GSP, The Greatest MMA fighter retires

It was truly an honor to watch GSP fight. Watching a true artist perform at the highest level. If you want to create the perfect MMA fighter, You’ll create GSP. GSP is an all- around fighter where other fighters are great at one style. The title of the blog is “GSP, The Greatest MMA fighter Retires.” George St Pierre is the greatest MMA fighter of all time, He beat the best such as BJ Penn, Matt Hughes and Nick Diaz. He never dodged any fighters or took any steroids. Ariel Helwani the top MMA journalist states “George St Pierre is the greatest of all time.”

GSP is a two division weight champion, He can back after a four year layoff and won the Middleweight title by beating Michael Bisping. I ordered the PPV for the GSP return and was amazed by how incredible GSP looked. That showed GSP is the greatest. I wish that wasn’t the final fight of his career, I wish he fought Khabib in his next fight but it will never happen. Overall even without the Khabib fight, His record and who he fought speaks for itself. GSP is the perfect fighter and the fighter to represent the sport. Once again it was truly an honor to watch GSP’s career.

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