Aaron Pico the Lebron James of MMA

Aaron Pico, The Blue Chip Prospect. Pico is the top prospect for MMA, Without a doubt. Lebron was the cover of Sports Illustrated and other sport magazines for St.Mary’s High School. Aaron Pico will be the cover of Sports Magazines soon for Bellator. Titles of the articles ” Future of MMA.”

“I’ve been around a lot of great prospects,” Cook says. “I was with B.J. Penn during his first pro fights. Cain Velasquez, Cormier. These guys have something in them. They’re going to win, even with no experience. “But I’ve never had someone at this high of a level who is so young.” Coker, who has promoted fights for more than 20 years, put it this way: “From everything I’ve seen and heard, Aaron Pico may be the greatest prospect in the history of MMA.” Brett Okamato on Aaron Pico interviewing Bellator Promoter Scott Coker

Pico is one of those prodigies you hear about like Mozart. Pico started wrestling at 4 years old and eventually had to compete against bigger kids and older kids because the kids his age were no competition.

  • High school Freshman Record 42-0 at St.John Bosco
  • Pico claimed the 132-pound championship at the Iron Man Tournament, the Ohio-based event that is considered by many the nation’s toughest tournament.
  • Cadet World Championship Gold Medal Winner in 2013
  • Junior World Champion Silver Medal Winner in 2014 and Bronze Medal Winner 2015
  • Pico qualified for the Olympic trials in 2016 at 19 years of age

“To be honest, I could make the team right now,” Pico said with confidence. “At 65 kilos, 143 [pounds], I would 100-percent make that team and represent the United States at the World level or the Olympics. The way MMA has progressed me, wrestling made me tough, but this game and what I know now, it would be exciting to go back on the mat. Article from FloCombat

Pico wasn’t only a world class wrestler but started boxing at age 9. Pico is an all around MMA fighter.

  • 2009 National Junior Golden Gloves Champion
  • 2008 National PAL Champ- Tournament Outstanding Boxing Award
  • 2008 California PAL Champ

Aaron’s Boxing Coach is Freddie Roach. Roach was the coach for Manny Pacquiao. Roach says” Pico can be a world champion boxer.” Roach speaks highly on Pico, Doesn’t just coach every boxer.

TJ Dillashaw trains with Pico. Dillashaw talks about how talented he is. Pico will be a future Bellator Champion.

Aaron Pico has the makings to be a Bellator Featherweight Champion at 23 or 24 years old. Pico is a world class wrestler who can probably win a gold medal at the Olympics if he chose too. Pico can be like Khabib and dominate mostly every fighter. However he lives and dies by the sword and wants to go to a striking war. Pico lost to Henry Corrales in the first round.

If Pico was patient when fighting and was more careful, The sky’s the limit for this kid.Pico defending the belt, Seven times for Bellator and making millions of dollars. Pico has the potential to be a star for MMA, Bringing a whole new fanbase to MMA as Pico represents the future MMA fighters of Tomorrow. Pico having endorsements with Nike, Gucci because he wears suits all the time, Coca Cola, Endorsements with supplement companies, Organic food endorsements. In other words Pico can make 50 million dollars in endorsements a year when it’s all set and done! The future is fascinating for him!! I can only what free agency will look like when Pico becomes a free agent!

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