Regional MMA Promotions should Cross Promote !!

In the United States and around the world there’s so many really good MMA Regional promotions, Having a stable of fighters that will become future UFC or Bellator Champions!! Regional Promotions won’t get the popularity like UFC has but they can definitely gain more interest, One of the ways is by Cross Promotion

Bellator and Rizin are cross promoting and it’s going well for them!! Kyoji Horiguchi the Rizin Bantamweight Champion vs Darrion Caldwell the Bellator Bantamweight Champion fought each other!! They’re fighting again on Bellator 222.

Be so smart for regional promotion to follow what Bellator and Rizin are doing. Benefits both promotions to showcase there Champions!!

For example Legacy Fighting Alliance is the best Regional Promotion in the United States and Cage Warriors is the best Regional Promotion in Europe. Be an incredible accomplishment for MMA, For LFA and Cage Warriors. MMA fans would love to watch these two promotions cross promote!! LFA Champions fighting the Cage Warriors Champions.

Cage Warriors would sell out a stadium in England in minutes!! Millions of people would watch the LFA vs Cage Warriors event because it’s something new in MMA never really seen before with Regional MMA promotions!!

Benefits the fighters completely showcasing there talents in England for example or in the United States. Most mma fans don’t know who the LFA Champions are but if LFA or Cage Warriors would cross promote I think millions of people would!! Benefits the fighters as well to impress UFC or Bellator when the fighter beats one of the top Prospects in Europe or in the United States.

Cross Promoting can help Regional Promotions gain more popularity, Helps the fighters getting millions of fans and the possibility of getting signed by UFC or Bellator.

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