One Championship Should Take Fighters from the Top Asia Promotions

One Championship for the last couple years has been growing world wide with creating there One Championship app, 100 million dollars invested, Signing Eddie Alvarez, Sage Northcutt and Demetrious Johnson. One Championship hasn’t even started as they’re looking to be #2 Promotion in the world!! One of the ways they can do that is by singing world class FIGHTERS from ASIA.

The talent in Asia is growing rapidly with several promotions besides One Championship making a name for themselves in Asia and with hardcore fans!! One Championship to continue there popularity in Asia is to steal the regional promotions popularity and steal there top fighters!! Be like UFC when they took the fighters from WEC and Strikeforce!!

Rather than signing UFC or Bellator fighters, Sign the best fighters from Asia who are champions from regional Asia Promotions. Sign them for lesser money and build them into stars that the WORLD knows!!

Asia has some of the best young fighters in the world, If they sign the top prospects from there, One Championship will have one of the best mma rosters and will basically DOMINATE ASIA.

“ONE Championship has just finished with its inaugural event in Japan, and it’s been our biggest show yet,” said Sityodtong. “ONE: A New Era broke a multitude of viewership records and other statistics.” The show registered 41 million global viewers, per Sityodtong on Facebook, who referenced data collected Nielsen Sports.

One Championship already doing record numbers for there promotion imagine what they could do globally if they signed the TOP Prospects/Fighters from ASIA!! One Championship should sign Rizin Star Kyoji Horiguchi, Road FC Mansour Barnaoui Lightweight Champion, Pancrase Bantamweight Champion Rafael Silva, Stephen Loman Brave Championship Bantamweight Champion.

Overall One Championship should take over the regional ASIA Promotions just like UFC did in the past and grab there top fighters. Signing there top fighters creates new stars, One Championship Champions and main event fights for the ages.

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