Jason Soares Should be Signed by the UFC or Bellator!

Jason Soares is the Titan FC Featherweight Champion and one of best featherweight prospects on the planet! Soares fights for one of the top regional promotions in the United States. Soares is 29 years old, It’s time for him to get signed by the UFC or Bellator.

April 26th, Jason Soares is fighting Anderson Hutchinson on Titan FC 52. Soares winning this fight should position him to get a UFC contract or a Bellator contract. As a matter of fact Dana White will be there to watch him fight.

The show will return the night before UFC Ft. Lauderdale when Dana White and his crew will be special guests for Titan FC 54, which will be headlined by undefeated featherweight champion Jason Soares looking to defend his title against Anderson Hutchinson. https://www.bjpenn.com/mma-news/ufc/dana-white-filming-lookin-for-a-fight-at-titan-fc-54-before-ufc-ft-lauderdale/

Titan FC COO Lex McMahon released a statement regarding the news that White will be in attendance at the next show.
“We’re very excited to have UFC president Dana White attending Titan FC 54 on April 26th,” he wrote. “We’ve stacked the card from top to bottom with two title fights and some of the hottest prospects in the sport, we will be showcasing the stars of tomorrow for Dana to see now. I’ve been talking to Dana and the UFC Fight Pass team for awhile and I’m pleased we were able to make it happen. All of the fighters on this card are pumped to show Dana they are ready to not only compete but to dominate in the UFC.”

Without a doubt Jason Soares will bring his A game to his next fight, Getting Dana White to jump out of his seat.

“The UFC is where I want to go,” Soares told Cageside Press. “It’s where the best guys are especially here in the US. That’s where I want to fight and showcase my skills.”


Soares definitely can beat top 20-top 30 UFC Featherweights right now, Hope Dana White notices his talents and signs Soares.

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