Hi my name is William Meyer, 21 year old living in the city that never sleeps. I’ll guide you through my blogging journey from 2019 till I’m a 100 years old. Transcending you with my writing, Telling stories on a daily basis. Why blogging? The reason why I want to start a blog is because I’ve been a creative writer since I was six years old, From writing short stories to now trying to have a career in screenwriting. Second reason is I have a lot of interest such as sports, movies, historical periods such as WW2, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome. Realized instead of keeping all my interest to myself I’d rather share my passion for them to others. I’ve thought about this several times in the past but I never had strong motivation to go out and start one, However I started one and will do my absolute best!! Whoever is reading this introduction blog has any aspirations but there afraid to attempt because of failure, stepping out of your comfort zone or the other thousand reasons you have your better off doing it because what’s the worse that can happen you fail. On the other hand you learn from your failures like everybody else does in life or that’s how you supposed to do it. Speaking for myself I was scared of changing, Trying something new and it was my own ego saying “I’m too good of a writer to start blogging.”. Nonetheless I spoke the truth to myself and decided to establish a blog, I Learned blogging is just storytelling and storytelling it was I have been doing since I was really young. When I’ve realized that I was all in to be a blogger. I truly believe I was born to be a storyteller and a writer from the day I was born, But that’s another story.

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