Daniel Marcos Top Latin America MMA Bantamweight Prospect Will get Signed by UFC or Bellator

Daniel Marcos, 26 year old Bantamweight from Peru. He’s the 300 Sparta Bantamweight Champion and will be signed by UFC or Bellator one day, No doubt about that. Marcos is the top Bantamweight Prospect in Latin America.

Daniel Marcos

  • 11-0 record
  • 26 years old
  • #1 Peru Bantamweight
  • 300 Sparta Bantamweight Champion

Daniel Marcos next step to the UFC or Bellator is fighting for Combates Americas. Marcos makes a name for himself for one of the best promotions in the world.

After dominating for Combate America’s, Dana White or Scott Coker will sign him!!

Daniel Marcos has the potential to be a Bantamweight Champion for Bellator or UFC if he keeps training and developing his skills every single day.

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