike Graves

Mike Graves was a contestant on Ultimate Fighter 21. Losing two Kamaru Usman but beating Jason Jackson. 2-0-1 with the UFC but got cut because of misdemeanor.

Since being cut by the UFC became the Titan FC Welterweight Champion. Defending the title once against Yuri Villefort.

Graves might get a second chance with UFC or sign with Bellator.

LFA Welterweight Title Fight

Graves vs Dixon be a five round fight that hardcore fans like myself will watch. Be sick for this fight to happen against two of the best Welterweight Prospects in the world.

Salahdine Parnasse vs Joanderson Brito

Salahdine Parnasse biggest fight of his career so far was fighting Ivan Buchinger. Beside that fight only fought Polish fighters, European fighters who have no potential to become world champions. Parnasse needs TOUGH fights one of them would be against Joanderson Brito.

Joanderson Brito

Joanderson Brito is the #1 Brazilian Featherweight Prospect. Fusion FC Featherweight Champion, Similar to Jose Aldo with his fighting style.

Brito made one appearance for the Legacy Fighting Alliance, Knocking out Jose Mariscal with a vicious knockout!! Trended on Twitter for a bit.

Joanderson Brito is 25 years old. Never fought in Europe before and be cool to see him fight a high level world class Featherweight Prospect like Salahdine Parnasse.

  1. Wins over Jose Marsical, Estabili Amato(9-0),Jose Zarauz( 18-4), Johhny Iwasaki( 24-7)

Joanderson Brito fought tough fighters since he started fighting professionally.

IF I was the Rizin Promoter

Rizin is one of the top TEN MMA promotions in the world started by Nobuyuki Sakakibara. Nobuyuki doing a great job promoting Rizin by having cross promotions with Bellator.

Nobuyuki creating great events with Kyoji Horiguchi, Jiri Prochazka, Tenshin Nasukawa as the headliner. Rizin has potential to be a TOP 5 Promotion by defeating the Professional Fighters League as the #4 Promotion.

If I was Nobuyuki Sakakibara I’d change several things to make sure Rizin is what Pride used to be!!

Sign Top Prospects

MMA growing all over the world, Ten year old kids training in MMA and making MMA their life. Rizin can discover future RIZIN Bantamweight, Light Heavyweight, Lightweight Champions from Latin America, Eastern Europe, Sub- Saharan Africa, South East Asia.

Sign prospects like Joanderson Brito, Stephen Loman, Albert Tumenov, Igeu Kabesa, Taylor Lapilus, Ahmed Faress in 2020. All those prospects are capable of winning Rizin Championships and defeating Bellator fighters.

Acquire prospects that can headline Rizin Events and be part of the future for Rizin. Showing the world that Rizin has some of the best fighters in the world too!!

Sign Free Agents

Free Agency is a new trend recently with Bellator and One Championship really taking advantage of signing UFC, PFL or Rizin Fighters. Rizin wants to compete with the other promotions time to sign free agents from UFC, Bellator, PFL, One Championship.

Build up the top of their roster who can compete in the RIZIN Tournaments. Be the stars of Rizin right away.

More Cross Promotions

Bellator cross promotion partnership is genius with Kyoji Horiguchi defeating Darrion Caldwell, Tofiq Musaev defeating Patricio Pitbull.

The Cross Promotions should continue for Rizin besides the one with Bellator. Rizin should partner with KSW, Having some sick title fights such as Salahdine Parnasse vs Tenshin Nasukawa, Norman Parke vs Tofiq Musaev, Simon Biyong vs Tomasz Narkun.

Rizin partnership with Extreme Fighting Championship. #1 Africa Promotion. Partnership with Brave Combat Federation. Stephen Loman fights Kai Asukura or Kyoji Horiguchi.

Cross Promotion events will create more dream fights for hardcore fans, Increase number of PPV Buys on FITE TV.


Rizin and FITE TV having a streaming deal where you can watch their fights but have to pay. Only hardcore MMA fans like myself will watch but to engage with NEW fans, Nobuyuki Sakikibara should partner with HBO, Showtime, NBC Sports, Fox Sports.

Sign a two year ten million dollar deal with HBO, Giving it a try seeing if it works or not.

Somebody will scroll on the TV guide and see a MMA promotion Rizin is on. Fighting in a boxing ring instead of the famous octagon.

TV Deal will attract free agents as well because who doesn’t like fighting on a big time network, Helps the fighters out with endorsements.

Tofiq Musaev vs Norman Parke KSW/ Rizin

Tofiq Musaev shocked the MMA world by defeating Patricio Friere at Rizin 20. Winning the Rizin Lightweight Tournament. Becoming the hottest lightweight on the market. Tofiq looking to sign with UFC but can have a couple fights with Rizin. Return fight can be against Norman Parke.

KSW vs Rizin 2020 dream fight between the rising Lightweight Tofiq Musaev vs Norman Parke.( Former UFC fighter and now KSW Interim Lightweight Champion)

Norman Parke thirty three years old won the BAMMA Lightweight Title, 6-3 UFC record be the second toughest fight in Tofiq Musaev’s career.

KSW vs Rizin Cross Promotion event similar to Bellator vs Rizin would be the right partnership.

Musaev vs Parke Rizin headliner in front of 50,000 fans in Japan. Rizin creating events like this will continue to rise as Rizin’s fighters defeat the BEST lightweights in the world.

Expect nothing less than a five round technical fight. Most underrated fight of the year between two TOP Lightweights not fighting for the UFC or Bellator.

Gastelum vs Cannonier UFC Apex Fight

Kelvin Gastelum two fight losing streak desperately needs a bounce back win desperately to get back into conversation as one of the best Middleweights in the world. Fight against Jared Cannonier will be perfect fight for Kelvin.

“I don’t know. There’s a couple options. I just don’t know who the matchmakers would want me to match up with for the next fight, but I mean, I’m hoping for anybody: Robert Whittaker, Jared Cannonier, Jack Hermansson.”

Jared Cannonier rising Middleweight after defeating Jack Hermansson and Anderson Silva. Jared is a contender for the UFC Middleweight Title.

“The one thing I can tell now is that the shoulder (and) the pec (are) still weak, so we’re strengthening right now. Maybe a month and a half, another two months of that, (and) then I can be back to training full time. You know, full-on training.”

Cannonier torn shoulder and torn pec 65% injury fully healed in couple months, Train full time. During this wait period Kelvin Gastelum can spend time with his family, Heal up, Work on his diet lol and get ready for a fight against Jared Cannonier.

Kelvin Gastelum vs Jared Cannonier be the perfect fight to make once UFC Apex is up and ready in a couple months. Both fighters can train, Get ready and adjusted to training for a fight again.

Be a sleeper fight. Whoever wins this fight is a #2 contender for the UFC Middleweight Title. Kelvin or Jared can fight Robert Whittaker next.

Roberto Soldic vs Albert Tumenov KSW Welterweight Title Fight

What a fight it would be if Roberto Soldic and Albert Tumenov fight each other. Soldic defending his KSW Welterweight Title fighting ACA Welterweight Champion. Hardcore fan fight that we would all watch on DAZN.

Soldic vs Tumenov be one of the biggest Welterweight fights of the year.

Roberto Soldic #1 Welterweight Prospect in the world, Wins over Driscus Du Plessis, Vinicius Bohrer. Soldic can defeat UFC Welterweights right now and the toughest fight of his career will be against Albert Tumenov.

Tumenov since signing with ACA is 5-0 with ACA. Becoming the ACA Welterweight Champion and ACB Welterweight Champion. Tumenov is one of the top Welterweights not to fight in the UFC.

Albert Tumenov contract expired with ACA and is now a free agent. KSW is the #1 European MMA Promotion, Martin Lewandowski( KSW Promoter) needs to sign Tumenov to a multi fight deal. Building their roster and having Welterweight dream fights as well!!

Tumenov vs Soldic will written about in all the TOP MMA sites from MMAJunkie.Com to MMAFighting.Com.

Hope this harcore fan dream fight happens and becomes a five round title fight war!! Split decision win for…..

Horiguchi vs Loman Rizin Bantamweight Fight

Kyoji Horiguchi by 2020 hopefully ACL will be healed to fight in the Rizin Bantamweight Grand Prix, Pursue for the Rizin Bantamweight Title. In Kyoji’s debut to test himself should be against a rising Bantamweight in Stephen Loman. Brave CF Bantamweight Champion.

Stephen Loman

Stephen Loman Brave CF Bantamweight Champion with a 14-2 record. Best fighter on the Brave CF roster. Loman is 28 years old with a 6-0 record with Brave CF.

Impressive undefeated record fighting for the #1 Middle East Promotion.

  1. Wins over Gary Mangat(One Championship), Frans Mlambo(Bellator), Elias Boudegzdame.

Loman winning by decision most of the time with his strong cardio. Surprised UFC or Bellator hasn’t signed him. However Rizin can sign him to a four fight deal, Compete in the Rizin Bantamweight Tournament.

Loman vs Horiguchi

Horiguchi easily the favorite against Stephen Loman but it will be a three round tough challenging fight for Kyoji

Place Loman on the map if he challenges Kyoji in his Rizin debut. Harcore MMA fans, MMA websites and MMA podcast will all be talking about Stephen Loman giving Loman the toughest fight since Demetrious Johnson.

However if he wins by knockout, Loman will take the world by storm and Rizin than signed the future Rizin Bantamweight Champion!!

Aoki vs Barnaoui One Championship Fight

Whose Mansour Barnaoui? Barnaoui 19-4 record at 27 years old. Road FC Main Star as in his last victory won the Road FC Lightweight title. Since Mansour has successfully dominated his opponents with a 6-0 record, Time for a change and no better change than to sign with One Championship.

Aoki vs Barnaoui

Mansour Barnaoui debut should be against the legend Shinya Aoki. Former Dream, One Championship Lightweight Champion. Aoki one of the biggest names for One Championship and in Asia.

Barnaoui being one of the top Lightweight prospects in the world. Road FC Lightweight Champion.

Aoki vs Barnaoui be one of the best fights for the One Championship Lightweight division.

Win over Aoki places Mansour as a contender for the One Championship Lightweight Title but Mansour Barnaoui signs with a long term fight deal with One Championship to rise through the rankings.

The fight will be a world class grappling match, Both fighters are submission specialist as Mansour Barnaoui has a vicious rear naked choke.

Mansour at 27 years old defeats Shinya Aoki in his One Championship debut, He’ll become one of the hottest Lightweights when he becomes a free agent.

Geoff Neal Legend Killer in 2020

Dana White Contender Series definitely better than the Ultimate Fighter. Contender Series signed future UFC champions Geoff Neal being one of them. 5-0 with the UFC and is #12 Welterweight after cracking Mike Perry at UFC 245.

Prime of his career at 29 years old. 30 or 31 years old he can be the UFC welterweight champion but he has a three to four fight journey to challenge for the GOLD.

“I would like to fight Robbie Lawler, maybe Anthony Pettis, RDA (Rafael dos Anjos). Those are fights I’m looking at right now,” Neal said.

Geoff Neal in the 2020 season should be the season of the Legend Killer. Murdering the Welterweight Legends such as Rafael Dos Anjos. Anthony Pettis, Robbie Lawler, Demian Maia.

Coronavirus is a test for all of us including the world class athletes.

“I’m used to punching people in the face and getting punched in the face, so spending a little time at home away from training is driving me a little crazy,” Neal told “But this time alone is giving me the time to let a few things heal, it’s letting me spend more time with my two-year-old daughter and it’s giving me a chance to work on my real estate license.”

Geoff Neal relaxing and focusing on his family, Personal life but looking forward to fight again in 2020.

“I’m not going to ever beg for a fight. You can put that in stone. You can guarantee that if a fight comes to me, the right way, I’ll take it,” Neal said. “I could still potentially get two or three fights in by the end of the year. Hell yeah, I want to fight, and hell yeah, I want more money in my bank account. So, if Dana can make it happen, I will fight. I’m down.”

Two more fights for Geoff Neal in 2020 can be two fights against Legends Rafael Dos Anjos which is a breakout fight. Next fight can be against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

2020 for Geoff Neal is a defining test year for him and see if he can become a UFC Welterweight Champion. First champion at Fortis MMA.

Parnasse vs Kabesa KSW 2020 Featherweight Title Fight

Salahdine Parnasse impressively defeated Ivan Buchinger in his last fight which was the toughest fight in his life. However it was a masterclass performance for the 22 year old KSW Featherweight. Parnasse needs tougher competition and a fight against Igeu Kabesa(Extreme Fighting Championship Featherweight Champion) would be a fight to make.

Salahdine Parnasse

Parnasse #1 European Prospect in all weight divisions is 22 years old. 14-0 record. Wins over Artur Sowinski, Marcin Wrzosek and Ivan Bucinger. Fighting for the Top European MMA Promotion KSW.

Parnasse is currently 5-0 in the organization and serves as KSW’s interim featherweight champion. I was fortunate enough to talk to the French phenom in May 2018 when he was just 2-0 in the organization- he hoped to one day become champion. Parnasse’s vision came true when he took an unanimous decision over veteran Ivan Buchinger in December 2019. Parnasse told MMA Sucka, “I feel good in this organization! It really is great and I see myself staying in this magnificent organization of KSW,” Parnasse stated.

Parnasse wants to stay and build his legacy with KSW, Fighting former UFC fighters or top Featherweight prospects such as Igeu Kabesa.

Igeu Kabesa

12-1 record EFC Featherweight Champion. Africa #1 Prospect. Electric knockout over Karlo Caput in his last fight. Spinning elbow knockout in the second round fighting Paulo Bananada. Igeu has a smooth striking game, Entertaining fight style for fans in South Africa.

Kabesa is 26 years old. Kabesa is a under the radar prospect and needs big fights on the biggest stage possible for people to acknowledge who he is. Fighting for the KSW Featherweight Title against the hottest European Prospect is a fight that makes sense for both sides.

Kabesa reminds me of TJ Dillashaw because his stand up movement. Addition to the success of being a free style wrestler, Decorated Free Style Wrestler winning national titles in Africa.

Parnasse vs Kabesa

KSW because of it’s popularity and expansion Parnasse vs Kabesa can headline a KSW event in London, Croatia, Berlin because of the two best Featherweight Prospects in the world. Parnasse defending his title against #1 Africa Prospect. Kabesa coming to Europe as the EFC Featherweight Champion.

Combate Americas Featherweight Division

Combate Americas #1 Latin America Promotion has a group of talented prospects that can sign with UFC or Bellator. Three fighters from the Featherweight division.

Andres Quintana

Andres Quintana arguably the #1 Featherweight Prospect who right now can beat UFC Featherweights won the Combate Americas Featherweight title and hundred thousand dollars. 8-1 with Combate Americas.

  1. Wins over Bruno Cannetti, Rey Trujillo, Erick Gonzalez and most impressive win over Alejandro Flores
  2. 18-3 record
  3. 28 years old
  4. Trains at Luttrell’s MMA

Alejandro Flores

#1 Latin America Featherweight from Mexico has a 17-2 record at 28 years old. Defeating the top Latin America Featherweights mostly by decision. Flores can compete with the best Featherweight prospects in the world.

Alejandro Flores vs Andres Quintana should be the #1 Contender Fight for the Featherweight Title.

Bruno Cannetti

Argentinian prospect Bruno Cannetti shocked everyone when defeating Andres Quintana for the Combate Americas Featherweight Title. 9-6 record. 30 years old is 1-1 with Andres Quintana. Big win over Joey Ruquet.

Bruno I don’t see him becoming a UFC or Bellator champion but there’s nothing wrong with winning and defending titles for Combate Americas.

Poirier vs Hooker UFC Apex

Dan Hooker three fight hot streak defeating Paul Felder in a five round WAR. Hooker hot streak came out of nowhere but Hooker has the right mindset and one more fight away to challenge for the Lightweight Title. Hooker vs Poirier be the fight to make at the UFC Apex.

“I like the matchup, two of the most skilled strikers in that top five, but his ranking, man, that’s really why, irrelevant of everyone else, he’s No. 2 in the world and he’s the last guy to fight for the title,” Hooker said. “If you want to put yourself in position for a title shot, beating the last guy to fight for the title in a main event is how you do that. Regardless of everything else, I feel like I match up well against anyone in the entire division. So that was genuinely, just for rankings, I’ll look, I get the No. 2, and then I’ll look at the actual styles and how we match up once I get the fight contract.”

Dan Hooker vs Dustin Poirier was the headliner for UFC San Diego but coronavirus preventing it to happen. Hopefully Hooker vs Poirier continues on paper will be a five round striking battle.

Hooker vs Poirier can happen at the UFC Apex. Fight of the Night in 2020. #1 Contender Fight for the UFC Lightweight Title.

Promotions KSW should cross promote with

KSW the 5th best MMA promotion in the world, Growing year by year with their events on DAZN and having some of the best fighters not in the UFC. Best business option for them is to have cross promotions with underrated promotions all over the world.


Rizin and Bellator do cross promotions. Rizin one of the top 7 MMA promotions has some great fighters such as Kyoji Horiguchi, Simon Biyong,, Tofiq Musaev, Kai Asakura,

Rizin in 2020 will continue to sign free agents to build their roster.

Simon Biyong vs Tomasz Narkun

Kyoji Horiguchi vs Antun Racic

Salahdine Parnasse vs Tenshin Nasukawa

Brave Combat Federation

Middle East #1 Promotion has events all over the world. Mohammed Shahid doing a great job running Brave CF. With the Bahrain financing they can sign the best free agents in the world.

Luan Santiago vs Norman Parke be a great fight

Stephen Loman vs Antun Racic

Jarrah Al- Selawe vs Roberto Soldic

Combate Americas

#1 Latin American Promotion by far. Cambell McLarren doing a excellent job running it. Combate Americas has a TV deal with Univision and DAZN.

Rafa Garcia vs Norman Parke

Andres Quintana vs Salahdine Parnasse

Alejandro Flores vs Mateusz Gamrot

Patricio Pitbull UFC Featherweight or Lightweight Champion

Patricio Pitbull Bellator Double Champ, Featherweight and Lightweight Champion. The most successful Bellator fighter of all time. #1 Featherweight and Lightweight not in the UFC. Deserves to be signed by the UFC and challenge for the UFC Featherweight or Lightweight Title.

Patricio Pitbull Bellator Success

Pitbull signed with Bellator back in 2010 and has a 20-4 record with Bellator!! Wins over Wilson Reis, Daniel Straus, Juan Archuleta and the biggest win against Michael Chandler.

Three time Bellator Featherweight Champion. Defending the Bellator Featherweight title five times.

Pitbull is competing in the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix and the favorite to win or head to the Bellator Featherweight finals. If he wins the Grand Prix and the 1 million dollar prize he should really consider signing with the UFC.

Pitbull & UFC

Signs with the UFC and right off the bat he can fight the best of the best.

“I really don’t see anyone in the 155lb division,” Thomson told “The only one I’d bring up is Patricio Pitbull and that’s only because he’s so small. He’s short. Patricio has got the power and speed to get in. Khabib has a hard time with guys who are fast and we saw that with Michael Johnson.

Pitbull vs Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens Top 10 UFC Featherweight, Makes sense UFC debut for Pitbull. Don’t need him to fight less than top ten ranking. Dana White won’t offer him lesser talented fighters, I’m sure he wants to prove to Bellator that UFC will always be better.

Pitbull vs Al Iaquinta

Raging Al Iaquinta is a savage for fighting Khabib on short notice. Defeated Kevin Lee. Top Ten Lightweight, Tough fight for Pitbull if Pitbull wants to fight at Lightweight rather than Featherweight.

Pitbull in one year can be the contender or challenge for the UFC Featherweight or UFC Lightweight Contender.

Imagine Pitbull fighting Alexander Volkanovski or Tony Ferguson.

Be a Sin

UFC is the #1 Promotion forever. Be a sin to the MMA world if he never signs with UFC. Patricio Pitbull 32 years old fighting since 2004 I’m sure wants to retire in the next five years and he can retire with the UFC.

Pitbull can earn three hundred grand to five hundred thousand dollars signing with the UFC and being a partner with the Pay-Per View Buys.

I HOPE, Please Pitbull sign with the UFC before it’s all set and done. Nothing better than being the UFC Featherweight or UFC Lightweight Champion.

UFC Welterweight Fights in 2020

Welterweight division is stacked with Masvidal, Usman, Covington, Edwards, Woodley. So many dream fights to make!!

Usman vs Masvidal

Kamaru Usman impressively defeated Colby Covington. One of the best Welterweight fights of all time. Masvidal is becoming a cult figure, Fans love him after fighting Leon Edwards backstage.

Dominating Nate Diaz. Masvidal and Usman are trash talking back and forth. Building up the fight.

Really can’t wait for this fight to happen, Two great fighters going at it in the Summer of 2020.

Masvidal vs Covington

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington were apartment buddies, Training partners now they hate each other. Masvidal calls Colby a punk for not treating his coaches who helped out in the past out.

Colby Covington the most hated fighter with his “Make America Great Again” gimmick. Besides the beef, Be a great fight.

Colby’s cardio is absolutely insane, Shocked the hell out of me how he murdered Robbie Lawler. Stand and banged with Kamaru.

Covington vs Woodley

Woodley and Covington have beef as well. Woodley used to train at American Top Team than moved to Roufusport. Hopefully this fight happens. Be interesting to watch. Covington calling out Woodley in his post fights.

Leon Edwards vs Masvidal

Leon Edwards the dark horse of the Welterweight division more famous with his one second fight with Masvidal. Leon is the #4 Welterweight. Next fight is against Tyron Woodley if that fight continues. If he defeats Woodley love to see him fight Masvidal.

Build up to that fight will be hilarious.

Geoff Neal vs RDA

Rafael Dos Anjos at 35 years old is still a dangerous fighter. Geoff Neal is a rising UFC Welterweight. Test fight for Geoff Neal. 5-0 with the UFC and has real potential to become a UFC Welterweight Champion.

RDA vs Geoff Neal doesn’t need build just two fighters who respect each other.

Geoff Neal is an alumni of the Dana White Contender Series.

PFL Wishlist signings 2020

Professional Fighters League 4th best MMA promotion, signed a two year deal with ESPN. Peter Murray CEO of PFL was a Under Armour executive, Accomplished man doing a solid job running PFL. Expect an even better 2020. Signed Rory MacDonald, Bubba Jenkins, Jordan Young, Jason Soares, Tyler Diamond. Couple more spots left in the weight classes.

Andres Quintana

#1 Featherweight Prospect from the United States, Mexico, North America, Combate Americas Featherweight Champion, Won hundred thousand dollars. 18-3 record at 28 years old. One of my favorite MMA prospects in the world.

Tofiq Musaev

Shocked the world when he defeated Patricio Pitbull at Rizin 20. 18-3 record one of the best Lightweights not in the UFC. Love to see Tofiq fight Nathan Schulte. Two of the best lightweights in the world.

Mansour Barnaoui

19-4 record fights for Road FC( South Korea MMA promotion) Road FC Lightweight Champion . Another top Lightweight not in the UFC at 27 years old. Time for Mansour to fight tougher competition and a great test for him is fighting for the Professional Fighters League.

Igeu Kabesa

Igeu Kabesa fights for the Extreme Fighting Championship #1 Africa MMA Promotion. Igeu Kabesa is one of the best featherweight prospects in the world. Wins over Peter Queally and Karlo Caput. 26 years old.

Albert Tumenov

Expired contract, Former UFC welterweight signed with ACB and became the ACB Welterweight Champion. 28 years old, Trains at American Top Team. Wins over Lorenz Larkin and Alan Jouban. Tumenov vs Rory MacDonald for the PFL Welterweight Title. Ray Cooper vs Albert Tumenov.

Brett Martin

#1 Heavyweight Prospect. LFA Heavyweight Champion. 25 years old. Before signing with the UFC, Martin should compete in the PFL Heavyweight Division and challenge for the one million dollar prize.

Rafa Garcia

#1 Lightweight Prospect in North America. Rafa Garcia is the Combate Americas Lightweight Champion. 12-0 record. Reminds me of Eddie Alvarez!! 25 years old. Impressive win over Humberto Bandenay and Erick Gonzalez. Before signing with UFC, Fight on ESPN and compete in the PFL Lightweight Division. He’s one of my favorite prospects.

Bellator Anatoly Tokov #1 Middleweight contender

Anatoly Tokov under the radar Middleweight wins over Gerald Harris that was a impressive comeback win. Alexander Shlemenko in a unanimous decision win. Tokov is 5-0 with Bellator and is the #1 Contender for the Bellator Middleweight division.

Alexander Nevsky is a Russian MMA Gym Powerhouse with Fedor, Vadim Nemkov and Anatoly Tokov!! Training with one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Fabio Aguiar vs Anatoly Tokov is the next fight but coronavirus thank you so much is postponed until further notice. Fabio Aguiar is a underrated Middleweight as well from Brazil.

Choose Tokov to win his fight against Fabio. Tokov is just too talented.

Anatoly Tokov defeated the best of the best Middleweights Bellator has. Understand he’s a under the radar fighter MMA fans have no clue who he is but I do.

Tokov vs Lyoto Machida be a fight to make post coronavirus if Machida doesn’t retire and not afraid to fight the 30 year old Russian Middleweight.

Fight against Lyoto Machida be a significant win for his career, MMA webstites will write about the impressive win. More people recognize who he is and Tokov is the #1 Bellator Middleweight to challenge Douglas Lima or Gegard Mousasi for the Bellator Middleweight Title.

2020 can be the best year in Anatoly Tokov’s career by challenging and winning the Bellator Middleweight Title. Defending the belt once than move on to 2021.

Islam Makhachev Future Lightweight Champion

Islam Makhachev

Khabib’s training partner, Close friend from Dagestan is 7-1 with the UFC. Real struggle for Islam to get any fights because the fighters want no business with him. I don’t blame them because he’s a savage from Dagestan. 2020 is a defining year for Islam Makhachev, Journey to the UFC Lightweight Title.

After calling out numerous names in the top-15 of the lightweight division, Makhachev (18-1 MMA, 7-1 UFC) drew Alexander Hernandez at UFC 249 on April 18.

“I’m happy they gave me an opponent because now I have a little bit of a problem, like to find an opponent, because last two years I asked about somebody like from top-15, but they just give me No. 15, but I’m happy,” Makhachev told MMA Junkie this past Saturday at a media day for Dominance MMA. “Hernandez is a good fighter. It’s going to be a good fight because he has good striking, good conditioning, good wrestling – like same to my style. It’s going to be a good fight.”

Covid-19 thanks to you for ruining Khabib vs Ferguson. Prevents Islam next fight with Alexander Hernandez. Locked at home in Russia. When Putin allows everyone to leave, Islam can have his fight Alexander Hernandez at Fight Island.

Post Alexander Hernandez

Alexander Hernandez two fight losing streak, Losing to Donald Cerrone. Be a three fight losing streak when he loses to Islam.

Islam Makhachev wants tougher fights, Basically begging for it.

“Yeah, but I ask about Al Iaquinta, Paul Felder and other guys from the top 10,” Makhachev said. “Last time, I ask about Iaquinta, he gave me an answer saying, ‘I want to fight with you in Moscow,’ but Moscow doesn’t have an event. How he wants to fight in Moscow? Nobody wants to give me an answer, but my dream is to fight with Kevin Lee. I tell everybody it doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter, like anytime, anywhere, I’m going to fight with this guy. This is my dream.”

Islam vs Kevin Lee is the dream fight but that fight is postponed for 2020 since Kevn Lee TORN his ACL. Scared of going to the hospital, Waiting for the hospitals to clear up.

Felder lost to Dan Hooker in a five round war. Felder vs Makhachev will be hell of a fight to watch if it happens in 2020.

Raging Al Iaquinta fought Khabib, Now time for Al Iaquinta to go through misery.

Felder, Iaquinta, and the top 5-10 should all take a shot and fight Islam Makhachev.

2020 & 2021

2020 with tough fights against Top 5-10 Lightweights in the world give Islam more notoriety. Five Round fight with Felder be great to watch.

Fighting the best of the best by the end of 2020 with his potential and being in his prime can be a contender!

2021 Islam can be a #1 Contender and fight whoever the Lightweight Champion is.

Light Heavyweights One Championship Should Sign in 2020

Aung La Nsang and Vitor Belfort. Only two talented fighters in the Light Heavyweight division for One Championship. Good job Chatri. Aung La Nsang is one of the most underrated fighters in the world, Defending the Light Heavyweight Title. Needs tougher competition.

Tomasz Narkun

Tomasz Narkun fights for KSW(#1 European MMA Promotion) is the KSW Light Heavyweight Champion. Two wins over Mamed Khalidov one of the best European Fighters. Took a chance by fighting Phil De Fries(KSW Heavyweight Champion). One of the hottest Light Heavyweights in the world. Sign Narkun before UFC does.

Vinny Magalhaes

BJJ Blackbelt, PFL Light Heavyweight Title Contender. Light Heavyweight veteran be fun fight for One Championship fans. Aung La Nsang vs Vinny Magalhaes in Myanmar!!

Simon Biyong

Biyong signed a multi fight deal with Rizin. Simon Biyong is from Cameroon, Africa becoming a hot bed for MMA Talent.. Biyong potential to win the Rizin Light Heavyweight Title. UFC has there eyes on him and Chatri should steal and sign him to a long term deal. He’s a special talent.

Fabio Maldonado

Fought Fedor and “Lost” in Russia but that’s okay. Fabio is getting up their in age but he can challenge Aung La Nsang for the Light Heavyweight Title. Former UFC Fighter.

Oleg Olenichev

Russia hot bed of talent since the beginning. Always good to have Russians on your roster and Oleg Olenichev is the #1 Russia Light Heavyweight Prospect.

KOTC Johnny Munoz Bantamweight Prospect

King of the Cage is one of the best regional promotions in the world. Founded in 1998 had the best fighters in the world once fighting before UFC or Bellator. Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, Juan Archuleta, Patchy Mix, Rory MacDonald and many more!! Next GREAT fighter to sign with UFC or Bellator is Johnny Munoz KOTC Bantamweight Champion.

King of the Cage

Johnny Munoz is 10-0 with King of the Cage. Fighting regional veteran fights or regional prospects in the United States. Six wins by submission and two wins by knockout.

Two fights were supposed to happen in 2019. Drako Rodriguez vs Johnny Munoz for the KOTC Bantamweight Title but Drako was offered a fight against Sean O’ Malley. Terry Trebilcock( KOTC Promoter) blocked the fight from happening, Terry has a four fight deal with Drako. The fight would be cancelled.

In 2020 Johnny Munoz vs Drako Rodriguez would be a great fight to watch. Both fighters under contract with King of the Cage. UFC & Bellator scouts will be watching this fight!!

Couple more fights left for Johnny Munoz and I expect for UFC or Bellator to make the call.

UFC or Bellator 2020

Scott Coker or Dana White will be offering a fight on a Bellator prelim fight, Dana White Contender Series fight or short notice fight for a UFC Event.

No doubt Johnny Munoz in 2020 doesn’t get signed by the UFC or Bellator. Being a KOTC champion is an accomplishment for a MMA Fighter.