Andres Quintana, One day a call from Dana White or Scott Coker

Andres Quintana is a Fighter I’m really high on, Top Featherweight Prospect whose one of the Main Event Attractions for Combate Americas. When will Andres Quintana time come when he’s signed by the UFC or Bellator ? He deserves it!!

Andres Quintana since fighting with Combate Americas won the Featherweight Tournament and winning the 100k grand prize.

Quintana is now 18-2 in his professional MMA career and remains undefeated in the Combate Americas cage with a record of 8-0. “The Bullet” takes home the tournament’s $100,00 grand prize

“Andres Quintana has a little bit of Connor McGregor in him – not like his last fight of course when he was knocked off his game plan.

Quintana in his last fight against Alejandro Flores , Flores has a record of 13-1. Quintana beat Flores to win the Featherweight Title! Knocking out Flores in the first round. That was Quintana’s most impressive victory so far!!

Quintana was victorious in the final by stopping Alejandro Flores with a wild spinning elbow knockout in the first round. Quintana was walking down Flores and landing big shots. Although Flores was on the backpedal, the Mexican fighter was landing some shots of his own, including a body kick that stunned Quintana for a couple of seconds about halfway through the first. Flores rushed Quintana in hopes of landing the finishing blows and that’s when Quintana responded with a wild spinning elbow that ended the fight.

Next step in Quintana‘s Career is signing the contract with the UFC or Bellator! Becoming a Featherweight Champion for Combate Americas.

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