PFL MMA 2019, What the Future Holds! (Part 1)

Professional Fighters League had its first season in 2018 by having six divisions all competing for the million dollar prize. Before PFL they were originally the World Series of Fighting and had fighters like Justin Gaethje, Marlon Moraes, David Branch and Blagoi Ivanov. The problem with the PFL nobody watched it. Why? Is the PFL a bust or a competitor with the UFC, ONE and Bellator? PFL has Potential, However…

PFL’s New Year’s Eve Show drew 204,000 viewers on NBCSN
January 4, 2019
The New Year’s Eve showing of the PFL Championships on NBC Sports Network drew 204,000 viewers.

PFL signed a two year deal with ESPN which is FANTASTIC, Congratulations to them but who is going to watch it? I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that PFL will get a boost in ratings because of ESPN but how big of a boost is it? Maybe PFL Average Views is 300,00 to 400,000.

Peter Murray is the new CEO of PFL and he worked in Under Armour, Peter is passionate about MMA as he talks about it in the interview with Ariel Helwani. Peter should stay there as he brings a lot experience, Hopefully fresh ideas and new skills to PFL. The girl with Peter Murray is Kayla Harrison, Gold Medal Judo Winner and a star of PFL.

Kayla Harrison, 2019 and beyond can be the face of PFL. She has the look and the story behind her. Kayla being a gold medal winner, Representing the United States. Kayla bring PFL to the next level, Competing with the likes of Bellator. Kayla in the prime of her career at 28 years old and you still have time to build around her. Sign Veteran Female MMA fighters to put in the 2019 tournament and see if she can beat them all. PFL NEEDS TO MARKET THE HELL OUT OF HER and PFL in 2018 didn’t do a good job of that.

Justin Gaethje, Marlon Moraes, David Branch, Blagoi Ivanov were all WSOF champions. Imagined if they didn’t leave and stayed with the PFL. All these guys would be stars if PFL wasn’t a feeder league.

  • Lance Palmer
  • Andre Harrison
  • Kayla Harrison
  • Magomed Magomedkerimov
  • Philipe Lins
  • Ray Cooper

The PFL should sign these fighters to long term deals instead of having them sign with the UFC or Bellator. Keep these fighters and build them up, Every sports league need stars and PFL needs to stop selling them. The list of fighters here are world class fighters who can beat top 15 Ranked UFC Fighters, Do everything in your power to keep them.

PFL Signings

  • Chris Curtis CES Champion
  • Nate Andrews CES Champ
  • Damon Jackson LFA Champ
  • Denis Goltsov Heavyweight BEAST
  • Zane Kamaka
  • Satoshi Ishi
  • Rashid Yasupov

The fighters I just listed are all world class fighters, Champions in other organizations. Love that the PFL signed these guys which will make the 2019 PFL season more intriguing, More engagement with hardcore fans and casual fans.

UFC and Bellator sign top prospects, So Should PFL

PFL averaged 204,000 views because they lacked stars and world class talent. Stars make leagues. PFL to keep growing 5 to 10 years down the road they need to sign young hungry lions. If PFL doesn’t do that than no future for PFL. Imagine they signed the top prospects from the United States, South America and Europe, It be amazing. Sign them and PFL can average 800,000 to 1 million views.


From my point of view PFL was fun to watch, I enjoyed some of the fights and watched it all the time . However PFL has a LONG WAY to go, PFL in there New Years Event were giving out free tickets because they couldn’t sell out the place. Some of the fights lacked real fighting talent, Watching journeyman fighters compete. The product is only good as you put out.

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