One Championship Sign Joanderson Brito Top Latin American Prospect

Joanderson Brito Top Latin American Prospect recently made his LFA debut with a first round knockout on May 3rd, Trending knockout on social media!! Joanderson soon I’m sure will make his UFC Debut, Instead of a UFC Debut it can be a One Championship Debut. Joanderson will be perfect for One Championship as Asia really appreciate Martial Arts!! Pride in the golden age of mma love there Brazilians and so will One Championship!!

Joanderson Brito

  • 11-2
  • 10 win streak
  • 24 years old
  • Fusion Fighting Featherweight Champion
  • Araca Featherweight Champion
  • 5 KO’s

Wanderlei Silva, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Shogun Rua and Vitor Belfort were stars of Pride and Joanderson Brito will be the star of One Championship!!

Brito will bring some One Championship to the next level and will be the One Championship Featherweight Champion!!

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