Top Asia Promotion Fighters that One Championship Should Sign

One Championship is making its mark by signing Demetrious Johnson, Eddie Alvarez, Sage Northcutt and Vitor Belfort to increase there popularity and show UFC there real competition!! Signing those four former UFC Fighters was amazing but they should focus on signing the top fighters in Asia as well to truly CONQUER Asia!! Sign the top fighters from Asia Promotions such as…

Kyoji Horiguchi

Kyoji Horiguchi since going to Rizin has been a Star!! Kyoji is the Rizin Bantamweight Champion, He defeated Bellator Bantamweight Champion Darrion Caldwell and beat former UFC Fighter Ben Nguyen.

Kyoji Horiguchi probably the best fighter in Asia and One Championship should definitely grab him when Horiguchi contract ends with Rizin!!

Stephen Loman

Stephen Loman is the Brave FC Bantamweight Champion, Brave FC is the top Middle East MMA promotion. Stephen is 27 years old and is the top Middle East Fighter, Stephen is from the Philippines and he’ll be perfect for One Championship. Attracting fans from the Philippines to watch his main event fights.

Mansour Barnaoui

Mansour is the Road FC Lightweight Champion, Road FC is the Top South Korea MMA promotion. Mansour is there best fighter and a huge star in South Korea!!

Rafael Silva

Rafael Silva is the Pancrase Bantamweight Champion, Having a hot streak since moving up to Pancrase and one of the top 50 Bantamweight Fighters in the world!!

Shavkat Rakhmonov

Shavkat is the M-1 Challenge Welterweight Champion at 24 years old!! He’s one of the best young fighters in ASIA and one of the best Welterweights not in the UFC/Bellator.

Mariya Agapova

Mariya in the #2 Pound for Pound Women Fighter, #1 Asia Central Women Fighter. Be a no brainer to sign her to fight against Angela Lee.

Nariman Abbasov

Nariman is the Fight Nights Global Lightweight Champion, 25 years old.

Luan Santiago

Luan is the Brave FC Lightweight Champion after beating Abdul -Kareem Al -Selwady. Luan is the #1 Middle East Lightweight.

Jiří Procházka

Jiri is the Rizin Light Heavyweight Star and One Championship should do everything they can to sign him. Jiri beat Muhammad Lawal, Vadim Nemkov, Satoshi Ishii,. Jiri easily is one of the best Light Heavyweights not in the UFC.

Banma Duoji

Banma is a 19 Year old mma Fighter a prodigy in MMA. One of the best young fighters from China and a top 100 Flyweight at 19 years old. That’s super impressive. One Championship should grab him quickly to build him up into a star.

Isao Kobayashi

Isao is the Pancrase Featherweight Champion,#1 Japan Featherweight and a top 100 Featherweight!!

Overall the Asia Talent and Asia Promotions has never been better! I can go on for a week making a list of Fighters One Championship should Sign immediately!!

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