One Championship Should Build Up There Heavyweight Division

Heavyweight Champion of the World are always the stars when the Heavyweight Champion are pound for pound best. Fedor Emelianenko was a GOD, King of Japan and King of Russia when he was the Pride Heavyweight Champion. Pride when they were around had the best Heavyweight Division with Fedor, Cro Cop, Nogueira, Heath Herring and Dan Henderson. One Championship should do the same.

One Championship should build the Best Heavyweight Roster possible because MMA Fans and casual fans love a Heavyweight Clash when we see one. Nothing is better than watching two Heavyweights in the prime of there career fighting for the Heavyweight Championship.

One Championship signs the top Heavyweight Free Agents from UFC/Bellator and sign the top Heavyweight Prospects they’ll create the best Heavyweight Roster in the world. One Championship can will increase there popularity dramatically by having world class Heavyweight matches between former UFC Heavyweights and Heavyweight Prospects.

Brandon Vera the One Championship Heavyweight Champion for example fights Junior Dos Santos in the Main Event that would be a huge fight for One Championship. Attracting to UFC Thousands or Millions of fans to watch the Heavyweight Clash!!

One Championship should take advantage of what UFC is lacking right now which is a top Heavyweight Division. Do the best they can in creating a #1 Heavyweight Division which will increase there popularity dramatically and try to beat UFC.

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