Darren Till Potential Star

Darren Till one of the Top welterweight fighters right now. Darren Till is 26 years old, He’s a young lad who didn’t even though his potential, Not only that but his star potential as well.

Sweet Caroline Darren Till!!! Click !!!

Crowd in Liverpool roaring when Till was fighting, Stephen Wonderboy Thompson. Crowd singing “Sweet Caroline.” I remember watching this fight and was amazed. Michael Bisping passed the torch to Till and be the King of England!!!!!

Joe Rogan on Darren Till

“Total class act move by @darrentill2 I love the guy for his fighting skills and love him even more for what he said here. BRAVO!!”

“It just hurts because I got there, I was nearly there to do what I set out to do, get that belt and be the greatest,” Till told reporters during his post-fight media scrum (transcript via MMA Fighting). “I am still gonna be the greatest, I know that. I just spoke to Woodley backstage and he’s lost. Jon Jones has lost. Georges St-Pierre has lost.”


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