Alistair Overeem LAST RUN for the UFC TITLE!

Alistair Overeem was the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, Dream Heavyweight Champion, K-1 Heavyweight Champion and maybe the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Overeem is 38 years old and a true legend of mix martial artist.

Overeem has been fighting since the days of Pride and deserves to win the UFC Title. Overeem can retire knowing he’s a UFC Heavyweight Champion. Overeem is on a two fight winning streak by beating two top 15 UFC Heavyweights.

“I’m still looking for that fight,” Overeem said at the post-fight press conference for Saturday’s event, which took place at Yubileyniy Arena in St. Petersburg, Russia, and streamed on ESPN+. “I was very prepared to face Alexander Volkov. I was looking forward to that fight. That fight didn’t happen tonight, but hopefully the next fight will be Volkov.”

Overeem hopefully gets this fight as Volkov is a top five or top six fighter. Overeem has a high chance to win this fight as well because Overeem is one of the best mma strikers we’ve ever seen. Truly wish and hope Overeem wins this fight, Gets this fight soon. Overeem continues that climb for the UFC Title.

Overeem has two or three more fights to get his UFC title shot. Overeem can fight Lewis than get a revenge fight against Francis Ngannou and lastly get the UFC Heavyweight Title. In general Overeem is going to fight top 5 Heavyweights. Amazing to see Overeem with the UFC title wrapped around his waist, Lengthening his legacy since 19 years old.

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